Defenders of 9/11 Official Story Call on Daily Kos for Help!

Defenders of 9/11 Official Story Call on Daily Kos for Help!
by kia ora
Fri May 11, 2007 at 05:39:24 AM PDT

This is actually quite humorous:

A website calling itself 'Screw Loose Change' which is dedicated to challenging a popular 9/11 video 'Loose Change', has posted a call to Markos, Kossacks and liberal bloggers everywhere to actively fight and debunk those questioning the official story on 9/11.

In a post entitled "Coddling the Deniers" Pat Coley writes:

Liberal bloggers need to get involved as well. We've applauded blogs like the Daily Kos for its policy of banning 9-11 Truth diaries, but that's no longer adequate. Kos needs to encourage his front page bloggers to tackle the matter head on, and demand that liberal politicians begin responding more forcefully to debunk the kooks.

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Why exactly does the official story need defending? Didn't we have a 9/11 Commission to take care of all the questions? I mean we know Kean and Hamilton admit that it was a whitewash, but still is this really necessary?

Apparently so. Coley is afraid that more and more are questioning the official story on 9/11:

"Democrats need to be more forceful about denouncing this craziness, because 9-11 Denial seems to be growing ..."

Apparently this new poll which shows 35% of Dems believe Bush Knew has caused a panic of sorts. And with John Edwards recently making a comment about looking into the collapse of World Trade Center 7 there seems to be concern that the Dems could use this as part of their platform. And we've already known about Dennis Kucinich's position on this issue.

But the big question here is why would he call on Kossacks specifically to defend the official story? Is it simply because of the 'no 9/11 CT diaries' rule here or does he really think most of us here believe the official story?

Maybe it would be instructional to look at some Daily Kos Polls taken over the past year or so. Like this one, or this one. Here. And here. There are these two - one and two and this one here. Don't forget this one. And this one had huge numbers. And here. And here. This one. And another. This poll. And this poll. And this poll. I could go on, but I think you get the point.

Almost every poll I could find on DKos over the past year shows huge majority support for further investigation into the events of 9/11.

Isn't this a bit like asking Robert Kennedy to get on board with the Warren Commission?

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911 Truth Ends War

I was wondering why this wasn't posted the other day. I guess I just missed the post. Shit happens. Anyway, I think it's an important indicator to know groups like Screw Loose Change are actually trying to garner support for the Official Conspiracy Theory. Imagine that, people are having trouble believing what our government is telling us about 9/11.