Historic Result from San Diego Citizens Grand Jury

For the first time ever, a public body has charged individuals with capital crimes in regard to the events of September 11, 2001 in New York City.

The San Diego Citizens' Grand Jury, made up of twenty-three residents of southern California, deemed sixteen individuals as deserving further investigation for the charge of 'Conspiracy to Commit Mass Murder'.

Two were charged per Chief Prosecutor Don Paul's request for Indictment:
Rudolph Giuliani, the former mayor of New York City, and Jerome Hauer, a former Kroll, Inc. executive and the former Director of New York City's Office of Emergency Management.

Fourteen more were charged through the Grand Jury's use of Presentment (a Presentment 'is an accusation issued by a Grand Jury on its own knowledge, without any bill of indictment having been previously drawn up by the prosecutor'--Columbia University Press Encyclopedia):
Thomas Pickard, Michael Cherkasky, George W. Bush, Larry Silverstein, Richard Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Marvin Bush, Wirt Walker III, richard Myers, Ralph Eberhart, L. Paul Bremer, Peter G. Peterson, David Rockefeller and Maurice Greenberg.

The home-page of 911research.wtc7.net now links to three pages that provide a summary of the results along with biographical summaries and multiple urls for articles about the suspected individuals--as well as a PDF of a Wanted Poster.
The three pages can be found at

Much thanks to this Grand Jury for their courage and acuity--to the many in San Diego's 9/11 Truth group who organized the event, its convenor Michael Copass in particular--and to Chief Investigator Jim Hoffman and to Expert Witnesses Richard Gage, Steven Jones, Ted Muga and Kevin Ryan. Thanks also to Michelle Little for insisted on justice for her brother, David Weiss, a New York City firefighter killed on 9/11/01.

The brave steps taken by the San Diego Citizens Grand Jury advance us all toward achieving justice and preventing the next 9/11.

The Grand Jury is continuing deliberations on the exact content of its Findings on other, lesser Charges.

(Don Paul is the author of " '9/11' " / Facing Our Fascist State (2002) and To Prevent the Next " '9/11' " (2005) and the co-author with Jim Hoffman of " '9/11' " / Great Crimes, a Greater Cover-Up (2003) and Waking Up from Our Nightmare (2004). In 2006 Celestine Star, Jim Hoffman and he produced the dvd 9/11 Guilt / The Proof Is in Your Hands.)

Friends and Associates,

You may have received a message and attached letter entitled: "Correction of Inaccurate and Unauthorized Announcements Made By Mr. Don Paul", or other communication propagating allegations made in that letter concerning the San Diego Citizens Grand Jury that met on April 14, 2007.

This response, consisting of this message and two forwarded ones, is long and somewhat detailed, and is intended as a one-time response to the "Correction of .." letter.

As a presenter to the Grand Jury who witnessed the entirety of the deliberations and votes of the Grand Jury that day, I find the essentially anonymous letter (signed by the "9/11 Grand Jury Resources") highly misleading. Therefore I am forwarding to you a message by Don describing the process by which the indictments and presentments were arrived at, following a message from by Victoria Ashley, also present at the event.

I know Don's representation of events to be truthful and accurate, both in his message below, and in the document entitled: "Historic Result From San Diego Citizens' Grand Jury On The Crimes Of September 11, 2001 In New York City" ( See: http://wtc7.net/events/sdgj07/index.html )

Before briefly examining the premise of the "Correction of .." letter, I would just like to emphasize that I find its tone and insinuations bizarre, given the exemplary process I observed on April 14. It was one of the best events I've ever been involved in, and I was very impressed with the acumen, professionalism, and dedication of the jurors, nearly all of whom were willing to stay late into the evening in order to complete deliberations and votes.

The letter accusing Don of "Inaccurate and Unauthorized Announcements" complains that Don made announcements that:

"falsely associate us with opinions you independently hold."

But Don's reportage in "Historic Result From San Diego Citizens' Grand Jury" does not describe opinions of any Jurors, only the results of their votes. The entire basis of the letter seems to be its claim that:

"our work as a group had barely begun, and we had not come to any conclusions."

This is news to me, if the "we" is referring to jurors empanneled at the event. During deliberations, they expressed no reservations that I can recall about the finality of the decisions reached on the evening of April 14.

The letter also alleges that there were procedural flaws, such as Don being in the room during deliberations. That's a curious charge, because when I sat on a Grand Jury, the district attorneys remained in the room during our deliberations.

It is not clear to me what the group calling itself "9/11 Grand Jury Resources" has to do with the San Diego Citizens' Grand Jury that convened on April 14, other than some overlap in membership, and an attempt to lay claim to the original group's name.

I felt that the process I witnessed on April 14 was historic and successful effort to connect evidence of the crimes of 9/11 with persons deserving investigation for those crimes. Given its success, I would be surprised if there were not some serious efforts to undermine it.


Jim Hoffman
Editor, 911Research.WTC7.net, 911Review.com


See below two messages:
1. From: VICTORIA ASHLEY Subject: Re: Correction of Inaccurate ...
2. From: DON PAUL Subject: Corrective letter ...


Subject: Re: Correction of Inaccurate and Unauthorized Announcements Made By Mr. Don Paul

We felt a follow-up communication was in order after an anonymous email was apparently sent out to this list of people with false accusations against Don Paul. Many of us have known Don for years and know him to be a sincere and hard-working activist who recently moved to New Orleans to help in the situation down there. And in general, the way to resolve conflicts in our movement should not be via attempts at public shaming from behind the anonymity of a gmail account, pulling in leaders who are busy with outreach, research and events of their own. I am primarily writing just to flesh out a few points in my own words and offer examples of the misrepresentations I noticed.

It was actually a great event. Jim, Richard Gage and myself all participated for the entire duration of the Grand Jury and saw no major disagreements at the time of the findings. The event was really one of the best I've ever attended and I was very impressed -- so many jurors, over 20, and all extremely interested, focused, and patient with the many hours of both presentations and deliberations. There was also a good-sized audience which packed the room.

During the deliberations of the jury in a private room following the public event, the indictments were discussed and debated, and ultimately a roomful of hands went up on each decision, over and over. There were no participants who stormed out in disagreement, or made any suggestion that they could no longer be a part of the event due to a disagreement, or any such actions. I was amazed that everyone was willing to work for so long, something like a 10 hour day.

Unfortunately, many claims are made in the email sent out do not seem to have a basis in the events I witnessed, such as this one -

"when our opportunity to deliberate was cancelled, we conscientiously attempted to work together after April 14 anyway, via the internet, in order to carry out our promises."

The group was given a choice in which they could conduct deliberations following the presentations, or reconvene the next day. They chose to continue that evening in order to conclude the event. Had they not wished to deliberate at that time, there would have been no reason to continue and move to another room. In the deliberations room, I saw no person saying anything like "just remember everyone, these votes aren't the real votes," or "these are just straw polls and we'll all meet tomorrow at 'x' time and 'x' place to start the actual deliberations."

"As you knew when you made those announcements, our work as a group had barely begun, was not complete, and we had not come to any conclusions."

This is simply untrue. Votes were made in good faith. I heard of no process whereby "final votes" were going to be taken elsewhere or at another time and saw no large number in the group agreeing to such a decision.

Another statement the email makes -

"The meeting for step two, the jury's private deliberations, that had been announced and scheduled for Sunday April 15, 2007, was cancelled at the request and encouragement of Don Paul, the Prosecutor."

Don did not spearhead the cancellation of the next day's event, that I am aware of, and clearly offered an option of the deliberations continuing the next day as one of the options available to everyone. The jury made the decision themselves to continue then and there, and Don did nothing like telling them they had no options. There were issues of the venue being available, of all of the participants being available, etc. -- not something Don could singularly control or decide! So this is another false assertion.

What Don has done is make an extremely powerful statement via an important event that represents a direct public threat to power. I've personally seen Don spending his time emailing with people in the SDGJ group to help negotiate the minor differences that have been described that some asked for. But I was also there for the entire day during the event and through the deliberations and can say that the facts have been misrepresented to you via this email that was sent out.

I expect that most of those involved in this are primarily being driven by emotional responses to small issues that they are blowing up into large unsubstantiated claims. I don't find this surprising, given the stakes, the topic, the length of the event, the personal hopes, work, etc. But claiming that a Grand Jury group - a subset of the original group - is ongoing in their decision-making, admittedly losing members along the way, yet somehow representative of all the missing members, is an easy way to get different results inserted into an outcome, should that be desired.

Lastly, I think statements like the ones in the final paragraphs of the email document, are veiled threats that have no place in a movement dedicated to exposing truth (my bold) -

"Before you refuse, please consider the damage your unfounded announcements have done, and could further do, to your credibility as a person of any integrity or honor- with us, and possibly, subsequently, with the public at large . Please consider the possible consequences of provoking us, by misrepresenting us without any retraction or apology, to publicly report how you've misrepresented us."

Threats like these from an anonymous group are not anything I think that our movement should reward, support or even acknowledge. None of us are perfect and we all have disagreements, sure. But generally, disagreements between reasonable people never amount to anything like this type of language. I believe that sincere efforts based in real concerns for truths, for the well-being of others, and the work of the movement - even where emotions run high - never involve what amounts to shaming, bullying and personal threats. Those arise from something else, and I don't think we need more of that in our work.

Sorry for the length of this email -- we all have better things to do with our time! But to me, Don just doesn't deserve this, so I wanted to have my say.



Subject: Re: Correction of Inaccurate and Unauthorized Announcements
Made By Mr. Don Paul

Dear fellow advocates for truth and justice in regard to the crimes of September 11, 2001,

Yesterday I received an e-mail that said it spoke on behalf of nine members of the San Diego Citizens' Grand Jury for which I served as Chief Prosecutor and Jim Hoffman served as Chief Investigator and Richard Gage Ted Muga served as in-person Expert Witnesses on April 14, 2007. Twenty-three people from southern California served as primary Jurors on that day and several more were present as alternate Jurors.

The e-mail of yesterday went also to a wide range of persons involved with research into the crimes of September 11, 2001, It claimed to respond to an 'inaccurate and unauthorized' posting that I'd sent to 911blogger and other recipients on May 15, 2007 about an 'Historic Result from San Diego Citizens' Grand Jury on the Crimes of September 11, 2001 in New York City '. Said 'Historic Result' was the Grand Jury's vote that called for further investigation of sixteen individuals on the Charge of 'Conspiracy to Commit Mass Murder'. Now I must try to state realities that pertain to the above concern as simply and comprehensively as possible.

First, everything that was stated in my May 15, 2007 posting is true and fact. All assertions in it can be corroborated by audio or video tape or by notes.

All decisions reached by the San Diego Citizens' Grand Jury on April 14, 2007-- decisions as to procedure and schedule as well as whom should be charged with what--came through vote by a majority of the Grand Jury on that day and evening. The schedule which specified that Jurors' deliberations and conclusions were to occur between 8:00--9:30 p.m. on April 14, 2007 was copied by Professor Jesus Nieto in a run of 45 copies and handed out to Jurors and audience at the mid-day beginning of our event.

The decision to hold to this schedule, rather than re-convene the following day, was reached by Jurors' majority-vote around 8:00 that evening.

The introduction of the "stronger" Charge of 'Conspiracy to Commit Mass Murder' came from the stated desires at least two Jurors, including their foreperson, during the the final two hours of our event.

The decision to include the Chief Prosecutor and Chief Investigator in Jurors' final deliberations that evening was made by the Grand Jury The final decision to call for further investigation of sixteen individuals on the Charge of 'Conspiracy to Commit Mass Murder'---two of them through the means of Indictment introduced by me as Chief Prosecutor, fourteen of them through the means of Presentment introduced by the Grand Jury (a Presentment, acccording to the Columbia University Press Encyclopedia, is 'an accusation issued by the grand jury on its own knowledge, without any bill of indictment having been previously drawn up by the prosecutor')--came through majority-vote by the Grand Jury. In regard to all of these sixteen individuals the Jurors' votes were unanimous or near-unanimous.

Such are the facts.

The 'Historic Result' of the San Diego Citizen Grand Jury's conclusions of April 14, 2007 runs, however, to a breadth and depth beyond the above citation of facts.The 'Historic Result' took a step that produced smiles of elation and liberation among the great majority of Jurors at the end of our session. It let us name suspects we'd come to identify through more than five hours of evidentiary presentation. It let us expose obvious criminality and pursue justice for victims after Governments and mass-media have failed to expose obvious criminality and pursue justice over more than five-and-one-half years. It created a precedent to communities around the world to undertake their own Grand Juries and improve on our investigations. It was a step whose courage and perspicacity ennobled those who took it.

Such was larger content of the 'Historic Result' that I wanted to publicize through posting of facts about the Charge of 'Conspiracy to Commit Mass Murder'. I also felt--and feel--that the posting of this 'Result' from the SDCGJ may deter the next act of false-flag terror in the United States.

Please check out the following urls.

Each contains a precursor that the next " '9/11' " remains imminent. One relates how, as of May 9, 2007, the U. S. President will now become effectual dictator in the event of 'Catastrophic Emergency' , through the 'NATIONAL SECURITY PRESIDENTIAL DIRECTIVE/NSPD 51 and HOMELAND SECURITY PRESIDENTIAL DIRECTIVE/HSPD-20 .
Here's the url--

Also check out this recent summary by Larry Chin at the globalresearch.ca site, prompted by the so-called "Fort Dix Six"--

This piece links to a San Francisco Chronicle article of May 11, 2009 that reports on a 'Day After' conference in Washington, DC put together for the U. S. Government by Harvard and Stanford. The lead Harvard organizer for the Day After' was Ashton Carter, co-author with former "911 Commission" director Phillip Zelikow and former CIA Director John Deutch of the 1998 article in the Council on Foreign Relations' Foreign Affairs publication, 'Catrastrophic Terrorism: Tackling the New Danger' . Phillip Zelikow was one of those charged through Presentment by the San Diego Citizens' Grand Jury for 'Obstruction of Justice'.

It also links to an article on the Council on Foreign Relations site of the same May 11, 2007 day, the CFR article's heading 'The Next Attack'--

Let me conclude by saying that we, the people of the U. S. and the world, will prevent more acts of false-flag ONLY through acts of courage by ourselves, independent of the U. S. Government and mass-media, as arose with the San Diego Citizens' Grand Jury on April 14, 2007.

(A separate PDF here and at wtc7.net and at wireonfire.com/donpaul will offer more detailed BIOGRAPHICAL SUMMARIES of the sixteen individuals, with titles and time-periods and inter-connections of them in bold-face. URLS to information that may lead others to do their own investigations will follow each BIOGRAPHICAL SUMMARY. Finally, I've also attached a Media-Release that should have accompanied the May 15, 2007 posting.)


A shame Michele didn't have the chance to speak.

It's Not The Crime That Kills You, But The Cover-Up

Is this the Citizens Grand Jury...

That was recently broadcast live...

If so, I listened to it all and thought it was great...

Don Paul, you have an excellent knowledge of 9/11 and you really pulled it all together, the jurors were great too.

Is there an archive of this available for folks to check it out ?

Many thanks and best wishes


Can you do me a favor?

All depends....

What is it ? Message me via YouTube...

Bout damn time

I thought this verdict must have slid down the memory hole somewhere.

Glad to see the correct verdict was decided.

Great Stuff!

Nice work San Diego Truthers!

Show "I want more indictments!" by JamesB

Sorry I missed your post, Jimbo!

I was busy yesterday--plus knackered. So are you still pretending to be me in your comment's forum? I could give you tips if you want. And how did Conspiracy Smasher know about 911Clowns within a couple of hours of their first post--without knowing who did it? Mind, you lot don't look much better, blogging it 4 days later when it didn't turn up on any Google searches.

Patrick is being disingenious and lame waffling over whether or not it's Nico--OF COURSE its Nico---he blogged it the very same day 911Clowns went up! Mind, that blog was nearly impossible to find for a couple of days...

You know, I think the hoax"Pat" is all wrong about you, Jimbo---you're the patsy, aren't you? It's Pat whose running the Screw Loose show.

Well, see you Monday--if you're going to be bad, wear something that looks good with hand-cuffs.


Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

I'm not reallu sure that I

I'm not reallu sure that I understand the meaning of what a grand Jury Have to do. Can someone explain me? Is it an American tradition?

You can't hide a lie for long. Truth shall come out.


From the Wikipedia: "In the American common law legal system, a grand jury is a type of a jury which determines if there is enough evidence for a trial. Grand juries carry out this duty by examining evidence presented to them by a prosecutor and issuing indictments, or by investigating alleged crimes and issuing presentments. A grand jury is traditionally larger and distinguishable from a petit jury, which is used during a trial."

This Grand Jury certainly found enough evidence for a trial. The only problem here, though, is that no Federally appointed prosecutor asked for this Grand Jury to convene. That being the case, no presecutor will issue indictments, based on this Grand Jury's findings. Alas.

Or rather, that is so far the situation. Maybe things will start to change soon? It is easy to get one's hopes up.

It would be nice if Ningen could explain it. I am no lawyer.

I believe that these particular proceedings, from this Grand Jury, will never have any legal consequence. All these folks sought was a moral consequence, and a public-relations consequence. As such, it represents a good step and a strong one, IMO.


It also is the start of assembling the actual legal case against the perps. For example, there is no mention of prosecuting an alien from Mars. It will help keep the trolls from interjecting nonsense with the most critical and criminal aspects of the 9/11 conversation and prosecution.

Thanks !

Thanks a lot student and greenback.

You can't hide a lie for long. Truth shall come out.

Ask LeftWright

He explained to me about the history of citizens grand juries. Like jury nullification, they don't teach us that stuff!

You've got it, though. A federal prosecutor would have to convene a grand jury to bring felony charges. It's a Fifth Amendment right of defendants, and a prosecutor could not issue an indictment based on this citizens grand jury, even if she wanted to.


San Diego Citizen's Grand

San Diego Citizen's Grand Jury Investigation

Architects & Engineers For 9/11 Truth

Thanks for the audio archive links chucksheen...

A long but good and interesting listen ;-)

( archive links in blog... http://www.911blogger.com/node/7886 )

Best wishes

Offtopic question

Where are the 9/11 chat rooms?

9/11 Chat Rooms:

Thank You San Diego

Deep respect, great honours and Congressional Medals should be passed out to the noble and brave Citizens of the San Diego Grand Jury. As if they didn’t have enough truckloads of documents to pour over, I did however notice several other important names missing from their excellent list (I know, I know, too many criminals, so little time).

Rolling in at the number one spot --
Paul Wolfowitz and his “Wolfowitz Doctrine,” William Kristol, Henry Kissinger, Richard Perle, Elliot Abrams, John Ashcroft, Robert Mueller, George Tenet, A.B. Krongard, Condoleeza Rice, Louis M. Eisenberg, Frank Lowey, Benjamin Netanyahu, and of course, Dov Zakheim (“Mr. Remote Control”). Mr. Zakheim is a long-time Texas pal of Bush and was his Under-Secretary of Defense at the Pentagon. While acting as the Pentagon’s Chief Financial Officer, $2.3 trillion dollars went missing on his watch. It was reported missing by Herr Rumsfeld on 9/10/01. Most importantly though, Zakheim was the CEO of System Planning Corporation (SPC), based in Arlington, VA. This technology research firm specializes in building remote control systems for the ‘emergency’ piloting of commercial aircraft or for use in pilotless, military flight test vehicles. SPC’s Flight Termination System (FTS) is a customized console setup with hardware and fully programmable software components that can be used to simultaneously operate up to eight large aircraft, each with individually programmable flight paths, at least according to their website. If you are planning on doing a 9/11-type operation, System Planning Corporation’s FTS system is a must-have for any government terrorist. I think it was Christmas 2000 that little Rudy G. perhaps asked Santa for one of these cool toys to be installed under the Christmas tree in the NYOEM offices at WTC7. The FTS system works with helicopters too. Neato.

"if you were planning....a must have"

thank you lazlo for your clever and concise synopsis on dov, affirming my links

kate of the kiosk


Hi kate of the kiosk:
You seem like you are hungry for the big picture. Me, too. I'm skeptical but willing to look at everything. People like DRG are great in that they debunk the offical (and absurd) conspiracy theory. But it's frustrating that they then don't go further and try to figure out who actually committed these heinous acts.

I guess not many are ready for that kind of info. But you seem like you are. Chew on this and tell me what you think:


Someone on this site -- lukery -- also posted a link to an excellent summary of how Turkey might have been involved, too. It's toward the end of the Sibel Edwards story.

E Vero

p.s. By the way, I checked out the Mike Gravel forum and I must say, yes the 9/11 folks are heated in their discussions but they are way behind. Pinning 9/11 on Saudi Arabia? 'Cmon, folks. First of all, whoever did orchestrate 9/11 appears to have tried to frame the Saudis. It's definitely a convenient set-up for a future war, if needed, with Saudi Arabia. But it's simply laughable to say, as the Mike Gravel "truthers" on his forum, that "Bush did it, look how chummy he is with the Saudis who have plenty of links to bin Laden." If the Saudis did it, why would they use hijackers (if actual people were used at all) with Saudi passports? Why would they leave a trail linking to themselves?

Then again, my paranoid mindset leads me to speculate that some of the "truther" bloggers out there are just disinfo agents. Anyway, there's no way that Mike Gravel, even if nominated, could live to get elected because he is advocating eliminating the Federal Reserve (or is that Ron Paul?).

p.p.s. Can someone tell me, a newbie, how to rate posts? I can't figure it out.

Sibel Edmonds

Thanks for that link. Good read; commented.

Song # 8
Gary Hood -Sibel Edmonds
front page: http://TruthSeeker.us

hungry kate

hey there, that be me. part of my "hunger" may stem from the fact that i spent time in the ME (Beirut) as a youth and have a different and more respectful and caring (compared to most in the US) perspective regarding palestinian and other arabic people, muslim or christian. I also have dear israeli and american jewish friends, who have been supportive, quiet or at the very least ambivalent about our invasion of iraq because of its apparent threat to israel. However, I have come to learn and believe that the Bush cabal and these manipulative handler neocons not only unevolved but evil - imperialistic sociopaths/psychopaths. they care nothing for you or me. obviously, we are just pawns in their demonic game. i have done mucho reading, viewing , talking, arguing with friends and family. it's rewarding to be close to the truth, but it can be painful, especially knowing I may hurt others with my opinions.

thanks for the dawson link..my lord. although i don't have time right now to read in full, from what i scanned, affirms my research gleaned elsewhere. not sure about the "plane hit the pentagon", perhaps a military aircraft which could withstand the G's, definitely on remote. so what do we do now, E? now that we have the big picture? when is the tipping point? my nephew is burying his best man (both marine majors) today in annapolis. he died believing he was defending his country against "the enemy". i am so angry. have you ever heard of these guys: neturei karta? i sometimes think they have the right idea.

I wholeheartedly believe that people of all ethnic/faith/national backgrounds need to question their own; it's time to look within,and not be afraid to stand up for truth and justice, leave their false affiliations and alignments. Let's uncover, rout out and rid ourselves of those who are the true perpetrators.

regarding Gravel: just wanted to encourage other 9/11 truthers to join the fray of the forum!

E Vero and Kate otK

I posted a long comment just last week on 9/11 Blogger and discussed the whole Naturei Karta phenomenon. Rabbi Weiss is an incredibly brave and wise man. Their synogogue was burned down last month by the ‘you know whozies’. Anyways, here are some links to their websites. Profound, controversial, and fascinating material.




Kate, I am glad that you had a chance to live in the Middle East and because of that experience, you can easily see how the majority of Americans have absolutely zero understanding of the deep histories, cultures, and peoples of that region. For example, many Americans think that Iranians are Arabs and that there are no Jews living in Iran! I could go on for hours. An educated understanding of the Middle East would have prevented a populace from turning into frothing, jingoistic, militarist automatons when their unelected leaders, to fulfill the prophecies of Zbigniew Brzezinski, attack them and then tell them to go kill the Ay-raabs. Is this why corporate/military mass media will not go out of their way to give to the American public a fair and balanced education concerning a region that the people who pull Bush and Cheney’s strings seek to dominate? Have you guys read the document “Vision for 2020” which calls for U.S. “Global Battlespace Dominance.” That’s right, things are as bad or worse than you think. Taking the “red pill” is a bitch.

Lazio & Kate

I'm right there with you -- the "Naturei Karta" have the right idea, i think. Thank you for the posts, Lazio, and thank you, Kate, for bringing it up in the first place.

As for the "Vision 2020" - sounds frightening. I'll try to find it. -E

nice to connect

with you, Kate. I like your point of view, openness, and willingness to go whereever the truth may lead.

It's not about religion. It's not about any particular country.

I had a former student who grew up in Beirut. His family was German but they lived in Lebanon for several years, until the early 80's, I guess. He spoke of a beautiful, paradaisical place -- very cosmopolitan, with people of all backgrounds living together under the beautiful Mediterranian sky. Sounds lovely.

I know that Jews (the Mizrahi) have been peacefully living alongside Arabs (and Persians, etc.) for thousands of years. Zionism happened - the wish of the Bolsheviks. It's not really about what's good for the jews. Ultrazionists are not popular with many, many jews in Israel. The neocons are making, if anything, life very insecure for jews living in Israel. That damn wall is a human-rights violation. Sharon is a war criminal. He slaughted people sitting in a refugee camp, afterall. He is a not a true jew, that is for sure. I'm culturally jewish, although I'm an atheist, so I cannot say that I'm jewish. The best part of Judaism is the notion of making the world a better place than you found it - education and study is great, but human rights, justice, easing others' suffering is the best part I think, plus a special sense of humor. Now, with people like Sharon in this world, I think we'd be better off without any religion, which seems to serve as a convenient smokescreen for criminals.

(I have had the thought of doing a study of these men...instead of blaming "cultism" I'd dig into their childhoods, as we do with any mass-murderer. Anyone who tortured animals as a child, like George Bush, is extremely likely to grew into a full-blown psychopath. Such a study would be a nice leisurely retirement pursuit if all goes well and we are victorious revealing these big lies and putting the criminals away.)

I've never heard of "neturei karta" - but will follow your links and those of Lazio below to investigate.


new friends in the truth dig, middle east memoirs

likewise to E Vero and Lazlo Toth. your insights and sharing are much appreciated! when we lived in Beirut, my father worked (setting up Chiclet factory!)with a Lebanese Jewish gentleman with last name "Mizrahi". i recall a fabulous home-cooked meal which included aromatic and delicious stuffed artichoke hearts with lamb and pine nuts! also, the generosity of our Palestinian friends was such that if you admired a tablecloth, you went home with it that evening!
my sixth grade class took a trip to Palmyra, Syria where we enacted an original play written by my teacher about Queen Zenobia, in the ruins of the ancient amphitheater. the bedouins caught wind of us and all came into town - we all re-toga'd and reenacted with our guides translating into Arabic. so cool.

although i was never there, my dad traveled and worked in Tehran, Iran frequently. (hmm maybe i should find the link to Ahmadinejad's speech)

I am familiar with the many wonderful Israeli peace and justice groups, like GushShalom and B'Tselem.

i digress. perhaps this would be better suited for a different thread? certainly do not want to distract from the fabulous San Diego folk!
having recently read Emma Goldman's autobio, i would like to learn more about the connection between bolscheviks and zionism!! very much.

kate of the kiosk

great stuff

Thanks, Kate of the Kiosk, I loved your note. What a rich childhood you must have had; how fortunate you are to have such memories. The juxtoposition of "chiclet factory" with re-toga'ing to entertain the bedouins is fabulous. (I was in love with a domesticated bedouin once, hot stuff, but alas, I got dumped!)

Think about writing some memoirs. Keep that attitude, too.

Rating posts

E. Vero, when I asked that same question about rating posts, someone showed the little diagram that you do it with. I can't reproduce that -- I guess one does it with some sort of screen shot.

[EDIT: it was 911TruthNC who answered my query, at the site FAQ.]

Anyway, look up at the top left corner of any and every post. See the rectangular box there? See the grayed-out up and down arrows? If you like a post, you can click on the up arrow. If you do not like a post, click the down arrow.

And whenever you see a post showing my name, Stuident, at the end of the post, simply click the up arrow. It doesn't take but a second.

An upvote

for my first 911blogger-induced LOL of the day.

thank you!

Hi Student! Thanks for the info - I figured it out, so look for your posts to go up in points! (smile) -E

very cool

no time now but I look forward to reading the charges... :)

Can't really complain about the list above, at first glance anyway!


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero

WTCdemolition.com - Harvard Task Force


SDC Grand Jury

Don Paul

My fault entirely, Jon, that Michelle did not get to speak. I hope that folks check out
her inspiring words elsewhere on the Internet.

So far as I know the nearest thing to an archive is the node to the live audio (thanks,
Al) that's still up at 911blogger.

It might useful for me to post more detailed biograhies of the sixteen suspects, highlighting positions and time-periods and connections--will do that over next 24 hours.

Thanks for the remarks.

Thanks for the info...

It's Michele with one "l". FYI. :)

It's Not The Crime That Kills You, But The Cover-Up

mike gravel's forum

by the way, in case you have not already done so, check out Mike Gravel's Forum at his site. 9/11 seems to be a top issue.

kate of the kiosk

Great Job, San Diego!!!

I suppose this won't really go anywhere officially, but it is good to have these names out in the open. I wrote them down on my "list". Thanks "lazlo" for the additional.

How sad that the citizens have to carry out such investigation. Our state has failed us.

How many people attend San Diego Truth meetings? We had a larger group this last time thanks to the Chico N&R article. But, alot of them left before the video. Am wondering how far we'll be to getting the Truth to the masses by Sept. 11.


This is really going to upset FOX News. Ghouliani is their boy toy, as is evident from their rigged debate in SC tonight.

Gotta love it that Ron Paul stuck to his guns. That Rudy is such a sack of crap.

"But truthfully, I don't really know. We've had trouble getting a handle on Building No. 7."
~~ Dr. Shyam Sunder - Acting Director Building and Fire Research Laboratory (NIST)

Thank you Don.

Don's and Jim's 9/11 Guilt - The Proof is in Your Hands, is very compelling stuff indeed.

It focuses not least on Wall Street. This is very important. NY-FED>CFR>The Blackstone Group>Peter G. Peterson.

Most of the 9/11 truth movement actually avoids this.

Don´t get me wrong; I would never denigrate this great movement. It has totally dismantled the official fairy tales
and proven it absolutely false. But still we have to look to the time tried tactics of the ruling elite. Divide and conquer.
Control both sides. This is elementary stuff. Who has ultimate power? Who has had ultimate power for centuries?
High finance. Who is untouchable? Who the eff is the current secretary of the treasury and where did he come
from? Right.

The FED is basically a diversion from the NY-FED. This is the heart of Wall Street.

So; the 9/11 scam and other major diversions and provocations of the last century will never be uncovered until
Wall Street bigwigs are brought in for questioning. Which of course would be a breeze. Just let them watch some
clips of big swinging dicks trying to extract information about WMD's from Iraqi families and they'll soon sing like
larks. These are soft and old men.