Taking the truth on the road (part 1)

Hello from Shady Cove, Oregon!

(I'm on dial-up here, so my apologies if this is slow, LOL)

Last night on my way up from the SF bay area I stopped in Arcata to pick up some dvd's and stuff for tabling at the David Ray Griffin events I'm working in Seattle, Portland and Ashland. While waiting in beautiful downtown Arcata (around midnight) I happened across scores of college age folks enjoying the nightlife. Never one to miss an opportunity I whipped out some deception dollars and started working, they were universally appreciated and started a few conversations about 9/11 which gave me the chance to spring some 11 Remarkable Facts cards on the college aged crowd. Many had never seen or heard of WTC 7, so this really got some people thinking.

(Many thanks to the tolerant folks at "The Alibi" bar who put up with a certain crazy 47-year old dancing while wearing a Curious George shirt. Good dj, btw. There is a "PG-13" rated version of this story, see me for details, LOL)

Mysteriously, a few "9/11 Truth Ends War" stickers appeared in Arcata that same night.

Today I happened across a community bulletin board here in Shady Cove and put a facts card up there, too.

I will be screeening 9/11 Mysteries for some friends tonight, they're mostly there already and this ought to do it.

More as I make my way to Seattle (my hometown!)...

(btw, after I got my hair cut on Saturday morning I converted all the haircutters to 9/11 Truth (i'll be giving them dvd's when I get back late next week), the common sense of the American people will prevail)

Keep up the good work, y'all, we're winning every day!

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

get it....leftwright / right leave...(shut it, wolgang!)

leftwright has the right to leave stickers up and down the west/left coast (that 'left' slam is borrowed from the o'limbannity superfans). don't forget to say hi to the fat seals. they are for the most part, pro 9/11 truthystuff. just tell 'em old wolfdoggerface sent ya'. the saltwater is on me!


You Rascal!

Good to hear that you're on your mission north, delivering the truth with a side order of humor as well. My best to you Sir!

Wow so cool LW!

Im going to try and make it up to Seattle on the 18th for Dr. Griffins book tour. Hope to see ya there.

What, no Vancouver?

Geez man I'm let down.

On a side note, DRG is taller than I thought. *shrug*

Yeah, I know, pretty lame, eh?

I really want to meet the Vancouver group because you all seriously rock. I'm driving a vehicle with paper dealer "plates" and I'm not sure I get get into Canada (and back). Plus, it looks like I may be needed in Seattle for logistical support, but there is still a chance that I will make it up.

Good chance I'll come to the June conference.

Keep up the great work!

I hope that you and yours are well.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.