Winnipeg 9/11 Truth to host Architect Richard Gage, author Barrie Zwicker


California architect to deliver presentation on World Trade Center collapses
Local architects, engineers, police, firefighters and paramedics to attend events at University of Manitoba & Fort Garry Hotel

10 May 2007

Richard Gage, AIA, Architect, a Berkeley, California-based designer of fireproofed steel-framed buildings, will be in Winnipeg on Tuesday, May 29 to deliver a pair of lectures explaining the controversial 2001 collapses of the World Trade Center's Twin Towers and the 47-storey WTC 7.

Mr. Gage's first lecture will be on Tuesday 29 May 2007 at 1:00 p.m. at the University of Manitoba's University Centre, Room 210. The public is invited and the event is free, with a recommended $5 donation. Also speaking that day will be noted media critic Barrie Zwicker of Vision TV fame, author of Towers of Deception: The Media Cover-up of 9/11 (New Society Publishers, 2006). There will also be a screening of the documentary 9/11 Mysteries. Winnipeg Chiropractor Dr. Joe Hawkins will serve as Master of Ceremonies, presiding over a question-and-answer period following the film and the lectures.

On the evening of 29 May, at 7 p.m., Mr. Gage will deliver another lecture on the technical aspects of the WTC collapses at the Club Room of the Fort Garry Hotel, 222 Broadway Avenue, to an audience of architects, engineers, professionals, fire personnel, police, and paramedics. Mr. Gage's research follows the March, 2007 release of the Twin Towers' original blueprints by an anonymous whistleblower from the Silverstein Group, leaseholders of the WTC complex in 2001. Tickets to this event are $20 and can be purchased at the door or in advance by calling (204) 285-7162.

A third event, Wednesday 30 May, will feature a Media Panel at the Gas Station Theatre, 445 River Avenue, at 7 p.m. to discuss the mainstream media's "Code of Silence" regarding the overwhelming evidence that the attacks of 11 September 2001 were an "inside job." Speakers will include author and media critic Barrie Zwicker, veteran journalist and broadcaster Lesley Hughes, and former Winnipeg Free Press editorial columnist Dallas Hansen. Following the panel will be a performance by Winnipeg progressive-rock musicians The Antigravity Project, with refreshments and a reception in the theatre lobby.

Richard Gage Videos

Richard's Presentation At Sonoma State can be seen here:
at 911blogger. Richard's web site will be up in about a week. I'm on the web team.


Those are the videos that gave me the idea to bring him soon as I saw it I said "he's the ticket" .... Joe has been on the phone 24/7 lining up all the particulars and it's official now.. we got the manitoba assosiation of architects to accredit Mr Gage's credentials and they're even going to send out the word via fax/email about the event on the evening of the 29th.

I'll have some top notch video for you after the event......can't wait to see the site finished :)





This is the heart-lung machine of a doomed economy -- spend as fast as you can to keep the ball rolling, at least until the Amero is set to supercede...

interns < internets

Canada 9/11 truth unite!

You guys do some great work in Winnipeg! Cheers from the west coast, and say hi to Barrie for me!

Should be good...

Saw Richard Gage 2 weeks ago, great presentation although it went on a bit long. He handed out a paper showing standards for judging controlled demolition. Very hard for debunkers to argue with his logic, but they will, not because they believe the government BS but because their job is to protect society from the dissent that would ensue if most sheep out their pulled their noses away from the TV set long enough to get a clue. You traitorous criminal scum-and you NSA/CIA etc. that were in on the murder spree. You must have our names, addresses by now, those of us who comment here. When will the roundup begin?

Any Germans out here? Saw that your government began their roundup on Wednesday. You would think that people would get a little scared when Germans round people up, but I see no such reaction. Wow, could German industrialists now be aligned with Zionists? Ooh! I like globalism. How powerful! It turns me on.

Hey, I lived in your country a few years, have always appreciated Europeans. But I lived in a hostel for 2 years recently and was amazed at how you've changed-especially the females. We turned you into Americans with our movies and TV shows!!! "Sex and the City" turned you girls into our honorable examples of what a girl can be! Yes, high-fives all around.

Hope to see some action in early June. Wish more Europeans would be commenting here, letting us know what the word on the street is over there. Glad to see you Canadians climbing aboard-Vancouver is my favorite city in North America, my favorite girls (Equal? Yes, how rare...) in the world, but your weather sucks but for July through September. (So maybe you read and exercise your brain cells?).

Go, Canada!!!

Germany roundup?

What? When? How? Please link.

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More like nationwide police raids

on "leftist" property on legally shaky grounds -- this year's G8 summit's coming up, and I think someone's eager to stir the pot. In response, some friendly hacker "preemptively confiscated" a german police forum and offered the dump for public scrutiny -- bravo!

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C...Are you still around?

This site has alot of info on the subject, but I couldn't find another site that gave the different legal precedents that allowed the police to hold citizens.

It looks like 18 people were held, but I'm sure that "lists" were taken and others will be watched or arrested. Again, the importance to me was that they have a couple "laws" that remind me of "Patriot Act" violations of liberty. Wish I could have found that other site.

Click to the number "19" for the condensed story. Meanwhile, remember the names "Gipfelsoli and Attac ".

I cannot wait to see a 3-D

I cannot wait to see a 3-D model of the Twin Towers based on the released blueprints. How can the official version acount for the complete destruction of the core-columns without controlled demolition? I love asking questions in front of people, examples: If the perimeter columns failed inwards, than why is the mass exploding outwards? How did the hijackers succeed in having our Air-Defense stand down for the entire attack?

But the blueprints have been out for, what, a month now, where is the model? I guess they are working on it, seems like a lot of information, considering the size. I hope LCFC has a WTC model.

Off topic: my friend has an excellent color printer, I think it's time to print some WTC 7 pictures with some text info, and slide them into magazines at the major Book retailers. This should wake some people up. We must be creative.

The liberated bear the burden of liberating.




Dude. we all have important stuff to say. You're overloading it a bit don't ya think?


I was supposed to respond to the first comment node, apologies

Does anyone know how to

Does anyone know how to contact Richard?
I write architectural/engineering software specially targeted at the AIA crowd.

He and I have much in common.

I went to his website and left a comment for him to contact me - but never received a reply.

send me an email on my site

send me an email on my site and I'll get it to him


I'll be talking to him today about web site matters . I'll tell him about this.

yea? good.

Im eagerly waiting the unveiling of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.

Its number 2 on my all time 'eagerly awaited website' list, right after Firefighters for 9/11 Truth.

Morgantown 9/11 Truth
The Eleventh Day of Every Month

This takes guts!

As part of the 5/11 events around the country yesterday, Richard Gage, AIA gave a one hour presentation on WTC7 to roughly 40 architects and staff members at a large office in Berkeley, CA. It's not an easy thing to bring such a hot potato into a office of conservative building professionals, but that's exactly what Richard did yesterday, delivering a confident, scaled down version of his 2 hour presentation to over half of the firms staff. When asked if anyone now believed that WTC7 was destroyed by fire, no one raised a hand or contested his thesis about the buildings demise. Most expressed eagerness to see his follow-up talk on WTC 1 and 2 later in the month. Though Richard couldn't sell books or DVDs, he did have handouts and free copies of 911 Mysteries for people to take home after the presentation.

It's too early to tell how many from this office will sign on to his growing list of names of architects (found on his website) who are calling for a new investigation of 9/11, but he certainly stuck his neck out recruiting professionals. I think he'll be successful as he continues to deliver this lecture to other gatherings of architects and professionals. Architects and engineers have generally avoided the 9/11 topic for a variety of reasons, but when faced with the facts, as Richard delivered yesterday, the taboo has been lifted enough for other "experts" to become part of the Truth movement without the fear of isolation.

My hat off to you Richard for all you are doing!

This work he is doing to present to other A&E's

Is among THE most important in our movement. Hat's off to him!
On the 11th day, of every month.

Bravo to Richard!

Bravo to Richard!