Fox News Fabricates Ron Paul Connection to 9/11 Truth

This is insane! They have managed to skew Ron Paul's debate comments and connect them to a story about 9/11 Truth so they can attack them both at once. Fox never ceases to amaze me! Hitler could've only dreamed of this type of propaganda machine.

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Perfect. "wtc7" "alex jones" Why is fox totally blowing it? My god... it's like their on our side. Go ahead fox, link Ron to truth all you want. We have a year to club you with it.

This is truly shocking

But thank-you Fox news. We know you're corrupt and you just keep on reinforcing our belief, day after day. Now it seems that a Republican is not allowed to agree with the 9/11 report on blow back.

Unintentional Self-Satire....

....truly hysterical....

This has to be my favorite attack piece yet.....although I have no doubt Faux will top it....perhaps they will just completely dispense with any pretense at disseminating even a speck of "information", and fill a 100% of the time with name-calling and insults.

John: "Ron Paul: Nut-job"

Michelle: "Alex Jones: Wing-nut"

John: "9/11 Truth Movement: Cesspool"

Michelle: "Democratic Party: Infected with 9/11 Truth virus"


wait for the next shoe to drop

Which is when the corrupt Dem establishment will point to all of this and say SEE? we have to distance ourselves from this because if not Fox is going to win over all rational americans! LISTEN to KOS!!! SAVE our party from the CRAZIES. They will do this, just watch! That's why both parties are going to lose in this...


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Michelle Malkin must have had

some time off from her other job, making porn videos at, to do this hit piece.
what was that little look to her handlers, that she did right at the end there? was she checking with the armed guards to see if she did ok?


Physics/Science/Mathematics do not lie, only people do.
9/11 was an INSIDE JOB

Here it is...

Funny how they try to define us!

Ron Paul is a truther for claiming blowback? This sets up a straw man for the mommy party types to now go on the offensive against the truth because a) it's supported by "radical republicans" and b) it makes liberals look crazy. Their refusal to cover this issue honestly (on both sides) is slowly but surely going to cause people to tune them all out, since the gap between reality and what passes for it on TV is becoming so stark. This misrepresentation is a desperate gambit on their part and will backfire.


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force