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Want to quickly reach hundreds of people with 911 truth? You can do it at busy intersections during rush hour. I place 911 Truth banners on wooden and metal poles where people stopped for a traffic light will see them. Locations that are visible to pedestrian traffic work well, too. Do not expect 911 Truth banners to last for extended periods of time anywhere they can be torn off. I did the same thing last year with IMPEACH banners and they were generally left undisturbed. I consider 911 Truth to be a much more effective cause. Apparently, so does our opposition!

Having a banner last through one rush hour makes it worth while. I reach thousands with banners beside light rail stops here in Portland, Oregon. The banners say: INSIDE JOB
The banners are easy to make. I use heavy weight paper that might last through the rain. Here is the How to list for 911 Truth banners:
Items needed: Heavy weight colored paper, scissors, 2” wide packaging tape on a dispenser and a heavy duty staple gun for attaching to wooden poles. A tool belt or side bag is helpful for carrying supplies while posting banners.
How to:
1.Buy heavy weight colored paper, at least 60 lb. and 20 M. A store employee can help you find the right paper. I use bright light green and yellow paper.
2.If you don't have access to inexpensive toner, I recommend making a template piece and making copies at a print shop. I bought a bulk deal of toner on line and use my own printer.
3.IMPORTANT: Use OpenOffice Impact font, set at 96 pt. The setting prints the largest possible size characters across the width of an 8.5” page. I haven't found anything else that will work. You can download OpenOffice for free at: http://www.openoffice.org/
4. Cut the page into banner strips and remove excess paper from bottom of page.
5. Tape or staple strips on a utility pole at head level where they can be seen. The letters can be read from about 40 feet away.
6. Important: Law enforcement may not be enthusiastic about this exercise of free speech. A good rule of thumb is to place banners where there are already items on poles, like band advertisements. Or, use guerrilla tactics and don't get caught. Unless you have prearranged legal support, I do not recommend placing yourself in jeopardy with the police. You have the right to do this, but that may not matter in your local courts.
7. Have fun! This is an effective tactic for exposing the unexposed people to the evidence and existence of the 911 Truth movement.

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corrected banner

First line of banner reads: INSIDE JOB
Second line reads: 911TRUTH.ORG

Good idea

Although I encourage you to use "9/11" instead of "911". (except in domain names, filenames, etc.)

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