Kill The Messenger: The Sibel Edmonds Story

I thought...

This was a very good movie. It was nice to see the reference to the Congressional Briefing, the drilling of the holes in the 9/11 Report (Sibel's being just one), and Sibel referring to the Commission as "fraudulent."

It's Not The Crime That Kills You, But The Cover-Up

About 20 min...

.. have been edited out, likely so as to fit into an hour of TeeVee.

Over all, it still conveys the important arch... that this "government" and it's kleptocratic friends... do it all. Drug running, money laundering, weapons running... and probably too-close-for-comfort... terror running.


That's a shame. Does the longer version get more into the relationship between Israel and Pakistan?

It's Not The Crime That Kills You, But The Cover-Up

I thought you meant "shame on this government"...

... but that too.

Actually, this version simply raced through and cut away more of the arty 'film maker' stuff. This version shouldn't/couldn't win many festival awards by comparison to the original Directors Cut which takes its time and expands on many of the individual parts shown here. (So I've heard, Matt and Jean are jetting the globe picking up ribbons left and right.)

If anything is REALLY missing... it is how much deeper the hole can go.

For all of my prior-release bitching... I still have to give credit to the makers AND Sibel, for saying what HAS been said so far. To reiterate a pet subject of my own, the one I've nagged on about, is simply the caution I still wish to convey to everyone who may benefit from it: Information, knowledge and "truth" are precious and priceless commodities very hard to get ones hands on and hold. Within the free market of ideas between humanKind, bastards have only one weapon left to them... shitting in the community well.

Lucky for us Kind, even bastards need to drink sometimes. Maybe they'll eventually get a taste of the water themselves, and reconsider being bastards in the first place.

If I could...

If this internet release was unauthorized...

... as it may have been, the producers and prospective mass and Main Stream distributors should be delighted to hear that, Jon.

I know for a fact, as a local friend and I tried to 'sell' them on a hybrid concept inspired by Steal This Film, they were apprehensive six months ago about the idea. Maybe this is authorized-unauthorized... so as to get the info out, and STILL reward with food and clothes coin for the efforts needed to get it out.

If you like it... send a dollar to each film's maker.

thanks jon

was looking forward to seeing this film.

Same judge as OKC, Plame

According to 911CitizensWatch (sorry, I could only find a cached version), the federal judge who presided over Edmonds' case, Reggie Walton, also presided over the Plame case and an Oklahoma City bombing case:

"Some may remember the hoopla over alleged connections between the Oklahoma City bombings and Iraq . Now, without going into the nuts and bolts of this particular story, an Oklahoma City lawyer named Mike Johnston, aided by Larry Klayman of Judicial Watch, filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of victims of the Oklahoma City bombing. They sought to obtain FBI files which they felt had been purposely withheld from defense attorneys in the McVeigh trial.

The suit was dismissed in July of 2002 on a technicality. The presiding judge in the decision was none other than Reggie Walton."

Walton was appointed by Bush the Elder.

Somebody please let Sibel Edmonds speak. It's killing me.

I call...

Not so fast, Jon.

I can think of at least two possible shenanigans, and it's not your low voting friends.

Timing, like three day old fish... or, an over-professed duty yet the smell of rotting flesh is just too overwhelming to square.

Sibel's story may be a tragedy after all, and never to be the ticker-tape dreamt up by Mr. Rose... if so, it will be a double tragedy for ironically, they allowed money and codified statutes to cloud their hearts while crying a river.

In this case, I do have just a bit more trust in the community here to reflect a kind of subconscious apprehension toward giving up-votes to this three day old fish with a funny odor. Basically, I can't hold against them.


What? English please. Are you comparing Sibel or the movie to "three day old fish with a funny odor?" Are you still focused on David Rose in spite of the letter that Sibel sent?

It's Not The Crime That Kills You, But The Cover-Up

Step up, Jon...

I'm being nice. I could rail against "the Sibel story" as I've come to know it, yet I continue giving every benefit to her I can.

This story is a lead balloon... for one reason, or another.

Is it someone "too good to be real", telling a story "too atrocious to be believed"?

Is it an immature resentment over a foreign crew doing something that We should have done?

Is it more skepticism than can be surmounted, no matter how important it may be to look into such a narrative?

Is it David, Matt, Ray, SIbel, you, me, my dog????

Yes, the story of Sibel has picked up a smell. To my nose, even with as much optimism and gut-felt trust I have for Sibel... I still smell too much drama, too much image, too much 'management' through too much telling and not enough listening... and virtually no substantive feedback, growth, evolution, nor contextual integration with other DEVELOPING parts of the world views around us.

Please consider, I'm trying to hold myself and those around me to a much higher standard than the bastards who shit upon our doorstep. People like Dick, General Myers, Rummy, boy George and all their small minded circle-jerk friends are much less an obstacle in my opinion, than We who still clumsily struggle to express in words and deeds our hopes and dreams for a better world. We are Underdogs in a 'setup' of inequity.

It is We, I loyally challenge, to search for and locate NEW ideas more divorced from the bad examples of bastard's "leadership". It is we and only we genuinely worthy of doing so. As bastards show their colors more blatantly, simultaneously we are handicapped through shear momentum of our prior apathy... and the bastards are proud of that, and even emboldened. We risk a negative feedback loop being sustained if we fail to overcome our own.

Notice, Jon... few others but you and I are still talking about Sibel under the 911Blogger umbrella. I suspect there could be some deeply legitimate reason[s] for that. Time will tell.

I disagree...

I smell nothing except a pungant odor of fear from those who may be affected by what Sibel has to say. Sibel is discussed in MANY of my circles outside of For the most part, focuses on Controlled Demolition. Probably about 70-80% of the posts have to do with Controlled Demolition. I wish that wasn't the case, but unfortunately it is. Lately, a lot of's posts have had to do with activism, which is a good thing. I am grateful for Luke Ryland's write-ups. I wish more people would see the importance of Sibel's story, and I hope that people like you who were on her bandwagon at one time, don't jump off just because of "immature resentment ." How can you say there has been "virtually no substantive feedback, growth, evolution, nor contextual integration with other DEVELOPING parts of the world views around us" when in fact, Valerie Plame is mentioned in a light I had never seen before in this movie? Or Israel and Pakistan's relationship which I have heard little about? Apparently there is some resentment between you and the makers of this film. I don't really understand it. I'm grateful to any filmmaker that tackles 9/11, or different aspects of it.

And if you think there are no "shenanigans" going on with the "low-voters", you are SORELY mistaken.

It's Not The Crime That Kills You, But The Cover-Up

Most all good points, Jon:

(If I could be more self-depreciating, if only to assure you AND/OR myself, that my ego was in check... I invite you or anyone else to suggest how I might.)

However, please allow me to ramble just a bit more:

a) Sibel contends a "fraudulent 9/11 Commission", a corrupted FBI, DOJ, CIA and so forth.

b) Likewise, the central pillars remaining of the boiled-down broth-base of the 9/11 truth movement, tell us that this government lies.

So far, we are as tight as the proverbial knot of hypnotic 9/11 truth denial, cognitively inverted by the event itself.

a) She offers one of the deepest and detail-intensive looks inside a criminal-ocracy posing as "Governments" that the public world might have ever seen to date.

b) As for 9/11 researchers, we seem to fully allow in our minds that humanities' worst, would delight in dressing up and "leading" as if its best.

Again, we're equal parts in all respects.

a) She tells, confirmed by a heavy coalition company of Fellows with Intelligence Community credentials (damn, her shoulders must hurt! And I mean that.)... of a secular human evil running every illicit thing possible to incapacitate, launder and kill the humble and weakest among us. Again, don't forget this same evil poses as Security and Protector... thus the most insidious evil devised by Man.

b) An Inside Job sure IS spooky, dark and VERY hard to imagine by those least likely to envision themselves in such shoes. That being the MOST of us, save for "all those crazily independent 9/11 conspiracy theorists".

Now here we go. Supposedly, at the roots of both 9/11truth and Sibeltruth... there seems to exist a profound lack of fear needed to consider, examine and ultimately face down such an evil... or die trying. Hardly strikes me as either group overtaken by a paralyzing apprehension towards truth mining for a new humanity renaissance.

Hummmmm.... seems like a match made in Heaven, on Earth. Yet at least one is now demure. (the only remaining caveat I can imagine for EITHER, is that one of us could be wrong. What could that be? Otherwise, we'll move on for now.)

So it's just the tango of love, right? Darn it, if even the bravest among us aren't still a bit scared of a little love.