Huffing into Action

"Psychiatrists and Psychologists: Government's 9/11 Story is Crazy" is posted over at HuffingtonPost.

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6 Huffs and it gets on front page.

Mind you, not every shrink.

A local came into my shop asking to have some metal work done for a hobby project of hers. After she divulged what she did for a day job, I offered to exchange hour for hour my craft, for hers. I told her straight-up exactly where we would be going on our journey into my mind, and that it might be a great opportunity for her to hone up her skills because I bet she would be inundated in the months and years to come with clients wanting to talk about "all this crazy stuff"...

She effortlessly, as if on cue, came back with "people often seek out conspiracy theories because the truth can be just too difficult to face."

I stopped her dead in her tracks with... "then why not help me face 'the truth', you could get a lot of metal work cheap then, right?"

When she called back about the metal work, I repeated my offer... she had not one real word in response, tucked tail and vanished into thin air.