Austin 9/11 Truth Now


May 2007

The media is not informing the people, so we are going to be the media and take the information to the people!

To do this, we will be using different types of media: FLYERS! STICKERS! SIGNS! OH MY!!!

FLYERS: We’re asking everyone locally to join us in putting flyers everywhere.

Fold them neatly and place them under windshield wipers on cars and on random bulletin boards at laundromats, on campus, or any other establishment you know that displays public information and publications! Leave them on the counter at businesses “on accident”. Visit local post offices, which usually have counters covered in random EVERYTHING by the end of the day.

STICKERS: Place the truth stickers everywhere that isn't blatantly rude. Try parking meters - without covering the portion that displays $$ amount, or street light poles at intersections above the walk button, or mirrors in bathrooms at Wal-Mart and Target, or on the back of DVD’s of the World Trade Center and other New Releases, or do a drive-by sticking at fast-food joints.

SIGNS: We’re going to do a banner drop over I-35 at Dean Keaton. We have a huge banner sign that will read: WTC-7 WAS A CONTROLLED DEMOLITION. Come join us in holding this sign above hundreds of watchful eyes as they sit in rush-hour traffic! It’s also Friday night, so bring a Sharpie marker with you and turn your local bar or club on to 9/11 Truth with bathroom graffiti!

Our goal is to make this a full day of action! We want you to join us!

Meet us at the corner of 10th and Congress at noon on Friday as we take the truth to FOX News (Map). We will have signs for people to use! We will also give you each a stack of flyers and stickers! After hitting FOX, we’ll go our separate ways to paint the town!

Meet us at I-35 and Dean Keaton at 5:45 PM to hold our sign and take a stand (Map)! Bring your own signs, too!

We hope to see you there!

Austin 9/11 Truth Now

Bravo!!! Excellent!!!

That's the spirit we need!!!

michelle G you are to be

michelle G you are to be commended on your activism!
however, the media is not promoting 9/11 truth for the simple reason that the media are partners in 9/11 crime.



Y'all did a good...