David Ray Griffin has tentatively agreed to oversee a 9/11 Political Action Fund

Daricus spoke with Griffin last night and reports as follows:

"I spoke with him about your idea and he was actually quite receptive. He said that he would use the money for three or four organizations, (911truth.org being one example) plus an investigative project." (see: http://www.911blogger.com/node/8652#comment-143264)

Next steps: Bank account overseen by Griffin, PayPal account connected to it.

Please make suggestions below.

My suggestion:

There will be a need for input from people who make donations, and that can be arranged. But Americans too often get lost in the political process and fail to sieze the moment. We have an exemplary leader in Griffin. He has proved himself in every way. Let's begin this project by trusting him.

chipin.com is a useful tool

chipin.com is a useful tool that makes it easy to contribute.

Maybe this fund could be used to....

....commission polls.....as one idea....

Maybe local truth groups will do fundraisers to help with Seed Money.

Great of DRG to do this.

As for the second question,

No, Dr. Griffin will not be running for president.

Daricus, sent you an email

Daricus, sent you an email through Blogger to discuss this more.

Go Alvin

Kudos for getting your ideas moving

Support a Congressional Investigation of 9-11

goto http://911blogger.com/node/8545

Juan: Let's see where we can


Let's see where we can take this.

When I first started thinking about this, I thought the fund should be mainly political--targeting Congressional races, giving out info, etc.

Then I thought that maybe it should just be for research and information, as this would be simpler than setting up a PAC.

As of this morning, I am leaning toward the political angle again. If it is just for research and info, it may languish for years before showing any real progress.

As for myself, I am willing to help set-up whatever we do, and I will help publicize it, etc., but I personally do not want to have anything to do with the finances. I think this idea will most definitely work best if DRG takes care of the spending. I believe that this movement is at a place where we will really benefit from just getting together and following the lead of Griffin. I know that sounds un-American to many, but politics united behind one figure can move very fast and hit very hard, whereas a diffuse movement with 30 different agendas cannot.