How to Beat the Odds: 9/11 Truth Squads

Webster Tarpley on Rense: Truth Squads can overpower MSM - tonight 11pm-1am ET

How to Beat the Odds: 9/11 Truth Squads

Webster Tarpley is a creative political strategist with inspired ideas how to get to a 9/11 Truth breakthrough. It's an urgent matter with him, not so much about research into history, as the making of history - saving the world from the "neocon fascist madmen."

As an activist, Tarpley always looks for the most effective tactics - the "most bang for the buck," as he likes to say.

When I first met Webster in 2004 he was promoting an Independent International Truth Commission on 9/11. It would be modeled on the Bertrand Russell War Crimes Tribunal, which played such a role in mobilizing the world's intellectuals against the Vietnam war. The IITC is still an excellent idea with great potential and well worth pursuing.

Last year, Webster's innovation was to mobilize 9/11 truth troops to call in to talk radio shows and beat the drum for C-Span's broadcast of the Los Angeles Neo-Con 9/11 agenda panel. It was a roaring success. So many people tuned in that C-Span aired the panel four times, making it the most popular program in their history.

That was a big breakthrough that helped put the terror merchants on the defensive. Public opinion started to shift, and polls showed most Americans no longer took the official lie for granted.

2007 is the year of the primaries, and Webster Tarpley, a longtime habitué of the Washington Beltway, is keenly aware of the precious opportunity this presents. Starting early in New Hampshire, at a Jan. 20th event sponsored by (see site for details), Webster unveiled what may be the biggest bang for the buck yet: the 9/11 Truth Squads.

The Truth Squad idea is as simple as it is powerful. You need just two or three activists to attend a public meeting of an unsuspecting public figure or candidate on the hustings. One team member poses a pointed, loaded 9/11 Truth question, while the other accomplice takes a video of the exchange from another side of the crowd. You then post the video to Youtube and watch the media go into a "feeding frenzy."

Tarpley says this is the best way we can force the MSM to bend to our agenda. This is how Webster himself got on Fox News last week, after a Truth Squad in Austin TX caught Sen. John Kerry with both feet in his mouth admitting that WTC 7 was a controlled demolition.

During the primaries, the Truth Squads can force 9/11 Truth onto the agenda, and even influence the nomination process. This is the process of 9/11 truth becoming political reality.

Webster will be talking about Truth Squads tonight, Monday May 14th, on the Rense show from 11 pm to 1 am (8 p.m to 10 pm Pacific Time).

If you miss tonight's show, you can catch his presentation on the subject at the Arizona conference on youtube, see (starting at the 33 minute mark. You can also purchase an entire set of 7 DVD's from the Arizona conference at my website,, for $29.95).

Webster Tarpley says, this is what everyone should be doing. Turn off the computer, and go waylay a candidate coming to a town near you.

More info also available at

Candidate Tracking

We need a way to notify everyone that a candidate is coming to town. I missed a event here in Tucson where Edwards got asked about WTC7. If we can literally fill these halls with multiple and independent squads we will force their hand.

"We're an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you're studying that reality—judiciously, as you will—we'll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that's how things will sort out. We're history's actors . . . and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do." -unnamed aide

Lets bite back.

Candidate Events Calendar

You are absolutely right. We should have an interactive calendar on this site (under "Action Items"?) with the numerous candidate events around the country. David Ray Griffin's stops could be on there as well. That is research that must be done and listed for all to see. I'm pretty sure candidates put out tentative schedules for campaign stops so people will show up. We might as well be there!!!

Edit: Oops. We do have just what I'm talking about. I hadn't noticed it before.. but it is under events along the top of the page. My bad. Hopefully we put it to good use during this campaigning season of primaries etc. Peace. Great website!!!

John Edwards Schedule.

This is a god damn brilliant stategy to see through. Webster Tarpley deserves credit for mobilizing the common sense angle.

Town Hall Meeting
May 15, 2007
11:15 am
Des Moines Central Library
1000 Grand Ave., Des Moines, Iowa
RSVP to attend this event.

People can pass out materials. Confront the politician. Help steer applause after a buddy questions him. Video tape the god damn thing and put it on the net. Etc ETc. This will definitely energize the movement. And is the next natural step during this election season. This should be filed under our Media Attention policy. And we should continue the Research Angle that 911Veritas is so successful at. And we should prepare the documents and congressional investigation goal that others have spoken about as well. Multi-pronged approach that people can join in on where the feel their talents lie. Every good fighter has a good combination to hit their opponent. Muhammad Ali comes to mind!

This should also stay stream-lined, goal and result orientated, with regular updates on the progress being made in each avenue.

Joe Biden's Schedule..

Code Pink handles the Washington D.C. area legal events very well. I'm always jealous when I see them on TV doing their thing behind the congressional testimony hearings etc. But we need to fan out and cover the rest of the events around the country.

Joe Biden's schedule is on his website under the "News Center" tag and then under "Public Schedule"

Wednesday May 16, 2007


Pipefitters Local 725
13185 NW 45th Ave
Opa Locka, FL

Some events we can ask and film questions, which we've seen both Kerry and Edwards totally stumble over. Other events might be more suited to holding up signs, passing out material, and getting behind any local news camera reports with signs, shirts, etc.

Other Schedule Resources

Hillary Clinton - on her home page under upcoming events

Christopher Dodd - click month

William Richardson

Samuel Brownback - filed under "On The Road"

Rudolph Puke-iani

Most campaigns ( I worked for Kerry in 04 ) have a public relations person or someone that will give out his schedule if you ask nicely, say you are a reporter/journalist, or an interested supporter. If we ever get an interactive schedule posted on this site, it would be nice to have a relationship where a candidate's publicist unknowingly informs us of every opportunity to take action with their candidate in public. Easier if they contact us rather than searching their sites all summer long. Anyway. Just an idea.

This is fun.

Mitt The Dimm-Witt Romney

re Independent International Truth Commission on 9/11


Where can I get more info on this proposed Independent International Truth Commission on 9/11?

Support a Congressional Investigation of 9-11


A talented member of

A talented member of dc911truth created the Truth Squads website to serve as the repository of squadding information. Please visit the site frequently to check schedules, add new scheduling information, and post the results of your interactions.

All 9/11 activist encounters with politicians, media, and public figures can be written up, even if they are not caught on film.