Video: 911 Gruesome Truth

In December 2006 Danish National Television DR2 aired "The Gruesome Truth" a program on the "911 conspiracy theories" It was shot in the US in Spring 2006.

I have put English captions on this documentary, I called it " 911 Gruesome Truth"

Here's the link, it features Alex Jones, David Ray Griffin, Steven Jones and many more:

Hope every ones doing great... -Ali

Was this film put out by Popular Mechanics?

Sorry but this film is trash. Anyone reading this: Don't waste your time with it

Physics/Science/Mathematics do not lie, only people do.
9/11 was an INSIDE JOB

Ten minutes in... It seems OK to me...

I'll watch some more.... but so far It's far from TRASH...

Best wishes

PS... Thanks for the English subtitles and captions Ali !!!

Watched it ALL... It was many times better and fairer...

than the BBC's "9/11 Conspiracy Files" !!! (similar overall tactic and structure though)

In fact up to 42mins in, it was almost totally pro 9/11 Truth...

Then in steps Benjamin Chertoff with his lieing BS (all on film for future reference) with the research of his nine reporters, spending 4 and a half months on it.

I won't add any more spoilers, but overall...

Unlike the BBC's ending with "Case closed", DR2 finished with "NOT Case Closed"

Well worth a watch, if you have a spare 57 minutes, has some different footage and interviews that I had not seen before....

Thanks Ali and Denmark Radio 2...


"Then in steps Benjamin Chertoff with his lieing BS (all on film for future reference) with the research of his nine reporters, spending 4 and a half months on it."

Thats where I got pissed. The film does nothing to disprove this liar, which they could have easily done, but they went the route of the typical "BBC" style hit piece. I just hate when films are made from the "witless" stand point like "we dont know anything we'll just see what both sides say...ho hum". We already have ALL of the MSM for that, or worse.

I'd really like to see more scholarly films put together from the science that we now know. A lot of these films are sadly outdated.
Ill take back the "trash" comment, but this type of "let down" or "neutral" film pisses me off.

Physics/Science/Mathematics do not lie, only people do.
9/11 was an INSIDE JOB

I understand you are angry

I understand you are angry with this documentary. I never said I agreed with it. And besides, DR2 is also MSM...

Holy Crap

Benjamin Chertoff is such a f$%king weasel!

His answers looked like they were brought out of thin air. He was literally guessing at what happened. "And when you have floors collapsing on one another, the air will shoot out at incredibly high speeds." WHERE IS YOUR EVIDENCE FOR THAT? If that were true why weren't there more squibs on more floors. Oh yea, no one has ever answered how they can blow out from bottom to top as in WTC 7.

Give me a break. Isn't that guy like 26 or something? He needs to go back to partying or whatever he did before cousin Michael gave him that job...

Exactly... especially as it was pertaining to WTC7...

If he checked his facts or watched a video, he could clearly see that the floors maintained their height and shape for at least the first half of the collapse...

No compressed air there... What a shill, he looked like he was lieing his ass off and "plucking his answers from the air" !!!

Still, I reckon it was much better than the BBC hatchet job...

Best wishes


"..the air will shoot out at incredibly high speeds."

yea sure, and of course the air will shoot out focused / bundled on specific points and not 'distribute' into all possible directions, cause, uhh, ahh, cause you know, the plains were BIG and lets not forget about those potato chips! Hm or maybe it was the knocked off fireproofing that caused the compressed air to shoot out so 'bundled'. Or something.

Jeopardy 2012

Alec Trebek: Name something that caused "air to shoot out at incredibly high speeds" when the Towers fell on September 11, 2001?

Chris Rose: What's a BOMB?

Alec Trebek: That's correct Chris and you take the lead with $500.

Chis Rose: Can I have "Other 9/11 Facts" for $900 Alec.

Alec Trebek: That's our Daily Double... The answer is... "He was tried and hung for treason on September 11, 2009."

Chris Rose: Who is...

(To be continued...)
"Cogito ergo sum"

I only put captions on it so

I only put captions on it so English speakers would understand it. I think it is important to see how 911 Truth is being presented in other countries.
Yes, the documentary is faulty, for example, there is no mention of flight 93 and alot of Popular Mechanics arguments could easily have been challenged.The point with the paint cans exploding sound totally crazy in my opinion, but these reporters actually took time off to fly to the US and do an investigation, be it good or not.
This is a subject that 99% of Danes hadn't heard about before. Now they got presented to people like Steven Jones, David Ray Griffin, Alex Jones and the 911 Truth movement and people are starting to discuss it on Danish tv and newspaper bloggs.
The way they end the documentary, with Alex Jones' claim that the Chertoffs are cousins and showing their pictures next to each other to show their resemblance, is something every Dane will see as highly suspicious, since nepotism is very wide spread in Denmark and people know how that works.
Also notice that they never disrespect the 911 truthers, don't call them names or anything derogative.
I spend a couple of days translating this movie, I hope people at least can respect that.


Thanks for your work on translating the film. I am sorry if I sounded like I was flaming the film, I didnt mean to start a bash-fest.
Keep up the good work and truth will prevail.

Physics/Science/Mathematics do not lie, only people do.
9/11 was an INSIDE JOB

Thank you, I will..

Thank you, I will..