Johnny Wave and Richard Gage on Truth Revolution Radio

Last night, Cosmos had a short interview with Marine, Johnny Wave, and a long interview with California architect, Richard Gage of

MP3 D/L and audio stream;

Mon., May 14, 2007

Putfile stream (minus 2-minute drop-out at 7:26 mark)

Listening now...

USMC Johnny Wave sounds like a really great guy...

Richard Gage on now, Thanks YT and everyone for making this happen.

Best wishes

Rep, thanks for posting...

...this. Both great interviews, especially Richard Gage from, that group has been sorely needed.
I urge everyone to listen to the Gage interview. Wave will be on this show again on wednesday, and they mentioned starting "Marines for 9/11 Truth"

Physics/Science/Mathematics do not lie, only people do.
9/11 was an INSIDE JOB

Good interview

Good interview with Mr. Wave.

Really got to get off the Skype YT ;)

I cant wait for the day that a whole squad of Marines are in formation holding a Truth banner..that will be the day ,the Cabal is put on notice by our Bravest.

Good Radio Show Cosmos!

Cosmos-I was pleased to hear your show today, both for the guests, who were inspirational, but also for your good questions and enthusiasm that pulled it all together. A real shot in the arm!

Thanks you guys!

It was an incredible honor to host these two extraordinary individuals on the same show and I'm very much looking forward to the full length interview with Johnny tomorrow night. Thanks for listening!

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