My latest nasty little thought

I've done very little with my spare time in the last few months except absorb data on the 911 shindig. One thing has stood out for me as an unanswered question - Why demolish wtc 7?

The rest hangs together very well - The GOP needs a Pearl Harbour, finds an Al Quaida plot they like, lets it happen, makes it worse then - Hooray! The New American Century begins. (As an aside, I bet Osama Bin Laden fell off his chair when he saw the whole thing collapse. He would have been expecting the "normal" effect of the planes, not the "Bush-Enhanced" version.)

Here's my thought.

The logistics in carrying out a project of this scale (911) would have been immense. The paper and computer file trails would have been so large that they would be certain to be discovered. There is no way you can do this kind of job without leaving a sea of traceable events - no matter how hard you try to cover your tracks.

Unless... Right from the outset you find a VERY secure location large enough to hold your team and all their data and THEN... you destroy it on completion of your project along with all the computers, filing cabinets, dossiers and possibly even a few dissenters.

Its perfect! Use wtc 7 as a base to carry out the demolition and other preparations then atomise everything at the end of the project leaving nothing but dust for the investigators!

The place even had a ready-made command centre built in! Rudy Giuliani's bunker!

The bunker would have suited the bad guys really well as it was "hardened". This meant that the bad guys would survive the main action in comfort. It was a CIA office which meant that access could be controlled. It had a good view of the target so that the charges could be set off when desired and checked to see if they'd worked (for example, I believe that the first tower to collapse came down because the top section was about to topple. Toppling would leave important evidence intact. The towers HAD to collapse in dust. When the controller, presumably in wtc 7, saw the toppling start, he would have hit the 'bang' button and started the collapse). It probably had a subway connection to the rest of the complex so heavy gear could be driven into the wtc 7 (contolled access) garage and transferred via sub-street level passages to wtc 1 & 2.

If you were a bad enough person you'd also be able to round up all the people who knew but might give you away in the future and chain them to a desk in wtc 7 on the last day. Most remains were shredded and mixed up, who would think to look for the odd missing demolition expert or sectret agent in the pile?

This would also explain why the building collapsed so much later in the day. The reports from wtc 1 & 2 suggest that the pre-demo process took some time. There are plenty of reports of explosions throughout the morning prior to the plane attacks. Wtc 7 had to stay inhabitable until the last tower had collapsed and all bad guy damage control was done. The trusted operatives would then have stood up and left their desks with everyting on them (the desks), sneaked out thru various exits with the last man pressing the bang button. The girder weakening process would have begun followed by the main demolition charge detonation. All this takes time and you can be sure they wouldn't leave until they'd made certain that the job was complete.

As the last man walked away, the building collapsed and there went all the evidence.

Brilliant. Evil, but brilliant.

If I'm right, it might be worth looking a little harder at the day-to-day business going on at wtc 7 for the month leading up to 911. All sorts of things might pop up.

That's it. That's my second nasty thought. Please do me a favour... If you're a fanatical neocon or have any one of a gazillion reasons to flame this post, please don't bother. Its tiresome, frequently amusing and makes you look bad. Constructive criticism is, as always, very welcome.

Your theory makes sense to me

I have also wondered why the conspirators felt the need to bring down WTC7, especially so late in the day. The collapse at such a late hour had to be seen as very conspicous. There have been theories that Flight 93 was supposed to have hit WTC7 but I don't buy it. It does make sense that on 9/11 the WTC7 building was used as the command center for the 9/11 events. Your hypothesis is as a good as any I have read elsewhere.

"A patriot must be ready to defend his country against his government" - Edward Abbey

It makes perfect sense

I am sure that you are right. I suspect that something else was supposed to happen to WT7 to justify its collapse, a plane perhaps or a controlled topple of part of WT1 or 2. When they didn't manage this, they had no choice but to bring it down to conceal the evidence. They just hoped that in all the chaos nobody would notice. WT7 is the key to 911 truth.