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Comparative analysis:

Here is the Popular Mechanics preview of the upcoming video game Halo 3, produced by Benjamin Chertoff.


The piece consists of awkward shots of the Popular Mechanics interviewer attempt one liners "I'm so glad I killed that guy" "And now, I'm going to kill some more dudes" while playing the game, and a monologue from the manufacturer (Bungie) rep, listing off talking points to hype the game.

Why is it relevant? Only that there appears to be no research done, no challenging questions were asked, no criticisms or concerns brought forward, no depth of any kind basically. As far as previews go, it is laughably weak as both journalism and an advertisement for the video game in question, other than to show clips of video.

In conclusion, they can't even make Halo3 look good. How in the hell is it that they are continually trotted out as the defacto defenders of the official conspiracy theory? Anything they touch seems to have the same half baked, lazy look to it.