Some basic ideas that we should all be thinking about and try to agree on

1) What we already have:

We have terrific leaders--Griffin, Tarpley, Zwicker, Jones, Ryan, Hoffman, etc.

We have fantastic PR--Videos, photos, papers, essays

We have great slogans--9-11 Truth, 9-11 Was an Inside Job, etc.

We have the truth--And we can express it in simple terms, e.g. the collapse times completely refute the official story

We have the internet--And we dominate it!

2) What we need:

Focus on a clear outcome--New Congressional investigation (best would be a special prosecutor)

Keep the basic argument more or less the same--The official story is wrong and therefore we need a new investigation.

More pressure on mainstream institutions--academics, media, Congress, religious groups

Keep the energy growing--keep going with the blogs, the signs, the grass-roots, talking to people, etc.

Continued discussion of the facts and details of the case (avoid having these detract from the main public message)

3) What we should avoid:

Fighting among ourselves, name-calling, being egotistical, being insulting to those who disagree with us

Going into a public forum (TV, discussion group, radio, etc.) without being prepared and/or without making the basic goal of the movement clear (new investigation); not making the basic argument clear (The official story is wrong and therefore we need a new investigation.)

Being too complex or wordy in discussions in front of the public

Being too quiet!

9-11 is a one in a million chance for deep political change. Let's use it as effectively as we can.

keep on motoring

Nice to see you took the knocks and kept on going :).

I wrote a proposal to initiate an investigation coz of your other blog entry

New Investigation = New Whitewash

Break me a fucking give. Who's going to do the inquest?
Hillary? Barack? Mitt? Amy Goodman?
The system is corrupt. Any system-led remedy is going to be, at best, a scapegoating scandal.
Every member of congress is complicit, and there's no mechanism provided "within the system" by which to impeach the entire congress.
If your goal is a new investigation, you might as well shoot for the stars and try to get a hot meal and a free dvd out of these people.

Then propose something

Then propose something better.
A complaint with no constructive proposal is useless.
Next time we will watch them very carefully.
This is the US political process, and short of a revolution which you will not get, this is the only way to move forward.
If you have a better idea, what is it?

Jesus Christ, is it not obvious?

Why is it something I "will not get?" Because you're afraid?
Well, without it, there is no moving forward. So, it's time for you to shed your expectation that some bureaucratic body will take care of everything for you. That is what will never happen. It's either take things into your (our) own hands, or just sit back and see what happens.
My "proposition": get rid of the Fed. Is that going to happen without--you know what?

But Mr. Id:

Alvin R makes a very important point.

Because even your retort "get rid of the FED", is not a solution alone in itself.

Return the Money system to the Congress, or better yet The People... is getting closer to a solution.

People WILL trade the shithole for a grassy field, instantly... but if you don't point it out the grass, and just keep telling them they're sitting in shit... they're more likely to just throw some at you.

We ARE tasked with searching for more that simple facts and the ugly truth about 9/11. It is upon our shoulders to conjure the solution and offer it simultaneously as we remind our friends and family that we're walking into a living nightmare.

We have little choice, but to take our skill set learned here in the "truth movement", and imagine the solutions into being. There are few other people capable, and even fewer worthy of suggesting the possible 'new' realities.

Before you advocate for a revolution, try all alternatives

Hi Mr Id

You are correct that a new investigation can just lead to a whitewash. This is why any new investigation must be initiated and monitored by the truth movement.

At the time of the 9-11 Commission, the truth movement was in its infancy, now there are more truthers around with a network of communications that is very quick to react to new developments. Although the number of truthers is not yet optimal, I think there are enough to make a visible impact if only it would get a bit more organized.

Please check out the link at the bottom. It contains my vision of how to initiate and influence a Congressional Investigation.

I am not naive to think that an investigation, even one initiated by the truth movement will succeed. It may, it may not. But I think we can still use the effort to advance our other goals such as to increase the number of truthers and to gain visibility in the media. I have other reasons for it in here:

Lastly, if the initiative for an investigation is thwarted by politicians, then it would make it perfectly clear that a peaceful revolution is necessary. When you do move to that phase, it would be nice to know, and have on record, that you have tried all other alternatives before you chose that.

Support a Congressional Investigation of 9-11


I will be dating myself here

I will be dating myself here but I was alive and very active during the anti-war movement of the 1960s.
Emotions ran much higher then than now, and there were many huge demonstrations.
At that time there were also a fair number who called for revolution. Basically, they spent their emotions on complaining and otherwise being ineffective and/or violent. In fact, the movement positively ground to halt right after some SDS (Students for a Democratic Society) people blew off a bomb at the University of Wisconsin, killing one entriely innocent physics researcher (who might be on our side today had he lived).
Revolutions are violent, nasty, unjust, and usually lead to worse conditions than before.
What is needed in the USA is a revolution in consciousness, not a violent one.
We have a good enough system. It does not work very well right now because it is clogged with psychotic boot-lickers, money, and all the other usual suspects. But it is workable.
We will be inifinitely more successful if we focus our energy on using/reforming the system we now have. All we need to do is watch them, speak up, keep going, don't back down, and refrain from wasting energy by wandering off in emotional or counter-productive directions.
Clinton will be starting some fake probe into 9/11 in June. As planned, it amounts to nothing. But there will be hearings and there will be press and there will be opportunities to advance the very practical agenda of getting a real investigation into 9/11 ASAP.

leaders? no way.

We have comrades. Some of those comrades are more accomplished than we are. No one has elected any of these people, no matter how great, to any position of authority or leadership over anyone else. Their work, like ours, should stand on its own, and the rest of us can choose to follow or not. leaders got us into this mess, independent thinking and action will get us out.


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


OK, de facto leaders. I

OK, de facto leaders.
I basically agree with what you are saying, but all mass movements coalesce around a few individuals, who come to symbolize the cause/goals and are accepted as "leaders" by most.
This is a very human thing and there is nothing wrong with it.
I agree that we all need to keep thinking and acting on our own and that we should be careful about putting anyone up too high, but there will always be some sort of "leader/symbol" type out there.
For my tastes, Griffin is the main man right now. His background, demeanor, intelligence, and speaking style are simply superb. We must be careful not to rely too much on him, or others, but we should also be willing to use his influence in wholesome and effective ways.