Screw Loose Change calls on Daily Kos to fight 9/11 Truth

A blogger at Daily Kos has repeated an invitation from Screw Loose Change to enlist liberal bloggers in the fight against 9/11 Truth. The blog by "kia ora" (snippets below) reflects the split personality of liberal Democrats on this issue:

"This is actually quite humorous:

A website calling itself 'Screw Loose Change' which is dedicated to challenging a popular 9/11 video 'Loose Change', has posted a call to Markos, Kossacks and liberal bloggers everywhere to actively fight and debunk those questioning the official story on 9/11."
"Why exactly does the official story need defending? Didn't we have a 9/11 Commission to take care of all the questions? I mean we know Kean and Hamilton admit that it was a whitewash, but still is this really necessary?"
"But the big question here is why would he call on Kossacks specifically to defend the official story? Is it simply because of the 'no 9/11 CT diaries' rule here or does he really think most of us here believe the official story?"
"Almost every poll I could find on DKos over the past year shows huge majority support for further investigation into the events of 9/11.

Isn't this a bit like asking Robert Kennedy to get on board with the Warren Commission?"

Line in the sand

The so-called "Kossacks" have been cornered by their own deep denial. You cannot have it both ways. Either you support 9/11 truth or you support the official government cover-up! What is this fence sitting shit!?! This is the most devastating attack our country has ever endured and these "Kossacks" are against all efforts to uncover the truth of the obvious conspiracy?

To hell with Daily Kos! This is only the beginning of things to come where 9/11 truth is concerned. The leftwing gatekeepers are the ones who will have to defend their objections to 9/11 truth. How does one even begin defending being against "the truth!".

Daily Kos and their ilk make me want to vomit. I'm proud to say Chris Rose was banned from Daily Kos many, many months ago. I consider it a badge of honor!
"Cogito ergo sum"

yes, this is a great sign

now the fence sitters on kos, that is the people who agree with us but have kept their mouths shut for fear of being banned are going to have to face the music. Are you with these shills, and let’s be clear—they aren’t debunkers of the questioners of the official story. What a doublespeak mouthful that is. They are defenders of the official story. They are calling on Kossacks (ech… what a cult) to come help them DEFEND the OFFICIAL STORY. To defend Bush Co. to defend the neocons. To defend BOriley and the corporate media. They are playing a very unappealing last hand. They may or may not think they will find support but the fact is I doubt they’ll find much. What is more likely is that a wave of purges will be necessary when people realize that they are not allowed to criticize the defenders of the official version. Because remember: “DailyKos accepts that the 9/11 attacks were perpetrated by agents of Al-Qaeda. It is forbidden to write diaries that:
• refer to claims that American, British, Israeli, or any government assisted in the attacks
• refer to claims that the airplanes that crashed into the WTC and Pentagon were not the cause of the damage to those buildings or their subsequent collapse
• Authoring or recommending these diaries may result in banning from Daily Kos. “

Oh yeah. Bring it on.


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Kos and the sanctimonious folks on his

site have always made me sick. Frankly, I really do find many of the posters' comments there nauseating. On many topics. And yes, ultimately, they will have to get off the fence. Kos is a bootlicker to the power structure.... I'm sure he has had fun as a wannabe Sunday talking head. Who would want to jeopardize that by allowing any truth on his site. Hey, you gotta set your priorities, eh what?

For some truly amusing moments

look at the comments. One of the Kossacks genuinely thinks SLC is a satirical website.

Sorry, bub, but there ain't no satire at SLC. They really mean it.

We need to reach out to these people

The following comment from DK exhibits what most liberals believe about 9/11:

"In my opinion, supporting further investigation of the events of 9-11-2001 is not the same thing as supporting 9-11 conspiracy theories. I don't buy into the "Bush-made-it-happen" or "Bush-knew-it-would-happen" theories, but I still support further investigation into the intelligence failures surrounding the attacks.

In a nutshell, I don't think it's crazy to call for further investigation, but that is not by any means going to make anyone else believe tinfoil theories."

They may disagree with us (and call us names) but they want the same thing we want, in some sense. I don't think we should set adrift these people, simply because they can't see some of the ugly truths about 9/11. There might be something to gain by softening our message.

"There might be something to gain by softening our message."

How would you suggest softening the message?

What would be gained?

You might start by

purging your website of absurdities like "TV fakery".

You see, that way, we could attract more sane people to the movement.

Thank God for FireFox !

When I try to go there FireFox ( with no-script and ad-block+)
just shows a blank page .
Thank you firefox for keeping crap away from my screen :)

What I think...

Is HYSTERICAL is that SLC actually thinks they can convince people that seeking truth and justice is something that should be opposed. Like it's a bad thing or something.

It's Not The Crime That Kills You, But The Cover-Up

The one thing SLC accomplishes,

in terms of liberal Democrats, is it adds another authoritarian voice to the echo chamber; that is, it makes liberals a little more afraid to say about 9/11 what they know is true -- as evidenced, I think, by the comment I posted earlier. (I can only imagine how 14-15 year olds watching the new Linkin Park video pause at the WTC demolition sequence and say, "Wait a minute. That thing's blowing up.").

I'm tempted to say, "OK, go ahead, screw Loose Change. There are a hundred incriminating things that are not even mentioned in LC2E, and there are a handful of things mentioned in it that many Truthers don't believe anyway."

It's the excesses of the movement that make it difficult for mainstream liberals to embrace 9/11 Truth. SLC represents the excesses of the counter-movement.

good analysis

I would add that another effect is to make truthers very resitant to criticizing Loose Change, because then we are thought to be helping SLC. Kind of like how Nico's over the top attacks seem to give those attacked a degree of credibility that they may not actually deserve.


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The advantage of the OCTs is that their story is told under a banner of presumed coherence (i.e., government seals and press conferences). Now that Loose Change has become synonymous with "9/11 Truth," there is this impression in the mass media that Loose Change is our 9/11 Commission Report, our "coherent" statement of beliefs. And, as you say, Truthers are reticent to criticize Loose Change because of its enormous popularity, especially with younger people.

So, the criticisms compiled by Mark Rabinowitz go unnoticed by most of the newbies.

The other trend I would like to point out is how ancillary issues become grounds for attacking Truthers. For example, people who support the OTC don't care what Tom Kean thinks of Peak Oil; but Truthers attack other Truthers for their position on this topic (hence, people such as Rabinowitz and Ruppert, who place much emphasis on Peak Oil in the 9/11 narrative, get marginalized for those beliefs instead of being recognized for the 9/11-specific research they have done).

Divide and conquer.

There is now a meme on the Internet, based on that recent poll showing more Dems than Repubs believe Bush had foreknowledge, that is being used to further bash suspicious Dems into submission. The outcome of that poll is to create a wedge issue for the election. "Stupid Dems actually believe this conspiracy theory nonsense..." The response of most liberal Dems is to back off their suspicions, because heaven knows we wouldn't want to risk losing another fraudulent election.