EDIT: Rescheduled for Friday - 5-18-2007 - Johnny Wave scheduled for Truth Revolution Radio Tonight

EDIT: Due to problems beyond the host's control, this interview is re-scheduled for Friday, 5-18-2007.

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A Marine Conspiracy Theorist?

JamesB, wherefore art thou? Don't we get a comment from you? C'mon, call him a kook or something at least. JamesB? JamesB? Debunkers? Anyone? Bueller?

I listened to Mondays TRR

I listened to Mondays TRR with Gage and Wave, it was a great show. Looking forward to another.

Rock n' Roll

Johnny! Thanks for all the compliments on the photo(s). Lucky shot. The sun was so bright, I kept waiting for the light to get better.

Nice sign

Everyone's been so busy lauding Johhny Wave (well deserved BTW) that the "We Can Do It!" sign has received little recognition. Someone obviously put a lot of work into it. (Look closely at the face.) Kudos to the sign maker!

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Houston we have a problem

I'll let Cosmos explain. The Rosie the Riveter graphic was created by r m (I believe) a regular here on 911Blogger with thanks to Dan Falcon. It's in the archives, page 8. The word was "spread it around". I wanted to use it so bad, and I went to Kinkos and all I got was no-can-do. They said that coming from a website, the resolution wouldn't be good. Zan recommended a printer in the valley, and I'm so pleased with the way it turned out. The guy was so helpful. He photoshopped the blue field to make it fit the dimensions (12x18) and added our website. Plus, Kinkos said anything over 11x17 was over-sized. I hope Rosie keeps it up, whatever she does after June 21, and we can use them again. Plan to use at FOX June 11. Only drawback, at this point, they cost $7 each.

If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention.


I was on a plane that was two and a half hours late. So fucked!

We will reschedule, most likely for Friday.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month



I have confirmation

Truth Revolution Radio has CONFIRMED that USMC Johnny Wave will be on Truth Revolution Radio tomorrow night 9 pm. It is bound to be powerful and I know I am looking forward to it.