Taking the truth on the road (part 2)

Hello from Seattle (Bothell actually!), brothers and sisters in truth!

I actually rolled into Seattle a little after 7pm on Tuesday evening, but have been too busy to post until now.

Last night we did a film premiere of 9/11: The Myth and the Reality at a lovely neighborhood church in the Green Lake district. The small gym had everything we needed to show the film and do Q&A afterward. The only shortcoming was a very small audience (10 people), all of whom are already hip to 9/11 Truth.

Marketing, folks, it's all about promotion. If it's not out there, by definition, people won't see it and can't know about it.

This event was a late addition to the main DRG event on Friday (tomorrow) and was not co-promoted along with it. Additionally, there was very little separate promotion of the event, thus the very low turnout.

(If I had known how little promotion was going on for this event, I would have come up a day earlier and done my flyering thang, ahh well, live and learn, the point of this post, btw)

Our hosts are great and Seattle rocks! I hope to see some of the Vancouver crew down here tomorrow as I didn't make it there last night (my regrets to Van).

Keep spreading the truth, brothers and sisters.

Be well.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.