Michael Green: Election Fraud Meets 911

I thought I would post this well-written article on 911 and EI not only because M. Green ties some pieces together but because this is one of the first articles I've come across written by someone who shares my profession. I was not aware, further, that he also wrote 'How They Get Away With It' which is available on Jim Hoffman's site at this url:


May 10, 2007 at 10:47:01
Election Fraud Meets 911

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Lawrence J. O'Brien of Election Integrity previously recommended the DVD "Commander 'N Thief" (http://commander-n-thief.com) as a well-documented thorough exposé of the theft of the 2004 election. Having now ordered and viewed it I reiterate the recommendation. The DVD proves theft of the Ohio election by both Jim Crow and rigged vote. That's the good news.

The bad news is my response to Lawrence's declaration that "now they have been CAUGHT." During the last three or four years I have become especially knowledgeable about USG domestic covert operations, of which the election theft is an example, albeit the kind that converges close to "ordinary dirty politics" as opposed to say, assassinating JFK, RFK, MLK or demolishing the Murrah building with internal explosives. The success of these crimes depends in part upon the support that their perpetrators receive from the establishment media -- which is itself under the operational control of the intelligence-military-business community in a manner vastly different from either USSR or Nazi control. The US media succeeds by preying and trading upon a vast fount of collective denial that is fueled by a profound need for illusions among the masses about the people who control their government. Covert ops stay covert because they don't want to tell and we, collectively, don't want to know. An additional component that keeps the lies well-cemented into place is the judicious use of force as needed.

As I watched the DVD I commented to my companion that many of the election activists looked like scared cornered animals -- it is the way liberals look who work within the system and rely on it as the source of their authority so when the powers flagrantly break the law they don't know what to do. Imagine that you have successfully, and perhaps with Paul Lehto-like brio, argued that the wallet is yours and not the thief's, yet the thief is armed, much bigger than you, and he takes your wallet while the policeman watches. What to do? The theft has been proven, again and again and again, but the powers are largely silent and indifferent when they do not scoff; the right-wing federal bench appointed from 1980 onward is a great help to the opposition, and the "liberal" media is a mask for their own conservative if not proto-fascist policies.

After I made my comment, the DVD shows election investigator Richard Hayes Phillips, Ph.D., demanding to see the ballots cast in Delaware County, Ohio, 2004. He's got the facts and the law on his side. County officials deny him access based on an imaginary rule that they cannot quote and cannot source, to which Phillips presents actual controlling law from the State Code and makes his demands again, indeed five separate times. And five separate times Delaware County official response was "to call private armed uniformed police force." Did anyone think "Blackwater"? Men with guns. We are there. You are not supposed to notice and most people don't. But Phillips looks like a scared cornered animal. The law is being flagrantly violated and we don't yet have the numbers to demand that it be obeyed. For those of you who know US labor history, recall that many of the violent strikes of the 1910s, especially the miners' strikes that led to the Ludlow Massacre, were about workers demanding that the corporations obey the laws for workers' rights that they were openly and flagrantly violating.

So, to offer a banality to you who already know it, whether or not the perpetrators having been "CAUGHT" makes a difference depends upon how effectively we manage to spread the word of their theft and mobilize resistance against it, both popular resistance and resistance amongst honest state and county officials. There is a grand illusion amongst both liberals and the radical left as well -- Lenin's newspaper, Iskra, means "Spark" -- that the word of revelatory political truth has only to be spoken or spread to set people on fire to resist, or to invoke the power of the law to enforce it. Bruce O'Dell once famously said that in general persons who commit theft wish to hide their theft, but Bruce overlooked that such caution occurs primarily in circumstances in which the exposure of the theft engages authority motivated to, and capable of, effective punitive action. So, let's use our "democratic" freedoms while they remain to spread the word of the theft and mobilize resistance against it as best we can. Most Americans do not know that the elections are being stolen, but then they do not want to know because of the x-ray that knowing it provides of the existing power structure in the United States.

I am only modestly an activist, but my modest efforts have been put into both EI and 911. The sane evidence-based 911 activists know that we have been infiltrated and sabotaged by the USG intelligence community that manages as part of its handiwork to fund and promote the genuine loons and fools who are naturally drawn to such repugnant ideas as that the major acts of domestic terror are of government/military/intelligence origins, and who have bizarre if not nutty theories of how these events are staged, and are thus easily discredited. The natural mix of loons is then seasoned with moles. We have thus been blessed by support from such champions of truth as Morgan Reynolds, Ph.D., the former Chief Economist for the Department of Labor under Bush 43, whose official position is that 911 is an "inside job" as evidenced by his deranged assertion that no plane hit either the Pentagon or either of the Twin Towers, the damage to which were caused respectively by a missile and internal explosives. There is also a growingly popular "Patriots Question 911" http://patriotsquestion911.com/ full of high ranking former military officials who claim to doubt the official story based on their patently false claim that no Boeing hit the Pentagon. Since the Boeing crash, wreckage and carnage were witnessed by Pentagon personnel, basing objections to the official 911 story on the claim that no Boeing hit the Pentagon is calculated to antagonize all the innocent military against the 911 movement as nutcakes. We are similarly inundated with "scientists" who expose 911 as an inside job basing their bizarre claims that the Towers were destroyed by space-based energy beams, or destroyed by small nuclear bombs. The sane branch of the 911 movement is also blessed by comrades-in-arms who with one hand denounce 911 as an inside job and with the other deny the Holocaust. With friends like this, who needs (more!) enemies?

I have written an essay that connects the election fraud of 2000 with 911 by demonstrating that JFK, Jr. was murdered by a black-ops SOG (Special Operations Group) from the Pentagon in anticipation of the need to silence the only significant part of the mainstream media (George) free from CIA/military intelligence control that would investigate and expose their upcoming plans for stealing 2000 & implementing the "new Pearl Harbor" of 911. I am still waiting for someone to knock down this bit of evidence and argument, and frankly I would be grateful if someone can. here [my insert: "The Assassination of JFK, Jr."Far Right Draws First Blood in the "War on Terror" - url: http://www.911research.wtc7.net/essays/green/TheAssassinationOfJFKJr.html] I have also detailed the mechanism of official cover-up by the 911 Commission of Dick Cheney's operational role in assuring that the anti-aircraft defenses of the White House and Pentagon were not used to prevent Flight 77 from hitting the Pentagon as planned. While pretending to explore 911 and clarify it for the American public the 911 Commission proceeded to bury the truth right before the eyes of the people. http://www.911research.wtc7.net/essays/green/HowTheyGetAwayWithIt.html Again, I would welcome being disabused of any mistaken facts or arguments therein.

Almost every 911 DVD that I've seen or heard of is partly truths, and partly lies and nonsense; the latter part is linked with the former part for the purpose of discrediting it to any sober mind. The sane folk in 911 have yearned for over five years for a DVD that lays out 911 as an inside job based solely on solid evidence. Recently, one, has been produced that I discovered yesterday, prompting the above boldness. "Everbody's Gotta Learn Sometime" is available to view at http://911files.net/ and may be purchased in bulk from http://www.911dvdproject.com/. About 10 minutes or so into the DVD it correctly links the theft of the 2000 election with the need to control directly the organs of state power necessary to accomplish 911 as part of a program of global hegemony dictated by PNAC (Project for a New American Century), and throughout makes connections between some of the important players active in the 2000 election fraud, PNAC, and 911. Warning: You may need a strong stomach, or else a thorough grounding in the actual policies of expansionist Zionism, the Zionist betrayal of the Jewish people to the Holocaust (e.g., Ben Hecht, Perfidy), to tolerate the brutally frank portrayal of Zionist Israelis linked to the US via the Likkud-AIPAC-neocon-Xtn fascist axis that appears in the DVD cartoon that accompanies this list of selections. The tone of the first few minutes of "Everybody's Gotta Learn" is mildly off-putting, but the body itself is the best I have seen.

Like "Commander 'N Thief," this DVD it will be most persuasive to those who have already done the hard spade work to integrate its facts viscerally and intellectually, and who already know their elaboration. I nonetheless recommend it to the uninitiated because it offers a substantial part of the "big picture" of which the electoral thefts 2000-and-continuing play their role. If anyone watches it and has questions I will be glad answer them to the best of my ability. A fuller account of the "big picture" of domestic covert ops would begin with the National Security Act of 1947 creating the CIA and officially creating a secret or shadow government -- the real reins of power by the men with guns -- that asks who has over the subsequent decades come to control such reins of power and to what uses it is being put.

According to legendary D.C. reporter Sarah McClendon's June 1992 newsletter, when she asked George H. W. Bush about Iran-Contra, he responded, "If the people were to ever find out what we have done, we would be chased down the streets and lynched." My belief is that the subsequent crimes of Bush, his comrades, and his competitors amongst the ruling class, if well-known, would be met with similar warmth by the American public.

I am a retired forensic psychologist living in Los Angeles with enough time on my hands to have spent the past few years studying the deeds whose perpetrators pejoratively deride the correct analysis of which as "conspiracy theories," i.e., USG intelligence community domestic covert operations -- fascist politics by unconventional means. A professor of analytic philosophy in a former career, I no longer embrace the Lotus Land argument that if you can work on your abs, then it isn't fascism.

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on edit: 911files.net has a cartoon that plays at the beginning that is something of a problem. I think Green probably only knew that site as a link to the video. A better solution is to go to http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-8372366181300641663

and therefore bypass 911files altogether. While it has a list of good 911 videos there are more complete sites that don't utilize the small video window on that site.

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