5/11-07 Philadelphia

More pictures from different events/demonstrations of the day in Philadelphia, including an increasing body of participants, in and around City Hall.

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in turn, Jon.

Outstanding work in Philly!!!


Show "Gee, looks like a full half" by CHF

All great movements

All great movements start with a single soul. Either shut up and move out of the way or join up.

Good job Truthers!

Seriously good for you guys, much much respect!!

Seriously good for you guys, much much respect!!
I used to Live in Phila on Baring Street near Penn/Drexel.
Also lived in the North Broad Street/Cheltenham area.
I loved it there, the city is full of life!! Most of the folks in Phila are pretty clued up.
So what was the response like from the passers by? Postive, negative or did most people know.

5/11-07 Philly

Hello SH,
thanks for the note and being a relative newcomer myself, I'm enjoying Philadelphia quite a bit.
Regarding the street response, I’d say the majority were openly curious, a strong percentage of 'latent' Truthers (skeptical of the official story but not actively/publicly expressing an opinion) and a minority of official-story proponents; in sum, a positive day for 9/11 Truthers.
PS if you make it back to Philly, feel free to look us up