Truth & Reconcilliation

I posted this on Alvin R's blog but thought I'd copy & paste it here too because it states my core beliefs around uncovering the truth about 911:

Truth & Reconciliation

I think it's safe to assume that there are people out there still living who know significant pieces of the real 911 story or people who know more than the pieces. What's their incentive to talk other than having a spiritual conversion (which I believe is possible for anyone and something we ought not discount, John Newton, the captain of many slave ships and author of the song "Amazing Grace" proved that) ?
We have to enact a truth & reconciliation law as South Africa did after apartheid ended. We have to make it clear that revenge is not what we're after but the truth. We have to give serious consideration to granting immunity or limited immunity to persons willing to come forward to tell what they know. If we can't bring institutionalized forgiveness , ( meaning in part, no capital punishment in the harshest of instances) into the process than we are no better than the thugs who pulled off this historic crime.
Kucinich is up to this task. Others can be brought around to giving serious consideration to truth & reconciliation.

There's also the matter of still concealed evidence, ( surveillance video, documents, satellite imagery both foreign & domestic, sound & picture recordings, etc) which like the people who know something, persist somewhere. Freedom of information laws can be expanded and more importantly, enforced. Concealed information can find its way to the surface if various forms of state, public and private pressure keep mounting for 911 truth and pathways are cleared to make revelations easier..

There is also the rise of new voices in the movement bringing new legitimacy, like architect, Richard Gage. One of Gage's goals is to unite more and more members of the AIA, American Institute of Architects, behind the push to re-investigate the wtc collapses and reverse that institution's previous support for the official faulty findings.

I agree with Alvin that the movement needs focus. I also believe that we all, in our unique ways, are working for the emergence of truth when it is needed most. Now.

also: for those who want to help raise money for my far reaching truthburn art project
here's a link to a pritable pdf flyer. Thank you friends.


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John, I already praised your post where it first appeared. Thanks for also blogging it.

You say, "We have to enact a truth & reconciliation law as South Africa did after apartheid ended. We have to make it clear that revenge is not what we're after but the truth."

I am sure this is correct. The example you cite, SA, is right on.

Once the truth is out there, changes will come. Major changes are needed -- again, as in the South Africa example that you cite.

Just in case anyone reads this, who is 'in the know' -- or even 'in the loop' -- of how 911 was actually orchestrated, I will now once again plug an older blog entry of mine, A Call For Confession.


I read your post student. It's good. I remember Ellsberg saying that now. I think more prominent figures like Ellsberg have to call for similar disclosures.