Fox News and the Neo Con Agenda are attacking 9/11 TRUTH Movement using Ron Paul as a Punching Bag

Ron Paul is attacked because he has supported 9/11 Truth.

I'll Let the video speak for it self.


Paul was the only sane one on that stage

But Fox has loaded the audience with proto-fascist morons.

Get it on the Digg Front Page! It's almost there...

Get it on the Digg Front Page! It's almost there...

Ron Paul never endorsed 9/11 Truth during the debates

Unless I missed something, he has never endorsed 9/11 Truth or made comments
even remotely suggesting the official story was a lie - even in this video.

All I heard him say was that the US foreign policy in the Middle East over the last 20-30 years
culminated in the 9/11 attacks.

I heard him say that night "when we were attacked on 9/11".

So, again, unless I missed something, he hasn't endorsed 9/11 truth
during the debates.

This is just Fox Noise creating their own reality in trying to make Ron Paul
look like a nutcase endorsing 9/11 truth, which he hasn't officially done.