Two New Articles Added To The Journal Of 9/11 Studies

From Steven Jones...

"Further evidence that Vice President Cheney's order on 9/11 regarding Flight 77 was not a shoot-down order, but a standdown order - an order NOT to shoot the plane down."

By John C. Ekonomou

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Mathematics Professor Kenneth Kuttler has added an important paper to the Journal of 9/11 Studies, "Collapse Time Calculations for WTC1." He includes software code which others can employ in future studies. Quoting from Prof. Kuttler's Letter:

Clearly, fall times of over 25 seconds are expected with reasonable assumptions, yet the observed fall time for the Tower is less than that. For this table, a very conservative safety factor of 2 was used. This factor can be as large as 5 as explained above. You can see that if a larger safety factor were used, the building would not collapse completely because the downward force would be less than the upward force. That result is consistent with the prediction of Gordon Ross in his analysis which concluded that the fall of the North Tower should have been arrested with much of the lower portion of the Tower remaining standing.

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I love scientific papers modeling the collapses.

However, the movement should get going ASAP building computer and live models of the towers, and simulate the collapses under the assumed conditions of the official story. We need to prove it is impossible to achieve.


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