by Paul Levy

...The terrorists we are fighting are not external terrorists, but domestic terrorists who have taken over our government, the very institution which is supposedly protecting us from terrorists. The barbarians have truly stormed the gates and occupy the seats of power. The underlying military-industrial-financial crime syndicate that controls our government is a true terrorist organization.which rules through the creation of terror. The “global war on terrorism” is not a war “on” terrorism, it is a war “of” terrorism...

If terrorists themselves had infiltrated our government and taken control of our country, they could not have done worse damage to our once great nation than George Bush and his regime have accomplished. Bush is just the latest incarnation - in amplified form - of self-serving, darker forces that have progressively insinuated themselves into our government over many administrations. Like his predecessors, Bush is a finger-puppet of the underlying financial-military-industrial crime syndicate that has animated and controlled our government for many years.

In their most incredible fantasy, no external terrorist with suicide bombs or box cutters could have ever imagined being able to eviscerate the United States in the way that the Bush administration has. What the people and corporations controlling the White House have done in reaction to the seemingly external threat of terrorism - which they themselves have purposefully helped to create - is truly staggering. The forces that control our government have fanned the flames of global terrorism, deliberately creating a clash of civilizations between the Christian west and the Islamic world so as to further their political and military agenda. In addition, they have shredded the constitution, are in the process of taking away our freedoms, and are turning the U.S. towards a fascist, police state. They have started illegal, preemptive wars – the number one war crime according to international law - that were from the beginning based on lies, greed and imperial lust. As far back as 1967, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. called the US “the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today”. Sadly, this is even more true today. These criminals who have taken over our government have broken both domestic and international law, ruined our international reputation and standing in the world, alienated us from our long-time allies, and have turned the overwhelming majority of the world, who now consider us to be the biggest threat to world peace, against us. They have just about broken our military, corrupted our voting system, incapacitated our legal system, greatly harmed our social services, health-care, arts and education, “redistributed” (i.e., stole) wealth from the poor to the rich, emptied our treasury and are destroying our economy (which is now on life-support, fully dependent on foreign countries for its survival). As a result of their utter recklessness, they have plunged us into literally unimaginable debt (which is a form of slavery) that will take generations to pay off. They have shortsightedly raped and pillaged the environment for financial gain. These madmen and women have not only ignored but forcefully obstructed actions that would have helped deal with global warming. Incredible as it is to consider, they themselves are actively participating in creating global warming and destroying the biosphere (the life-support system of the planet), like some sort of a self-destructive, death-creating, apocalyptic cult. Investing in technologies of destruction instead of creation, they are true agents of death. Instead of doing what it alone is in a position to do: bring the era of nuclear weaponry to an end, our government has instead taken actions to “heat up” the nuclear arms race. This is to not even mention Katrina, depleted uranium, and torture, as the seemingly endless list of ongoing nightmares perpetrated by our very government truly challenges the imagination.

And of course, this is to not even think about mentioning 9/11. Does anyone in their right mind truly think that the same planetary pirates that are in the process of destroying our country from within are not also behind 9/11 and its cover-up? To quote retired Air Force colonel Guy S. Razer, “The attack on 9/11 was planned, organized and committed by treasonous perpetrators that have infiltrated the highest levels of our government”. Who else do we possibly think has both the motive as well as the capability to simultaneously perpetrate and cover-up what happened on 9/11?

One of the reasons why this is hard to see is because these global terrorists are committing such unspeakable acts that we have trouble even imagining that any other human would do such horrible things. Our lack of imagination works to the terrorist’s advantage, as what they are doing is so off the charts of normal human behavior that it is incomprehensible to us, which is the very blind spot that allows them to get away with it.

This is why the great doctor of the soul C. G. Jung counseled us to consciously develop an “imagination for evil”. Instead of an overly one-sided identification with the light side of the personality, developing an imagination for evil is a way to inwardly realize, through the use of our creative imagination, our own, and by extension, others, potential for evil. As Jung points out, lacking an imagination for evil “deprives us of the capacity to deal with evil.” Once we wrap our imagination around the utter evil that is being perpetrated in our world, we are much more effectively empowered to deal with it.

We hadn’t seen the depth of the evil being acted out before because it was so overwhelmingly transparent, (i.e., not hidden) that we didn’t see it, as if it was staring us in the face and we were looking away. Our turning away in denial was a reflection of our avoiding relationship with a darker, previously unimagined aspect of ourselves.

Once we see clearly, it could not be more obvious that 9/11, one of the worst war-crimes in all of history, was an “opportunity” which was only able to be successfully pulled off, covered up and capitalized on by the same financial-military-industrial crime syndicate which has taken over our government and is trying to extend its tentacles to the furthest reaches of the planet. If you think that I am exaggerating or being paranoid when I point this out, I would respond by inviting you to open your eyes, explore the evidence – which is right in front of your eyes – and look at what is actually being done in your name (see 911truth.org). U.S. political and military documents openly proclaim that the establishment of an empire that includes the whole world - a fascist global Pax Americana - is their goal.

It is as if virulent parasites have insinuated themselves into the body politic of our nation and are consuming it from within. Speaking from a spiritual point of view, eminent theologian David Ray Griffin says, “…demonic power is now firmly lodged in the United States, especially in its government, its corporate heads, the ‘defense’ industries, its plutocratic [wealthy] class more generally, and its ideologues.” These psychopaths who have taken control of our government are the worst terrorists imaginable; they are truly our worst nightmare materializing into physical form!

It is truly mind-blowing, in that it literally blows the “blind”-ers off of our minds when we realize the extremity of the madness and criminality that the latest incarnation, the George W. Bush regime, in the supposed name of freedom and democracy, has been able to implement, or more accurately, perpetrate in our name (please see my book “The Madness of George W. Bush: A Reflection of our Collective Psychosis”, available on my website www.awakeninthedream.com). To the extent that we believe ourselves to be disempowered and remain silent, we have allowed this evil to be done both in our name and to us, which is to say we are complicit in our own enslavement. It is far more than allowing our pockets to be picked. It is like enabling someone who is stealing our national soul. Just like in a dysfunctional home suffering from abuse, the violence in the family system (in this case, our nation) is only possible if the rest of the family members (US) tacitly agree to keep silent and stay passive, which is to say we are all thereby complicit in allowing the abuse to happen.

The forces that have taken over our country are actually global terrorists who rule by creating terror, intimidating and subjugating people through fear, all under the guise of their (mafia-like) “protection” being for our own good. The pirates who have taken over our government are not interested in governing, but are only interested in feeding their unquenchable addiction for power, control and booty. These criminally and morally insane people are literally trying to centralize power and control on our planet so as to exert full-spectrum dominance. Psychologically speaking, they are embodying the negative, testosterone-driven patriarchal ego amplified to a pathological extreme, as they literally try to attain omnipotence as a compensation for their own inner fear, weakness and insecurity. Malignant narcissists on steroids, these criminals are trying to create a New World Order and literally take over the planet as a perverse way of avoiding having to consciously deal with their own unconscious inadequacies.

What is happening is hard to see because it is so overwhelming that it literally gives us a “shock” of realizing the “awe”-full ness of the darker side of humanity, which is to say, of what any of us are potentially capable. It’s so sci-fi that it’s hard to believe it’s really happening. It feels like being in some sort of hyper-dimensional, Star Wars-type movie which has the extra mind-blowing feature that we ourselves are in the very movie that we are watching. It truly has the feel of an invasion from a parallel universe.

To think that the notion that terrorists – literally planetary pirates (see my article “Bush: Planetary Pirate”, available on my website www.awakeninthedream.com) - are trying to take over our planet is a paranoid conspiracy theory is to be truly ignorant (which means to “not know”) of what is actually happening, and to be in denial with a capitol “D” with regards to reality. I don’t mean to be impolite when I say this, it’s just that there’s no time to waste in beating around the bush. To think that this is a crazy conspiracy theory is analogous to being sound asleep while our house is being ransacked. We mustn’t be complacent, we can’t just naively depend upon some off-planet deity for our salvation, as we ourselves are responsible for how things turn out. Which is to say that we must find the divine power within ourselves to effectively and creatively respond to our predicament.

The terrorists we are fighting are not external terrorists, but domestic terrorists who have taken over our government, the very institution which is supposedly protecting us from terrorists. The barbarians have truly stormed the gates and occupy the seats of power. The underlying military-industrial-financial crime syndicate that controls our government is a true terrorist organization.which rules through the creation of terror. The “global war on terrorism” is not a war “on” terrorism, it is a war “of” terrorism. It is truly shattering, inducing a form of post-traumatic-stress disorder, to realize that those who are supposedly protecting us are the ones from whom we need protection. And yet, it is a form of trauma that can potentially so “shake us up” that it can snap us out of our fear-based, frozen paralysis and can trigger mobilization, inspiring us into empowered action. Paradoxically, the trauma itself activates a response in us which is both utterly traumatic while simultaneously being able to bring about its own creative resolution. How the trauma manifests depends on us: whether it deepens our pathological denial, or awakens us to a deeper, more expansive level of our creative being, depends upon what we do with it.

Symbolically, it is significant when the darker forces incarnate as an intimate member of our own family system (in this case, our nation). Seen as a dreaming process – an inner process materializing itself both literally and symbolically through events in the outer world – the fact that the enemy we are fighting is not outside of us but within our very homeland symbolizes that these darker forces are not separate from ourselves. For example, Judas incarnating as one of Christ’s intimate disciples is symbolically expressing this same deeper, archetypal truth: our true enemy is not a distant enemy, but an intimate enemy. Seen symbolically, what this means is that the seemingly outer enemy is actually an embodied reflection of the adversary within ourselves.

This mythic process of overcoming the intimate enemy within has played itself out from time immemorial, or more accurately, since the birth of “civilization”, both inwardly in our psyche and outwardly in the projected (i.e., “dreamed up”) form of world events. This underlying mythic drama has reiteratively unfolded itself, fractal-like, all throughout history in multiple dimensions simultaneously – intrapersonally (individually), interpersonally (in relationship), and transpersonally (collectively). All of these different levels are mirrored reflections of each other, as well as of a deeper, archetypal process which is currently making itself known to us as it appears in externalized, projected form by incarnating in, as and through events on the world stage. As Jung continually pointed out, the unconscious always gets projected out and approaches us from seemingly outside of ourselves, where it both literally and symbolically gets dreamed up into materialization.

What is happening in our country and our world is synchronistically revealing to us a process that is going on deep inside all of us. What is playing out in the world theater is a cosmic drama that exists deep within the collective psyche of humanity. Darker forces trying to “take over” and possess someone (be it an individual, a home, a nation, or a planet) is a mythic, eternal and recurring drama that exists deep inside the collective unconscious and has played itself out in this world in nearly infinite variations. Only in this moment in time, however, do these darker forces have it within their grasp to potentially accomplish their evil intentions on a grand scale that was previously unimaginable. The only thing that can get in their way is if enough of us wake up and see what they are doing – which is to say, if enough consciousness is added to the mix. Just like a vampire can’t stand the light, these darker forces cannot stand the light of consciousness. “The global war on terror” is a war on consciousness. Because it can potentially expand our consciousness, the war on consciousness is itself the very catalyst and instrument for consciousness to awaken to itself (see my article “The War on Consciousness”, available on my website www.awakeninthedream.com).

Something is being made available to us because of the extremity of our situation: this deeper, mythic process that is playing itself out on the world stage is revealing something to us that is most important for us to know. To recognize what is being revealed is itself the necessary expansion of consciousness which initiates the re-solution of our world crisis. For when enough of us recognize what is being revealed, we can connect with each other through the open heart of lucid awareness and literally change the world for the better.


This deeper, archetypal process that is giving shape to and in-forming events in our world is expressing itself like a fractal, which is to say in and over time it endlessly, creatively manifests itself in unique self-similar and reiterative patterns. Jung recommended to us that we develop more of the aforementioned imagination for evil as a way of seeing and dealing with the archetypal evil that is playing out destructively in our world. To get a better sense of our situation, we can view our country and our planet to be our home (which it is). To get in focus the deeper pattern of the darkness that is fractally explicating itself collectively in our country and our world, we can creatively imagine, if just for a moment, what it would be like if psychopathic criminals took over our home to the point where they had power over us.

Having hijacked our home, these pirates abuse their power without restraint simply because no one can stop them. It is like being invaded by imperialistic aliens who are trying to “colonize” our home and make us one of their territories. These terrorists rule by fear, by force, by violence – truly a reign of terror (interestingly, this sounds very similar to what I imagine the typical Iraqi’s experience is of the foreign invaders who are currently occupying their homeland). The emotion of terror that these criminals actively inflame in the field as they invade our home feeds their virulent pathology, as if they are parasitic vampires who feed off of others’ fear and terror.

These criminals sole intention would be to gain power and control over all of our minds, our bodies, and our lives as fully as possible. Imagine if these criminals had us under their control to the point where they made the rules of the house in secret, and they continually changed the rules so as to serve their own agenda, which was the opposite agenda of what best served the family (US). Imagine if these criminals controlled the money that flowed through the household, to the point where they could control how all of the affairs of the house were set up, as well as how each member ran their life. Imagine if these pirates controlled the information that flowed through the family, monitoring any and all communication, so as to control perceptions and manipulate the family member’s psyches and relationships with each other.

When there is a family system that is ruled by terror and abuse, a very powerful psychological field of denial gets conjured up over time which induces an unspoken agreement to never talk about the abuse. There becomes a group consensus to deny the horror of what is actually taking place (for then we’d have to deal with it). Commenting on this situation, dramatist Harold Pinter says “The crimes of the U.S. throughout the world have been systematic, constant, clinical, remorseless and fully documented but nobody talks about them”. Of course, this silence is supported and facilitated by the abusers clamping down on any family member’s expression of the truth with the threat of severe retribution (for example, Joseph Wilson and Valerie Plame), as the criminals try to furiously stamp out the brush-fire of truth that exists in potential at every moment in the household. Once under these psychopaths control, breaking the vow of silence and speaking the voice of truth in our own home becomes a radical, revolutionary act that is demonized and punished accordingly, for it is the very thing that can put an end to their reign of terror.

Imagine if these terrorists diabolically created separation, division and mistrust between family members, completely polarizing people into two conflicting camps (red vs. blue), manipulated people’s feelings about each other, and literally turned the family against itself. In a truly crazy-making, Orwellian world of Big Brother watching us, family member’s start becoming paranoid and policing each other (“please report any suspicious activity!”). Imagine they created a sense of us vs. them, compared to the underlying unity and love that naturally is expressed in a healthy family. Imagine if they created such scarcity and poverty in the home that all members had to work most of the day, like slaves, having little free time for connection, creative expression and learning, play or contemplative thinking. Prisoners in our own home, we are slavishly forced into becoming indentured servants of the pathological family system, which is the very act which both supports the terrorists who lord over us and feeds our own genocide.

If “spiritual, new-age lightworkers” are averse to envisioning such a dark scenario, as they don’t want to feed the darkness by putting their attention on it, and continue to insist on solely visualizing the light, I will point out that in their avoidance of what is actually happening they are unwittingly reinforcing the very evil from which they are looking away. It’s a beautiful thing to visualize and affirm the light, just not as an unconscious reaction against the darkness. It is true that we don’t want to focus on the dark too much, or we invest it with power and energy. But looking away from the darkness, and thus keeping it unconscious, is what the darkness itself depends upon for its existence, for as we unconsciously react (as compared to consciously respond) to the darkness by looking away, we are investing the darkness with power over us. On the other hand, we create genuine peace not by turning away from the darkness out of fear, but by becoming instruments through which the radiant light of consciousness shines on the darkness, so as to dis-spell its apparent power over us.

Our current situation is nothing new, as it is a timeless, archetypal process that has played itself out in and over time not only throughout history but as the warp and weave of history itself. The thing which makes our situation unique is that the danger has never been so great, while at the same time there is an incredible opportunity offered – make that, demanded of us - as the gravitas of our situation can potentially catapult us into a deeper level of awakening to who we are as creative agents of the divine.


What I am describing in this imagination of our home being taken over is the very real nightmarish situation that is happening on a grander scale in the family systems called our country and our world. Developing Jung’s imagination for evil and creatively visualizing the utter trauma of what it would be like if our home was being taken over can help “shock” us into recognizing the reality of our imagination, which is simultaneously a deeper level of awakening. What a radical idea – creatively imagining what is actually happening as a way of helping us see. Of course, this is only a prescription for people who have a strong enough sense of self to be able to bear the shock and not be overwhelmed with despair, which would only leave them no help either to themselves or others. Paradoxically, trauma contains encoded within itself the hidden key to its own resolution.

Many people are in denial because our situation is so horrifying. Not only is there no benefit in denying what is taking place, but our denial is the very thing which allows the darkness to act itself out in our world without restraint. Our denial is the very act which both conjures up and is itself an expression of the very evil we are denying. We can’t pretend or magically affirm the darkness out of existence. We are in no position to deal with our situation effectively until we see clearly what is actually happening. We can’t wake up from a nightmare if we don’t see that we are in a nightmare. When enough of us wake up, however, we can connect with each other in lucidity and change the waking dream we are having. Of this, there is no doubt.

When I continually unfold my imagination of our home being taken over, I notice something interesting. At a certain point, I find myself creatively imagining how we can free ourselves in ways that I couldn’t previously have imagined. It is only when I get into focus the trap that is happening do I begin to be able to creatively envision the way out of the trap in surprising and new ways. This is why it is so profoundly important for us to step out of our denial and see the nature of our situation. Once we see what is in fact happening, we can access the empowered part of us that is able to creatively, and imaginatively act. I find myself imagining that we can easily connect with each other in both covert and overt ways so as to awaken and mobilize our collective creative genius and God-given power so as to skillfully take back possession of our homeland and return it to being in the hands of “we the people” for the good of all of us.

Through the shared, open heart of lucidity, we can conjure up an energy that is greater than the sum of its parts, which is to say greater than ourselves. When we step out of our fear-based, separate and narcissistic selves and get in synch with each other based on the intention to serve what is best for the whole, a transpersonal and “divine” energy becomes available to us: the three-faced jewel of love, wisdom and compassion. We become the channels for this sacred, divine and “blessed” energy to materialize itself into the third-dimension. Just like when enough dreamers in a dream become lucid they can transform the dream, when enough of us lucidly connect with each other through the open heart of love, wisdom and compassion, we can change the world. This God-given power is being freely offered to us, and everything depends upon if we recognize and make wise use of what is being revealed.

Seen as a dreaming process, taking back our home – which symbolically represents our sacred space - is to literally step into and awaken to ourselves. Seen as a dream, the terrorists themselves are the very figures that we have dreamed up so as to force us to empower ourselves and awaken to this deeper level of our being. The terrorists in our waking nightmare are nothing other than a mirrored reflection and externalized, embodied revelation of the archetypal terrorist who exists within ourselves. Once we recognize this, we awaken to that the true adversary is the intimate enemy who lives within us. This is to begin the process of integrating all of ourselves, which includes both light and dark in its greater wholeness.

Withdrawing our projection of the terrorist from the outside world and understanding and embracing it as a part of ourselves empowers us to deal with external terrorists more effectively, as well as having less need to dream up someone to terrorize us. Awakening to the dark, intimate enemy within us is to simultaneously access and awaken a deeper part of the organic, divine light within us, which, just like a dream, instantaneously gets reflected back by the outside world. Penetrating into and recognizing our own darkness is a genuine illumination, affecting the whole universe. Like a fairy tale or a dream, it all seems like a script written a long, long time ago.

Paul Levy is an artist and a spiritually-informed political activist. A pioneer in the field of spiritual awakening, he is a healer in private practice, assisting others who are also awakening to the dream-like nature of reality. He is the author of “The Madness of George Bush: A Reflection of Our Collective Psychosis,” which is available at his website www.awakeninthedream.com. Please feel free to pass this article along to a friend if you feel so inspired. You can contact Paul at paul@awakeninthedream.com; he looks forward to your reflections.

Have to admit, he appears to

Have to admit, he appears to understand Jung better than I ever attempted to. Very interesting. And he is right, of course.

"There are none so hoplessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free." (Goethe)


I think he's right too. But the level of responsibility that each one of us must be willing to take will scare off all but the bravest. When we learn just how powerful our creative mind is, we will be free to change what we're creating at will. Isn't anything less settling for Victim-hood?

I really like this Jung idea

People probably will prefer hearing they lack "imagination for evil" than hearing they are in psychological denial.