John Gibson Capitalizes On Rasmussen Poll To Make 9/11 Truth A Partisan Issue

I don't know who commissioned that poll, but I would almost bet it was someone in the Republican party to use against the Democrats in the upcoming election. Or, at least someone friendly to the Republicans. The funny thing is, 9/11 is a non-partisan issue. Right now, my vote is going to Ron Paul. A Republican from Texas. Sound like anyone we know?

Poll Shows One in Three Dems Think Bush Knew About 9/11 in Advance


By John Gibson
Tuesday, May 15, 2007

If I may commend to you a column today by one of my favorites, Jonah Goldberg, writing in The Los Angeles Times. The headline for Goldberg's piece today is: "Just how crazy are the Dems?" and the first line reads: "Most fair-minded readers will no doubt take me at my word when I say that a majority of Democrats in this country are out of their gourds."

What he is talking about is a new Rasmussen Poll asking about the 9/11 conspiracy theory that George W. Bush knew about the 9/11 attacks in advance. The results showed that 35 percent of Democrats believe he did know, 39 percent say he did not know and 26 percent are not sure.

Jonah Goldberg writes: "One in three Democrats believe that Bush was in on it somehow, and a majority of Democrats either believe that Bush knew about the attacks in advance or can't quite make up their minds."

Goldberg and I are in complete agreement on what this means. You have to be out of your mind. He goes on with great wit and reason to explain how crazy it is, and I recommend you read his column.

For myself, I attribute this kind of craziness to willful disregard for reason and the explanations of weird stuff that happened that day. For all the people who believe the planes did not bring the towers down, that explosives must have been planted in the buildings in advance, that 19 jihadi Arab kids couldn't have pulled this off, that they left a trail of crumbs that should have and therefore was discovered by the FBI in advance, it only takes a little reading to disabuse yourself of these notions.

But the people who don't read, who continue to believe these things in the face of evidence and reason and logic — let's say Rosie, and a majority of Democrats evidently — the only way this makes any sense at all is to look at the anger and the vitriol and the bitter resentment of George Bush, and the willingness to believe absolutely any nasty awful thing about him that any street-level lunatic can possibly invent.

And that kind of hate, evidently, has morphed itself into a kind of insanity — craziness — and that is what we are seeing. I would like to think it is a fever that will pass, but I'm afraid the fever will only fade when the patient — the many patients — pass on from this life.

That's My Word.

Somewhat Unfair, What About Republicans?

Goldberg closes with something about how he thinks the real number may be lower, more like 1 in 10 Democrats, but he ignores that the same poll says one in 8 Republicans buy the advance notice.

But we're heading into high political season and you'd better expect that Republicans are going to use any Trutherism by liberals as a club to use against the Democrats.

I like guns...

Am I still a liberal?

By the way, both sides ignore A LOT of polls.

It's Not The Crime That Kills You, But The Cover-Up

Blah, blah , blah--boring...

Let's talk about something else instead, like---

How did Conspiracy Smasher and Nico both know about 911Clowns to blog about iwithin a couple of hours of THE FIRST POST--unless one of them is 911Clowns and the othe one's in on it?

Right--no point in being coy--we both know Nico is 911Clowns and Conspiracy Smasher must have known about it before hand. Suppose the real question is, how did YOU know about it, to blog it 4days later, when no Google search made a direct reference until 5+ days later, and it wasn't easily found on Nico's blogf?

Okay, I'll drop ALL coyness--you or someone your connceted with KNEW in advance about 911Clowns. And your "gee I'm not sure if this was done by Nico--sorta sounds like him but I'm not sure" act is the limit. Who the fuck do you think you're kidding?

This is the same thing as with that 911Blogger SS hoax Nico did. Yeah, he started the hoaxing, remember? But you don't mind when he does it. Only when copy cats pop up(unless they're ALL Nico; didn't think of that). Now, in that case, you blogged it within a day--and you didn't have any problem whatsoever with Nazis then. Bring on the swastikas, you said. We have you down as non comittal about the feces. But the hoax blog as a whole you thought was quite amusing. Until everyone started to object to the whole "swastikas are amusing thing".

Am I enjoying harrasing you about this? Well, yes I am. See, you banned me from your blog after LYING about me. So, much satisfaction here. Swastika lover.

Cheery bye....

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.


Good News.

Publicity wins us the debate. Silence serves them. I'm glad the poll is out and being used. Now we come back with another poll. It moves in our direction. Step by step.