The Psychological Trickery of 9/11

Like all of us, I have sometimes been surprised by what seemed to be irrational and overly emotional responses from close friends, respected colleagues or family members on the issue of 9/11 truth. After each such incident, I wondered how someone could appear to be so blind even to the big problems with some of the most basic undisputed facts of 9/11, like the fact that our servants in government have failed to give us an explanation for the collapse of WTC7 and the fact that the only arguments which even begin to address the concerns of citizens questioning the quality of our servants' work-product, The 9/11 Commission Report, were given to us by a privately owned magazine, and a cheesy one at that, instead of from our servants themselves. Why couldn't my loved ones see the elephants in the living room?

Only recently, after I saw a video in which a hypnotist convinces a woman that yellow is red, have I begun to realize the power of the psychological trickery that had been played on my innocent compatriots who have yet to recognize the big problems with the Official Lie. I think that my friends and loved ones who believe the Official Lie must have been psychologically pressured or otherwise tricked into doing so. Perhaps some of them were sub-consciously willing subjects of said trickery in order to avoid confronting difficult issues about the state of our Nation, but I have to assume that many, if not most of the victims of this Jedi mind trick that moved us into a state of permanent war are unwitting participants. The hypnotist in the video uses a technique called Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) to alter the lady's perception of reality in such a way that she was thoroughly confused about basic colors. If this woman could be trained so quickly and easily not to believe her lying eyes, so can we all.

The hypnotist, Derren Brown, also used NLP on a guy to influence him to "want" a red BMX Bike when he really wanted a no such thing:

Finally, this same trickster fooled a couple of ad execs into thinking that they had created something original. This time, he uses no touch, just visual and verbal suggestions. It displays how easily people can be led to believe that they are thinking independent and original thoughts. It is truly astonishing:

It seems that a principal function of 9/11 was to serve as a traumatic variety of a "pattern interrupt" event that would kick off a sort of mass mind control program similar to one of the hypnotist's tricks. As I understand it, a pattern interrupt is a trick that hypnotists use to induce a more suggestive state in their subjects. Once the subject is sufficiently entranced, even if only slightly, the hypnotist implants suggestions and the subject's perception of reality is altered for a period of time. The suggestions planted in the aftermath of the attacks may have affected all of us in ways we do not fully appreciate. Watch the hypnotist one more time, as he implants a mission-critical suggestion, "You're happy to give this to me," right before he subjects a stranger to a pattern interrupt by interrupting a handshake:

I don't know if everyone in the Truth Movement agrees that 9/11 was a psyop but I certainly don't think most of those that do understand the full implication of that fact. I know that I don't. My understanding is that one way to influence someone to effect certain behaviors is to expose that person to a traumatic event that is staged simultaneously or near simultaneously with other environmental factors so that a strong subconscious association is formed. Or something like that. In any event, traumatic events have profound psychological impact and put people in a vulnerable state in which they are more receptive to suggestion. Recognizing some of the elements involved in psychological trickery like hypnosis and other mind control techniques might help us to analyze the key words and phrases that the evil parasites are using to keep our fellow citizens zombie-fied. Almost immediately on 9/11, key talking points, as if from a script, were repeated over and over again. The suggestions of war were there, but what other suggestive language was included? The president's speech on the night of 9/11 contains eerily familiar language that we still hear echoed today in the rhetoric that is used to justify the continuing war in the Middle East. Might these be reinforcement words or phrases that operate to extend the trance-like state as long as possible?

Every day more and more people are starting to wake up out of the haze of the trance. We don't recognize them all because they are still stumbling around, bumping into the furniture (i.e., disinformation operatives), and trying to adjust their eyes to the light. The fires of truth don't ever go out, they may smolder occasionally but they always spread. Inevitably, we will reach a critical mass and we can strike the death-blow to the cloak of deception that the snake-charmers have woven all around us. However, in order to get there sooner rather than later maybe it would be helpful if we paid more attention to the psychological mechanics of the spell under which our fellow citizens have been placed.

I think that just the mere recognition of this aspect of the 9/11 operation would work to break the spell for many, many people. By describing it, we can destroy the paradigmatic politics of fear that are being employed to perpetuate the myth and expose 9/11 as an elaborate and scientifically crafted psychological trick. If we can figure this out, people who are months or years away from "waking up" might join us more quickly and get this country back on the right track before it is too late.

You've made a really good

You've made a really good point.

I think that they did actually use these kind of psychological techniques.

Remember "Harley Guy" and the similar person at the Pentagon? They were trying to push what later became the official story into people's minds, when the public were in shock and so vulnerable to whatever they were told.

This is what Hamid Gul, former director of the ISI said:

" Within 10 minutes of the second twin tower being hit in the World Trade Center CNN said Osama bin Laden had done it. That was a planned piece of disinformation by the real perpetrators. It created an instant mindset and put public opinion into a trance, which prevented even intelligent people from thinking for themselves."

Remember Zelikow, who's work has involved studying the creation and maintenance of, "public myths" or "public presumptions".

Even the planes hitting the towers, essentially their purpose was to cause shock in the public, but also served as a distraction from the bombs that were going on at the same time.

Yes, 911 was a Psyop....

That's fascinating

I have never seen him or those methods before. It's hard to believe they work so well. Although he is obviously an experienced master of the techniques.

My first instinct is to say, "He wouldn't be able to do that to me." But that is obviously immediate denial and ego-protection, etc. The fact is, he can probably do those things to pretty much anyone, but there are obviously some who they work better on than others. Just like it's easier to hypnotize some people than others.

I think one of the ways they did this to us is the man-on-the-street "news interview" of the person right after the towers fell where he states concisely the "pancake theory due to fire" as reason for the collapse of the Twin Towers. (most of us have probably seen this clip -- it's been in a couple of 9/11 documentaries)

I've talked about this sort of thing before, but in the context of eyewitness accounts. There is a great video about "Inattentive Blindness", but I can't find a link to it, and the site that usually hosts it is not working. Below is a link to a clip of a similar thing.

There are also other similar studies, like the one where they created memories for people. They did it to several people, where they brought the person in (an adult) and asked them if they remembered the time when they were young (6 years old or so) and they got lost in the mall when they were there with their mother. The person said they didn't remember, because it never happened. Sometime later, I think it was a week or so, they brought them in and asked them the same question again. This time they had a vague recollection of the event. And when they brought them in a couple of weeks later (maybe a month), not only did they remember the event, but they filled in and fleshed out the story with made-up facts. All of which never happened.

Here are some other psychology and perception interesting videos and links.

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This is a very intersting topic

indeed. Its not so much about hypnosis as it is about subliminal suggestion, and how the human mind fills in the gaps when it needs to. The symbolism is everywhere, and once you know what to look for you can realize that we are all being manipulated. 9/11 was a tremendous example of a psyop, its just fortunate that we are not all so far gone into the sheepdom headspace, and some of us (like us here) are aware what they are up to, and are fighting daily to bring our fellow people out of it.

For me, researching 9/11 woke me up from my trance. Once I was awake to that extent (9/11 is just the start) I decided to re-examine everything I thought I knew, especially those things I was taught, and believed to be self-evident...boy was I wrong. I submit to you good people that most of what we think we know is a lie, and history (both distant and near) has much to tell us, if we only look.

If you are interested in Symbolism and what things mean look into Micheal Tsarion.

Physics/Science/Mathematics do not lie, only people do.
9/11 was an INSIDE JOB

Great Perspective.

Great Perspective on this piece. Good subject that is cool to try to understand. It is definitely a phenomenon that seems to be occurring. Let's wake these fools up with some knowledge. Peace.

Previously, on 911Blogger...

... I relayed my curious face to face exchange with Amy Goodman. At her book signing here in DC last year, I posed a perfectly polite and otherwise normal human interest story idea to her about the social curiosity of "all those 911 truth movement people" that most any journalist worthy of the title, should've had no trouble at least grunting a 'no', or nodding a ho-hum 'I'll think about it' response... to my utter surprise, she stared back at me AS IF I had just asked her to carve up babies for a BBQ.

While considering the possibilities of the article above... (the power of suggestion?), Amy's reaction... quite similar to my cousin, my old friend, my neighbors, my mother to a lesser degree, and several other people I've met and illustrated in blogs here... the most common thread among them all... is a near complete and utter inability to put out even a single word in the most harmless conversational settings when "WTC7" is raised or most other parts surrounding 911 itself.

Sibel Edmonds and the french directors too, all people I willing hold in otherwise high regard as honorable and defendable "friends", save for the most baffling 'strangeness' of their conversations completely void of any personal quips and comments about physical 911 observations.

I do think there could be something to what is being discussed in this thread. Yet I will resist being fully 'taken in' by its power of suggestion... : )


lets not forget

Goodman was present at the collapse of 7

if that means anything :P

Physics/Science/Mathematics do not lie, only people do.
9/11 was an INSIDE JOB

Considering that,

... and that her media network was catapulted into prominence after 911, IT MAY be speculated that the hapless Amy received and extra heavy dose of mind-bending manipulation. Call it what you want, again I'm just speculating here... MK-Clockwork-PR-LSDish-PSYOPy- precep-manage-ipulation.... I'm sure the bastards have cooked up a simpler acronym for such encrypt-worm-whatthefuckery.

Her eyes expressed deep and out-of-character FEAR, as if automated.

I'm just saying.

My other examples simply paint the picture in broader strokes as I've seen it. An uncharacteristic autism of sorts, where people I've known for years capable of lucid and cogent debate which otherwise included literal feedback as the conversations and correspondence exhibited evolution and growth... even and ESPECIALLY when they would persuade me away from my original position... when I would raise what I think (still) should be objective-ish socratic style "ok, let's back up and clarify some of our premises and foundation stones before we keep beating each other up on this later point...", almost without exception I would be met with (previously uncharacteristic) 'autism' in old friends, family and recent acquaintances clearly 'functional' otherwise.

Question to people more familiar with initiating and ending hypnotic-like states (to the best of my knowledge, I've never actually seen this live. Only on TeeVee-like shows and from friends telling me about some Vegas-like show "performance" where they say some guy jumped around like a chicken):

Supposedly, some form of trigger or key words are employed... "Key", being the interesting concept at play here. That a key is needed to both start AND stop the hypnotic state. Also, so I've heard, some people are less susceptible than others. Now for a real mind twister for my friends here in 911blogger and the "truth" movement at large... IS there a population subset, at first less susceptible to one kind of trance state (fed and maintained by MSM for example), HOWEVER not immune to another? Such as a mesmerizing internet, which weirdly allows forms of knowledge growth, but also handicaps greater activism effectiveness. "Analysis Paralysis", was tossed out to me at one time. (Understand, I certainly do not exclude myself from either, particularly the latter.)

So back to the question, Dear Internets: Are there examples of differing forms of trance, hypnosis, mesmerizing and even "Analysis Paralysis", where the original start-stop key is stuck in a hidden lock box (by the bastards)... or lost... or destroyed... which can be found, or recreated, or conjured out of internet aether... to unlock ourselves, and then all of our friends too?

What say you Internet?

you say there are no easy answers, I say...'re not looking hard enough!

It sure would be nice if there was this one thing we could say, or repeat over and over, that would do the trick for any given person. that presupposes a certain unrealistic (I think) simplicity to the problem that has been created for us. Think about it like a knot. We didn't tie it, and the people who did really weren't concerned with it ever being untied... they in fact wanted to make it as difficult as possible to untie. dyslexic knot-busters unite!

so we can pick at the knot, along with a bunch of other people, and some of us may make headway while others just screw it up worse. To preserve the analogy I will suggest that using scissors on the knot is not allowed and perhaps analogous to using violence to simplify the issues. it defeats the purpose of having our string back intact and usable.

Untying the knot is going to be tough--let's face that and not spend too much time looking for easy answers. As we learn to recognize patterns in the knot, certain types of mini knots that are easy to unravel, we must of ocurse be able to share that information with each other. Some people, for example, may respond well to being shown the OKC news footage showing them that indeed something they believed turned out to be more complicated. Others will respond well to physical evidence, still others to being reminded of just how evil BushCo and his friends are as evidenced by the many crimes they have already commited. Some people may respond well to video, others to the cogent arguments in a David Ray Griffin book. With some people you may want to start and end with building 7 and let their curiosity lead them further, others you may want to sit down in front of any of the many documentaries now available, with or without plenty of alcohol involved.

Now getting back to your question--could there in fact be a "key" holding the secret to undoing the knot? A map to the knot with instructions on deconstructing it? I suppose it's possible that there is, even if it wasn't created on purpose by the perps--it could just be that this kind of knt follows certain universal rules that the knot-tiers weren't even aware of. Is there a phrase we could utter that would, once in someone's brain, do everything necessary to establish a foothold and crystallize or whatever in the person's consciousness, breeding all the necessary cognitive tools to tackle the dissonance now afflicting them? I sthere any realistic chance of discovering such a thing? If there is, I would argue that it will come not from conscious attention to the question but perhaps, like so many amazing adaptive solutions in nature, through a process of trial and error, of natural selection, of evolution.

We know that evolution is a much more powerful force of creation than intelligent design, and knowing that intelligent design was used to create the problem, and that it was fraudulently claimed to have been a natural evolution of world affairs, perhaps we should consider the limitations of our own intelligent designs and instead follow a path of loose change, of adaptation to the particulars of our progress and prospects at any given point. Perhaps we should embrace our disunity and diversity and become observers not only of the perps but of ourselves as a movement, and instead of issuing proclamations on what the movement "should do" focus more on what the movement "is doing" and then deciding what we individually "should do" to ensure its success, without being too explicit or broadcasting it to the world. Over time good tactics and good practices will be found to thrive with very little apparent direction from "leaders" and we will be cultivating our own evolution as opposed to trying to determine and fix our fate, something that the perps mistakenly is possible, and which is bound to be their downfall.


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To be clearer...

I really DO fancy the asymmetrical strategy (not just tactic) of a multiplicity, discombobulated, 'crazy' method... as we 'truthers' have been apt to do and probably not going to change anytime soon. That also, is probably part of our natural-born tendency of being comfortable as statistical outliers which 'saved' us from being swept up completely into The Grand "fuck them with shock and awe" 911 plot.

I didn't intend to come off as sounding like I was looking for just a Single Magic Key... rather just asking about another among many 'keys' we could be looking for and use along with other ideas and tools.

Your knot analogy is tight (ha ha), and I agree with you that using scissors would not only be cheating, but will cut Ourselves in the process.

I will leave to stand the rest of what you've already said above, as I agree whole heartedly that concentration on one aspect alone is less effective for us than being loose about the actual path of change. More like entering a state of mind towards BEING that loose change we wish to see.

Take care, RT.

It's always good to exChange with you (more ha ha).

Btw, RT...

Where in my writing did you pick up words or inferences of mine suggesting that I said there's no easy answers, or hard ones for that matter?

Just curious.

sounds good

Sorry, maybe I read too much into your "key" stuff. I didn't mean to imply you were foolishly looking for easy answers--more like it would be great if there were easy answers, like some psychological key that could be employed to make people snap out of the psyop effects. And the quote is from Bart Simspon when he ran for class president and I've always liked it so I couldn't resist. That one and "Damn sexy Flanders" get me every time... :)

One thing I like about this movement (compared, for example, to the antiwar movement) is that there is really a sense of free for all--no one's opinions are more valid than any others' by default, we really do learn from one another. I like for example that I can say something that gets a negative 10 and then say something down thread that gets a plus 5. This tells me that people are giving each other the courtesy of reading and considering ideas on their own merits, not on who says them or whether they go with the "groupthink".

I also see a lot of progress where people are starting to focus less on each other, on internal politics, and more on real issues--especially new issues and approaches such as the recent focus on understanding the nature of deception. I really do feel proud to be part of a movement that does not compromise on certain things like freedom of thought (as much as we struggle sometimes with certain issues I think that is to be expected and in the long run we will all be glad we could tolerate each others' differences in pursuit of our common goal. I don't think it's premature to say that while many of us will never be celebrated individually we will nonetheless go down in history as a movement. I would encourage everyone to not miss this chance before we get too big for our britches to be introspective and reflect on what all this means to you, and where you see it going for yourself and for the world as a whole. When we start having a real effect, and when the struggle to define and describe the movement becomes more challenging, it will be essential that we have as many well-considered points of view to consider, since none of us can take credit for what we have all accomplished together.

I would channel socrates (I think) and say that the unexamined movement is not worth, um, moving iwth. I think we all, by virtue of our early entry, will have important lessons to share with the world when the world really starts listening. Thanks to everyone for all they do--don't look back now!


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I examine my movements...

... often. To see if I'm really eating well enough, and that the plumbing is still good.

But in all seriousness, introspection on occasion (once ridiculed here for sounding too hippy-dippy), is a mature and enlightened thing to do. Socrates would most likely agree, that is, if Plato (his small-minded dullard student, by comparison) was at least able to relay Big Soco's words with some accuracy.

Yet keep your eyes and ears open just in case some combo of words and finger snapping chances upon a hypnotic spell-breaking key. Let us know. I'd be happy to try it on my old friend... I miss him.

more people need to look closely at their own crap

wasn't it jesus himself who said that nothing you put into your body can defile it, it's what comes out that can damn you, or something like that. he probably said in the morning after a late night of boozing it up with the tax collectors and prostitutes.

as for a snapping out of it thing, maybe the pic of that sharply dressed marine with the 9/11 truth now sign? I think that's one I might have printed and mounted for street truthing purposes....


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Beware the Debunkers

Excellent post LibertyHog!

Sadly, the debunkers will probably say that 911 Truthers are the ones who use subliminal tricks (e.g. *conspiracy nuts* like to bring up *tired*, *old* government conspiracies like Gulf of Tonkin, operations Northwoods *which never happened*, and *even* saying that the Truman let Pearl Harbour happen on purpose and only then do they talking about their *alternative* 911 theories). Typical bogus debunking arguments, full of *NLP*, but that is what we face every day.

My point is that for 911 Truth to adopt this line of argument (psyops by government was involved) is a very hard thing to educate people about, (refer to comment about Amy Goodman) especially if they're under the "trance" and you are looking like an "idiot" (to them) by contraditing the beliefs that have been planted in them.

How would neurolinguisitc programmers suggest breaking the "spell"? Because we are dealing with a deeper and more subtle "trance" an airhorn won't work as well as it does here:

another example of our movement maturing

is posts like this that expand the conversation from just an analysis of physical evidence (very important nonetheless) and the circumstancial evidence much of which was planted to make us waste time discussing irrelevant minutiae (such as suspicious seeming aspects of the official hijacker legend and their "funders")

Examining the more subtle methods used exposes them as not so subtle after all. Like Harley guy. Like the fact that as others have mentioned the planes served as the ultimate distraction from the explosions going on inside the buildings (see this vid: )

Interesting that none of the big 9/11 documentaries really go into this fact!


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That's clip has the clip I was referring to above

It is from "9/11 Mysteries" and shows at 6:00 minutes into that short video.

The "man-on-the-street" is being interviewed on (gasp! big surprise) Faux Noise, and he says:

"...come out of nowhere and just REAM! right into the side of the Twin Tower, exploding through the other side. And then I witnessed both towers collapse, one first, and then the second, mostly due to structural failure because the fire was just too intense."

How many times was that replayed throughout the day?
By both Faux Noise and the other networks through video sharing?
How many tens of millions of people saw it that day and in the days and weeks following 9/11?

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