They Would Never - 9/11 Accountability Conference

A while back, I wrote an article entitled, "They Would Never" which tackled the idea that the Bush Administration isn't capable of something like 9/11.

Ken Jenkins and Janette MacKinlay did a talk on "The Psychological Implications Of 9/11." I thought my piece would be a good addition for that subject, so they were kind enough to let me tag along. Because I wasn't listed as being apart of that talk, the good people at didn't include this speech with the DVD collection. Ken Jenkins and hummux were kind enough to send me a DVD with this speech on it.

All sources for this information are available in the original article.


Right on point!
"Cogito ergo sum"


I had "stage fright." That's the first time since my Bar Mitzvah I spoke in front of a large crowd. At least this time, I understood what the heck I was saying.

It's Not The Crime That Kills You, But The Cover-Up

You did good.

I 'm thinking of including this in a dvd to send to my nephew (who is on the line). BTW he had the same problem at his Bar Mitzvah if you meant by that that you had stage fright at yours.

That was a great speech !

That was a great speech !

No body asked you

No body asked you to speak up for our first responders.
No body asked you to speak up for the innocent people being killed in an unjust war.
No body asked you to speak up for the millions of people that know this government is lieing.

No, you speak up because its the right thing to do.

If you had stage fright Jon, it didnt show it.

I commend you for what you do for the Truth effort. Especially the first responders and family member of the victims. It keeps me inspired.

damn good job


Ditto on Excellent!

You have a great speaking voice, too.

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