The smoking guns of 9/11

Now that there is some media exposure on building 7 etc there should be some cogent points made since there is some media exposure. Focusing on some points quickly rather than jabbering about "toxic dust" " etc focus on the big picture.

1. In order for building 7 to fall straight down all 81 columns had to fail at the same time. They would have to fail all at the same time AT SEVERAL DIFFERENT LEVELS THROUGHOUT THE BUILDING. For example all the columns would have to fail at the bottom at the same time, and this same process of simulteanous failure would occur on at least 3-4 other levels of the building. This is the only way to explain the totality and symetry of the collapse. This is impossible w/o explosives. The lead NIST invesigator Dr. Sunder told New York magazine the truth, after years and millions of dollars, he didnt really know why the building collapsed.

2. Fire and damage have never caused steel tall buildings to collapse.

3. The official story claims that the planes knocked off the fireproofing and damaged/destroyed some of the columns. The the fire weakened the steel and the heavyness of the top portion of the tower crushed the rest of the building. How did the fire weaken all the columns at the same time? (look at the video, the initial collapse is straight down) Why did the 80 floors of cold steel superstructure offer minimal resistence? the collapse was between 10-15 seconds, almost the same if you took a crane and droppped the top portion w/o anything beneath it. . How did the top of the tower disintergrate as well? Debunkers like to mention that the floors were only designed to withstand a certain amount of weight. This might be true but its sleight of hand, they ignore the steel supporting supersrtucture that was always desinged to carry the weight of the whole building.

3. The confession tape is brought up contstantly, hannity just brought it up again. The tape is suspect, hes much fatter and darker. Why is there no audio on the tape? A millionare in 2001 had no audio on his camera? My camera from 1985 has audio, Its probably bc it would be too tricky for the fabricators to fake his voice. The problems with this tape should be brought up bc time and time again its brought up as the best evidence for the OCT. A big problem with the truth movement is the failure to address the "evidence" thats used to support the OCT. People are much more likely to be open to new hypothesis if problems are presented with the evidence to support the official hypothesis. If the Official hypothesis is sound, why consider a new one?

4 Why do only 6 of the 19 hijackers appear on airport video cams? 3 years later they released video of 4 of the guys, but these could be anyone, why the delay? where are the videos of the rest of 13 guys who went on those planes?

5. How did the 99% plane disintergrate according to all the pics and videos weve seen, but a passport , knife and bandana of the hijackers survive? Debunkers claim that 95% plane was recovered but this is not backed up by any video/pictorial evidence.

These points are a good way to deal with 9/11.

Good Summary.

Especially points 1 - 3. Common sense approach.