Tarpley Comments on 9/11 Truth Squads and his FOX News appearance

Tonight on his GCN radio program, "Genesis World Report" (Tarpley hosts on Thursdays 7-9pm Central), Webster Tarpley commented on his FOX appearance and gave credit where it was due, to the Austin 9/11 Truth Squad that put John Kerry on the spot and to A Project for a New American Citizen (PNAC).

The comments take up the first 1/2 hour or so of the show. (The second hour of the program features a new interview with Joan Mellen, author of Kennedy assassination book, A Farewell to Justice, well worth a listen.)

Putfile streaming audio:

"the wedge issue of all

"the wedge issue of all wedge issues: left vs. right" Webster Tarpley.

I hope some politicians come 'round these parts because I can't wait to ask them questions.
Does the official version purport that the Hijackers' DNA was found in the WTC ruins, Pentagon, and Shanksville?
Wait, I'm going to research that right now.

The liberated bear the burden of liberating.

An even bigger issue is how could they obtain viable DNA

for anyone at those crash sites, when the aircrafts themselves were virtually obliterated.

and Even Bigger

How did they attain the original DNA samples to match the sample supposedly found at Ground Zero?

I just noticed that the very popular video site, Live Leak, has

begun hosting all sorts of 9/11 videos, many of them of the homemade variety. Most of them seem designed to bash truthers, particularly Dylan & Loose Change.

There are a couple of 9/11 videos currently on the on the Live Leak homepage, in the "Your say..." section. The best way to get a listing of 9/11 videos on the site is to search using "911" and not "9/11" for for some reason.


Truth Squad contest

I think we should have a 9/11 Truth Squad contest where people think of questions to ask candidates or politicians speaking at an event. For example:

Q: Mr. Kerry, at a recent event in Austin you mentioned that Building 7 was brought down in a "controlled fashion". Did you notice any other New York buildings brought down in a controlled fashion that day?


Q: Mr Edwards, at a recent event you appeared to be ignorant about the destruction of Building 7 on 9/11. Do you think it's acceptable for Presidential candidates to be uninformed about one of the most significant events in American history?

Fantastic idea, Blueglow!


Thinking of question ahead of time... Good idea.

You should be thinking of tough questions, and SPECIFICALLY how to word them. These politicos are trained in "doublespeak", so you have to ask the question in a way that requires a specific and detailed answer. You should also be rehearsing your questions with your friends to build your confidence, and to refine the language. Have someone play the role of the politician and fire evasive answers back. If your question can be easily dodged or answered in "doublespeak", you need to re-word it. Also, let's not plaster our ideas for questions all over the internet. I guarantee you we are being watched here.

Blueglow, play the part of the politician. How many ways could those two questions you wrote be avoided or responded to with "non-answers"? How could you re-word them to make them stronger?

You want to limit and control the possible responses to your question, and to force the politician to give detailed, hopefully complex answers. You want to force the puppet to talk specifics, not generalities. You do this by choosing your own words carefully.

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I agree

Those are good points CONSCIOUSNESS.


Any chance you could post audio to sites where I can actually download it and take it with me? I cant stand quicktime