"The Play's The Thing..."

“… guilty creatures, sitting at a play,
Have by the very cunning of the scene
Been struck so to the soul that presently
They have proclaim'd their malefactions;
For murder, though it have no tongue, will speak
With most miraculous organ”

-Hamlet, Act2, Scene2

Our Burning Man Art Installation called “TruthBurn” is aimed at eliciting the same kind of response for truth that Shakespeare’s Hamlet sought.
Our plan is to raise the funds for and build this twenty foot tall 40 ton structural steel art piece with the 8 foot tall steel letters “Truth” engulfed in flames. Towards the close of the Burning Man Art festival, the piece will be brought down in spectacular fashion by two steel melting thermate cutter charges set midway on the two massive foot square steel support columns.
It is believed by a growing body of engineers and experts that similar charges were used to bring down the World Trade buildings on September 11, 2001. The so called “Truth Movement” in the US is gaining momentum. The art piece “TruthBurn” is intended to help this movement gain more publicity as it creates a powerful artistic statement.

The sculpture can have a second life as it travels the gallery and museum circuit.

Our time to raise $60,000.00 to realize this dream is confined to a few short months. We must raise this money by the end of June.
If you see the implications that this powerful re-enactment of destructive capability has on bolstering the need for further 911 investigations and hearings, then please support this project without delay.

The artist has secured the advice and expertise of design architects, steel fabricators and a range of support individuals. John Parulis is a life long activist with distinguished service with GreenPeace, documenting many of its environmental actions for film and television. He brings more than 20 years training in art and craft to a passion for activism with soul. The “TruthBurn” art installation can be thought of as a service to many, a call to responsibility to the truth for a few.

Please visit the project’s web site to learn more

To the mal-informed...

and the willfully ignorant, it may be taken as a literal statement that we want the truth "burned" because we "oppose" the truth. How about instead of "burning truth alive" consider the idea of "resurrecting" truth or having truth "rise from the ashes" like a phoenix. That way no one could misinterpret the meaning, as well as just making more logical sense.
Just my $0.02

edit: another idea could be to replace the word "truth" between the 'towers' with "Constitution" or "Bill of Rights"...because it is, afterall, those things that are being "demolished". Ok, so I added another cent. ;-)

why truth?

Well, what gets destroyed here are the two steel support columns in the fashion of many diagonally sliced support columns at ground zero. The word 'truth" though surrounded in flames, never itself gets destroyed, pointing to the fact that truth can't be destroyed. The Burning truth is a play on words. Burning truth can also be thought of as symbol of accelerated need to know. Also, the forces of destruction that were unleashed that day have been constantly trying to burn the truth in their own way. The piece mirrors this effort.
We have a better effort.

I hear ya John

and it's great for us "intellectuals" but there are many sleepwalkers still out there who might not get it. Just be ready to deal with them!

Why not

Why leave 9/11 out of the mix. I think your project sounds good. But instead of simply Truth, why not 911 Truth?

9/11 TRUTH is better?

I have to admit that I like "9/11 TRUTH" better.

In a way it messes with the purity, but it make a better point faster.

And/or you could add in "9/11" somewhere.

Senior 9/11 Bureau Chief, Analyst, Correspondent


9/11 — GET rEVENge! (in a peaceful manner, of course)

911truth or truth

Ya I hear you guys. I want this to be a multi-level statement about the way our culture handles the truth, therefore I chose to make this non-specific for a reason, however, what is definitely not non specific is the method used to bring this structure down-thermate charges.. I will be interviewed by the media and I intend to use that as a discussion board for 911 truth. If you politicize art too much it rests in temporality. What is needed in our society is a deeper understanding and civic commitment to the truth. What will it be next time?

The passion and intensity that is brought to destruction must be overwhelmed 10 times by how we stand for the truth.

If you need...

I've got a 4'x4' envelope CNC gantry fitted with a Hypertherm plasma torch that can have long plates reindexed between side rails. The gantry itself is an 80/20 buildup and effectively a one man breakdown/setup portable unit. The plasma torch requires 50amp 220 single phase, and a 80+ cfm @60psi minimum sustained, or appropriate duty cycle with large air tank. The computer runs a Torchmate application, signal generator and stepper motors for XY only... manual Z knob must be used for thin and/or warping material.

You'll need to supply a healthy generator and compressor, but the CNC rig itself could be packed or palleted for shipping to location as needed.

If you want me to run it... you'd have to pick up the tab for travel, expenses and something to cover time away from home base. You should be able to scrounge up a decent MIG local there and just run with fluxcore wire, nothing fancy.

I'll do it, and cook for the crew too.

Btw, nice idea.


Erin could you send me a pic or small video of what it is you're describing? It sounds very intriguing.

So far one Demo company has contacted me with a request for more information. I opened this to bid from some of the big companies. I'm sure many of you know who they are.

Thermite(thermate)can be mixed in playdough, so one web site points out, to plasticize it.
I need blast professionals to rig this. Ideally I want a computer to remotely set off the cutter charges. Timed to simultaneously bring down both columns..just as it would have happened in 1, 2, & 7

Click on...

my name and contact to send an email... I'll direct you to my web page and get you some photos of the plasma rig.

As for the cutting charges... F the playdough. If you can pull a budget together, I would propose that I craft something as described in the patented devise possibly used in the buildings as speculated by Jones.

Good Posts

Erin, please keep up the great work on your posts. They're gems.

Thanks for that...

got your email... check for mine.

Got to get some bed.

alt email

also send to truthburn@brightpathvideo.com

spam filter weirdness sometime....

Not to fret...

I'll resend later this week or weekend, and/or you can forward a contact number to me through this here blogger contact of mine... it seems to work well. Also, I noticed you had corresponded with a fab shop in the bay area... I know the bay well, lived there off and on since '87, I've got an excellent fab shop with open floor space in the east bay, Contra Costa... I can see possibilities for using it as alternate or primary staging. East coast DC is a bit absurd for any real use as your project starts and ends within just a few hours drive there west coast.

Also, to our other readers and fellow bloggers... I too wish for a few other ideas for the text symbolism (no offense, John), but maybe there's something better...

... yet CDing the "Truth", to then be "lifted from the ashes"... might not be so bad after all.

Take care.

Another America -- Voices

Another America -- Voices against 911 State Terror (german Documentary, english spoken, german subtitles) (Documentary)


A german film "THE OTHER AMERICA" documents many psychological aspects of the 911 operation, juxtaposing very interesting footage of the scale of the crime at Ground Zero.

It is entirely in english with german subtitles. It was first broadcast on 07 September 2002 on German-French people-owned TV channel ARTE.

More Info:

If you haven't seen it, helicopter views of the circular hole in WTC5, footage of bent box columns, hosing down of trucks, loading of metal scrap on barges ... a stunning watch.

The interviewees speak clearly of the crimes of the elites but do not spell out that 9/11 was an inside job. Their statements are therefore hard to refute and make this documentary a MUST SEE for the "average american".

Download mpg (338mb)