Organization, MONEY, and David Ray Griffin

It's time for us to start putting up some real MONEY. The best way to do this would be to get David Ray Griffin to oversee an account. We all trust him and believe he is wise and parctical. He could get plenty of help and make the spending 100% transparent. Congressional and presidential andidates that are in favor of a real 9/11 investigation get money. Candidates that are not infavor get ads targeting their stupid positions.

If anyone can get in touch with DRG and get him to agree to this, I am sure that many of us will be more than willing to send in one week's pay or better.

Count me in!

Just get Griffin to run for

Just get Griffin to run for Prez were ever he went there would be supporters.

He has already said that he

He has already said that he will not do that.

I'll ask him before I introduce him tonight...

But somehow I think he'll respectfully decline.

Please do ask him. All he

Please do ask him. All he has to do is agree to oversee the account. He can delegate someone else to do all the other work.

in my opinion donating to

in my opinion donating to alex jones (, would be better. he accepts donations, you can find the address to mail a check on his site he has recently stated he will accept donations.

just my two cents of course.


Not a big fan alex jones (, David Griffin is an outstanding man Would represent 9/11 truth the best in my opinion and I would certainly trust him wth money over Alex Jones.

That's the point. Almost all

That's the point. Almost all of us agree that Griffin is honest, wise, and practical. Plus he has done so much work.
I would send money in a flash if I knew he would oversee the project.

hold on

Hi Alvin,

Shouldn't the movement organize first before soliciting money. DRG is a good guy but what will he do with the money and how will he know where the movement would want it spent. There is no mechanism for generating a consensus or a designated leadership to decide a course of action. At the same time contributors don't know what organization they are contributing to.

I dont know much of this but I think the logical course is:

meet locally
define members
designate/elect leaders
form structure-chain of command/lines of communication
plan activities (which may include fund raising, forming networks with similar groups, etc.)
execute plans

Support a Congressional Investigation of 9-11


Money talks


Money in Griffin's hands would be money well spent. Money will make things happen.

Here's another angle on money.

There is a frequently cited estimate that 16% of Americans think the buildings were blown up. This is full-on MIHOP.
Be conservative, let's say only 5% of Americans are full-on MIHOP.
US population = 280 million
5% X 280 million = 14 million
If each of those 14 million gives $100, that would equal $1.4 BILLION.

Think about it.
A computer costs $1,000. A decent internet connection about $300 per year.
Everybody kicks in $100, the cost of internet for 3, 4 months.

Anyone too cheap to poney up is full of crap.

I believe there is no need to wait when we have someone of Griffin's calibre.