Proof That Homeland Security Was Formed PRIOR to 9/11

Proof That Homeland Security Was Formed PRIOR to 9/11 - LINK - Tony Snow admits on Fox News on September 11, 2001 that DHS ("Homeland Defense") was a newly-created organization BEFORE 9/11, slated to receive a large influx of funding in a time of budget cuts at the Pentagon.

That's interesting

However, I'm not surprised. This should be looked into by someone. (but probably will not)

I also find it interesting how he seems to not only state, but emphasize, the qualifier "by an airliner" preceded by "...the part of the Pentagon that was struck today...".

Either we don't have any "Woodward and Bernstein's" around today, or they know if they tried something like that now they would "accidentally die".

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"Office of Homeland Defense"

It was just an office within the Pentagon. Still, it shows that the idea of "Vaterland Sicherheit" was around before 9/11, and he says the Office was about to get lots of funding.