"Highly Credible People Question 9/11" is posted at Huffington.

Please vote for that story right here to give people some easy-to-use info.

6 votes and it gets on the front page:)

Hey GW....

I have been "Huffing" the heck out of all your posts that have appeared on the Huffington Post. Quite honestly, when I first saw your articles to be "Huffed" I was shocked that this left gatekeeping site would actually make your posts available to be read. Congratulations!

Everyone should check out the Huffingpost, get a login and password that will enable to "Huff" GW's 9/11 articles!!!!!

"A patriot must be ready to defend his country against his government" - Edward Abbey

Huffed! Thanks and good work


Thanks and good work GW.


Thanks GW. Looks like your work is paying off. The envelope is being pushed. Thanks.

looks like it made it :)

looks like it made it :)

Thanks, everyone!

I got this list posted over at the New York Times blog on Rosie and a Chicago Tribune blog also.

Let's all keep pushing the envelope and preaching to others who aren't already in the choir!

However, I've been banned from

Digg for posting the same thing. Those Diggers are vicious in their anti-truth efforts.

I was 'suspended'

I was 'suspended' permanently from Digg for posting the mini-documentary called:

Ultimate Con: