Pilots for 911 Truth Conference Needs Assistance. Rob Pours Over NTSB United 93 data!

Needs Organization Secretary to help organize a PILOTS TRUTH CONFERENCE
He is currently pouring over NTSB United 93 data.

Contact him via Pilots for 911 Truth.

Hello everyone,

First I would like to thank you all for the great success our organization has had in the few short months we have been a group. We have grown more than I expected with some very credible and professional individuals.

Many of you know that I have been tossing out the idea of a Conference sponsored by our organization. I would like to get the ball rolling on this and I need ideas and help. Our organization has grown to a robust level and continues to grow. I think its about time we all meet, sit down, and do some hangar flying.

This is what I propose. A weeked conference at a Hotel somewhere near the center of the country. Perhaps Friday thru Moday. Im thinking Cincinatti/NKY since its a major hub, I know the area very well (was based at CVG) and it is relatively mid-country. I also think its a great town.

Friday night we arrive. Saturday is closed door session/group discussion/VIP's/Friends and Family. Sunday is open to the public for presentations of our group discussion to share with the rest of the world and filmed. We can include other speakers/filmakers from other organizations during the Sunday presentations. We will also film the closed door session for ourselves (and perhaps release it to the public should we all decide to go that route).

These are the points to consider.

1. Being that most of us are pilots, we can travel pretty much anywhere. Those that are retired/not flying currently perhaps can be offered buddy passes through those that are currently in a position to offer a buddy pass.

2. I need help in determining conference hall pricing. Please try to stick to CVG area. Those of you who can acquire airline hotel discounts may be of great help here (Think ALPA Road show). Please call around to hotels if you can and get pricing.

3. We will need to do a fund raiser for/prior to this event to pay for costs. So I would like to anticipate a late August early Sept (around the 6th anniversary of the attacks) Conference. It will give us plenty of time to plan. We will charge admission on Sunday for public access to recoup costs.

4. All exclusive organization email I have sent out in the past were Blind Carbon Copies as I dont really know who wants their email in plain view at this time. We need to achieve greater communication within our organization as we grow. So, whoever would like their email address to be omitted from a distribution list, please let me know by next week, May 18. I will send out an email list to all members so you all can converse with each other and get to know each other.

5. Please provide feedback for this event. I need your help.

6. I can really use a volunteer who has time on their hands to be an organization Secretary. We have recently acquired NTSB data from United 93 and I am pouring over this information while doing interviews, running two sites/emails and spreading the published research. Again, I need your help. Please let me know if you can be of assitance to organize communications, etc. as we grow. (this position would be better suited for our US members).

Lets get the ball rolling. We have the numbers. We are growing. Lets start to get active and get answers!

Thank you so much everyone for your support. We wouldnt be here without you.

Best Regards,

Software Developer, willing to help

I am a professional software developer and I am willing to help PF911T if I can, and if thats whats needed.
One idea I had was to use the data in the xls files to build a recreation in a 3d environment/3d engine, as opposed to ms flight sim.

thats just one thought, if you have any other ideas feel free to menton them.

if anyone reading this has any ideas of what could be done with the data please post, dont limit your ideas on any preconceived notion of "whats possible" or not.

Physics/Science/Mathematics do not lie, only people do.
9/11 was an INSIDE JOB

Hi Joe,

I really didnt want this public yet as it was sent out as an internal memo to members of the organization. But after thinking about it, i think its a good idea you posted it. I guess the more people we have involved early on, the better. Thanks!

Anyone who can help, please contact at pilots@pilotsfor911truth.org.


I am interested in your offer. Please contact me. Thanks.

Rob Balsamo
Co Founder

Email sent


Physics/Science/Mathematics do not lie, only people do.
9/11 was an INSIDE JOB


While I can't do much to help, and for that I am sorry.... If you post a list of things folks could help with maybe there would be something I could do so I could feel like I actually contributed to something.....

I am really happy you propose this. This conference would be the first that I actually - could - attend. Not too far away. I could drive it from NC. It wouldn't also kill me in terms of lost patient contact hours _ which is how I pay the mortgage.

Keep the info coming. Please.