Vancouver 9/11 Truth Conference - how to get here, where to stay etc now posted on our website

Information about Vancouver B.C., how to get here and where to stay is now posted on our website ... including how to get to Vancouver from the USA without a passport!

Stop the 'War on Tourism'! ... attend our conference!

Conference Info page and ticket reservations:

Vancouver Info, Travel, Accommodations

Canadians especially should reserve tickets now and be onboard the 'Great Canadian 9/11 Truth Snowball' that is rolling accross Canada and heading straight for Ottawa! (we are even making a documentary about the 9/11 truth movement in Canada which you can be a part of !)

Heads up Stephen Harper and Parliament of Canada! We are waking up this country one person, one town, one city and province at a time, and there will be no place left to hide when the avalanche rolls in.

9/11 Truth Now! Out of Aghanistan Now! Stop the DU Now! Stop the NAU now! Stop the NWO now!