Tarpley Lays Out Some Facts On Insanity & Colmes

Insanity & Colmes pull out the big guns to debunk Webster.....Popular Mechanics

I can't believe they played the video.....

Amen S-L good grab.

That might be a new record for getting video up as soon after the event as possible. I appreciate that.

Damn, you beat me!

stoplying, I had already posted my version before I saw yours.

Sorry about that.

is FOX trying to lose this

is FOX trying to lose this debate here? i cant believe they showed building 7 collapse, and i cant believe they pick tarpley of all people to do the interview with (you would think they would go for someone dumber who is not as eloquent of a communicator). i'm also surprised they're covering the kerry story at all.

Great Job

Just please tell me there's no sleeper cell directed energy thing going on.


Sly as a Fox

I think this may be some sort of reaction to the Loose Change Final Cut press release. I'm surprised they didn't devote anytime to trashing Cuban and the LC guys. I guess this is some sort of reverse psychology play here. Especially with the showing of the WTC7 implosion! I still can't believe they actually showed it. I think their strategy (whatever the hell it is) will back fire. Thes Fox guys are not nearly as smart as they think they are.
"Cogito ergo sum"

Another option...they just believe the OCT that much...

This is no defense, and it's probably almost as scary a scenario, but I wouldn't be surprised if hard-hitting guys like Tarpley and Jones make it to these shows because the hosts REALLY BELIEVE THEY'RE WRONG.

I don' t think they've given themselves much time to actually consider to possibility of CD, stand-down, cover-up, etc, but I wouldn't be surprised if rather than being formally hired "gov.t shills" they just believe that this movement and its prominent figures 'just can't be right'. I think that is the more likely explanation for why they let people on air...not to do some reverse psychology trick but to let the people they think are full of hot air deflate on national tv.

I wonder what they'll when the balloon doesn't pop?


Dumb like a Fox?

They always need somebody to pillory for their right wing audiences, and looks like they decided to use 9/11 conspiracy theorists as another thing for them to poke fun at. They are trying to grab the bull by the horns.

If the media are a circus, 9/11 Truth authors are the bull in the ring.

The issue is too complex for anybody to get across to blinkered Republicans in 3 minutes - as anyone who has tried well knows.

But if they get a chance to watch the video again, then Tarpley makes a lot of points, all the main points, and an inkling of the truth might get through to some people.

To help bring people to the video, you can go to this link and digg it:


Take it from someone who knows...

...if you mess with the Bull, you get the horns.

Physics/Science/Mathematics do not lie, only people do.
9/11 was an INSIDE JOB

Fix news stinks ..

It's incredible that Tarpley lets one of the Fix propaganda-
bullies get away with stating that Skulls&Bones-man & Dubyas second cousin President Kerry wasn't talking about WTC7 .
The REPOTUS (Real Elected etc...) was answering a direct
question about WTC7. How can they get away with not presenting the question that is being asked and answered ?
Those two Fix-news idiots infuriated me so much that I had to stop watching . Thank God that I don't live in the US and have to
put up with "news" like that .. I would go nuts .

I just got my passport Peter...

Seriously considering getting the hell outta here myself. I have lost so much faith in my country.
"Cogito ergo sum"