Tony Nicer May 11th 2007:Luke Rudkowski gives us updates Silverstien thug gets fired for calling in fake bomb threat on Luke.

On May 11th I interviewed Luke as he gave us updates in the "911 was an inside job" room on Silverstein Security Thug Loses Job for calling in Fake bomb threat on Luke. Hear Luke tell it as it happened.

Tony and Luke 5-11-7wearechange luke gives updates to 911 was an inside job chat room

This is the thug that got fired see what he did.

Join "911 was an inside job room" go to for directions on how to down load program.

Way to Go!!!

This is what we need to do on a local level. when you see corruption do NOT lay down take action. use the existing laws to fight these people. They make these unjust laws,to attack and silence us, use the laws that are on the books that are for the citizens of the USA against the NWO and its mindless fascist slaves.

Great Street Action

Keep it up. Just keep it up and don't stop.

911 was an inside job

Great blog tony.........went to the 911 was an inside job room.on paltalk...found that it was very informative,educational and very cool....thanks again...for this blog

nice! just watching that guy

nice! just watching that guy made me wanna strangle somebody. specifically him.

I'm glad

that bloated pig-eyed sack of shit got fired. He's lucky thats all he got.

Physics/Science/Mathematics do not lie, only people do.
9/11 was an INSIDE JOB

Yeah, but he's still probably working for Silverstein as a goon

in another department.

That is a fantastic video!!! Luke & his fellow truthers

handled themselves perfectly!!!

911 was an inside job

Tony is putting it all out there
Putting it on the line
If we could get just 10% of the people of this nation to do the same we could turn things around overnight
Don't ever stop doing what your doing Tony


These guys are doing great work! I admire them! See ya on paltalk tony

Awesome Video of True Patriots!

It was so refreshing to watch this video of people standing up for the Truth of 9/11 in NYC. It would have been great to have Major news coverage of this. Perhaps someday soon, we will have many more people doing this in every city in America. Then, the Major news networks will no longer be able to ignore us. I admire the courage of everyone involved!......By Code777 from Paltalk


911 Was An Inside Job! For the mystery of Iniquity is now being revealed!

Luke just proves one more time as usual. (( HE IS THE MAN in NY for TRUTH)). Someone like Luke will never quit until mission acomplished.

Him and his whole crew are above and beyond the standard. As it should be! After all this is where it all started at Ground ZERO.

God bless ya Luke and the 911 Truth Movement...


It's good that the guy got in trouble

It was probably egregious enough that he deserved to be fired. I hate to see people lose their jobs, but if you are going to act that bad, you kind of deserve what you get.

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If he truly got fired

it was for getting caught on film.

Another one I called correctly.

So he's not NYPD at all?

And when they called him "the officer" twenty times it was just impugning the reputation of the police and causing more distrust?

Is Alex Jones going to issue a correction?

70 Disturbing Facts About 9/11

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Some of us were quite clear about the fact that AJ was incorrectly accusing the NYPD of having done what in fact was done by Silverstein's fat goon.

So given that the guy was fired and there is plenty of evidence that he violated Luke's rights, will Luke be suing Silverstein Properties for this? Or the fat shmuck himself?


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Fuck the schmuck

He's barely a footnote. I'd like to see Luke sue Silverstein.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Good jobTony, Luke!

What were ya drinkin Tone? :) Also thanks for promoting the Paltalk room, I've met some awesome people in that room.


Hello and thank you to everyone.

Luke wants to take this to a court, but he needs a good Lawyer willing to take the case, if anyone knows a lawyer willing to take the case then let me know e-mail me

Or e-mail Luke at

Tony Nicer
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