Power Blogging in Santa Fe

The sun rose over Santa Fe with some 9/11 truth sprinkled around town... Hopefully they get the message over at the bogus 'World Peace Conference' put on by the tourism dept.

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I'll let you guys know how long they stay up...

LOL! What a great idea!

LOL! What a great idea! Good going.

I wonder how long they will stay up and the method they will choose to get them down.

I hope this activism technique/strategy gets added to the activism tab on 911Blogger.com along with a few other techniques I have in mind.

For example, at a local art supply store I bought a $10 stencil for making shirts. The paint was about $5 and I buy shirts at various second hand stores like Salvation Army, Goodwill, Out of the Closet, One More Time, Good Stuff for as low as $1 each. So far I have 2 stencils and plan to get more:





All I do is take in a print out of my design and it's done in about 1 minute. I will take some pictures and make a suggestion to dz/mods because these are fun to make and wear.

Great Job!!!

Very good visibility! Creative thinking! Good Job!!!

Now if only the "One Way sign" (on the 4th photo down) was pointing left instead of right and "No Left turn" traffic sign was a "no Right Turn"...hmmm. (just a thought).

hahahaha that is

hahahaha that is awesome.....great job!!!!

Kick Butt Activism.

Very Creative Thinking. Are those tennis balls used? I haven't seen anything like this before. Inspiring and great work!

Santa Fe looks like a great town that way.

can you tell us what

can you tell us what materials you used? very good idea!

Power Blogging

Yeah, I was gonna do a little writeup when I got the chance...

The materials we used all came from Home Depot: a plastic drop cloth for painting that we cut into strips for the banners, nylon rope, white duct tape, big 1/2" washers, wooden dowels, and sharpies. Cut the drop cloth into strips, tape a piece of dowel at the bottom for weight, thread the rope through a hole at the top and tape it off (taping the rope together works better than tying because it keeps the banner oriented right with a good throw). Tie your counterweight to the other end of the rope - we started off using 3 1/2 inch washers, but they were too light. Later we started using six, which worked better, but we ran out pretty quick and just used rocks the rest of the time. The rocks worked, but make sure it's secured to the rope good - if it falls off later the banner will probably come down.

You'll want to size the rope appropriately for the thrower: too long and the banner won't unfurl all the way as you throw, resulting in a bad shot. Too short and you won't have enough area to catch the power line. A kinda long rope will also let you toss the counter weight around a second time if you can stand on the roof of an SUV (by the end of the day the ones we had done this to were the only ones still up). I'm working on a method that involves a second counterweight that gets cut off with scissors on a stick after you toss it around a second time, so you can get a wrap around regardless of height, but I haven't tried it out yet...

Practice throwing a few times before you go out, so you don't waste time in the middle of an intersection tossing them again and again (not that it isn't fun...). Stop lights are usually easier, but it'll probably fall off unless you can get the weight around a second time. Power lines are easy if they're low, and ones that are secured good can only be taken down by the power company. Good luck!

Cool, but

You need to pick your slogans more wisely. It should have said on one side: wtc7.net (instead of "WTF") and on the other side, "google 911:Press for Truth.
We're dealing with the mindless masses here.
Great strategy, poorly executed. Sorry for sounding mean, but we need to realize we're playing information chess against the media.

edit: apparently I missed a couple of the images...props for the 911proof plug!


We had the 'WTC 7 WTF?!' hanging right next to a 'Question 911'.... I think it worked pretty good. And Press for Truth is definitely one of the best movies, but 'Terrorstorm' is a shorter title and packs more of a punch... and yeah, 911proof.com is a great site to send ignorant people to.

beautiful job man. "The

beautiful job man.

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA