What everyone should know about the 9/11 truth movement...

(For the uninitiated, the unsure, and even the disgusted)

Before you go throwing around "wackos, wingbats, nutjobs and conspiracy theorists, etc..." or listening to those who are, learn a little about the people who call themselves the 9/11 truth movement:

1. The 9/11 truth movement is diverse, democratic, and non-partisan. This is not a far right-wing or far left-wing movement. There are Jews, Christians, Muslims, Hispanics, Whites, African Americans, rich, poor, PhD professors, college students, truck drivers, teachers, lawyers, doctors, architects, Reverends,atheists, democrats, republicans, and independents. There is no "type" of truther, because the truth knows neither religious, ethnic, social nor secular boundaries.

2. The 9/11 Truth movement is not a conspiracy movement. Believe it or not, the majority of people involved in criticism of the government's official story (the 'official conspiracy theory' as many have come to call it) do not know what really happened on 9/11, and they admit that. However, in admitting this they demand that we all should and moreover must know the truth about what did happen. Most agree that whatever the government's story, it does not hold up to charges of at the very least, omission and distortion if not outright lying. The majority of people involved in the 9/11 Truth movement have far more questions than theories, and almost everyone will acknowledge that no conclusions are possible until a thorough, transparent, citizen-led investigation occurs without the obstructionist tactics and top-secret classifications that our government has become all too good at deploying.

3. The people in this movement are not beyond critical thinking; they are deeply indebted to it. The forums on 9/11 truth have been filled with discussion and debate, much evidence, and many questions. In the past years and months many bad ideas and false leads have been weeded through. We have also become much more clear about what questions remain and what evidence best supports the notion that the government's story is incomplete, self-contradictory, and often times, simply false. This process of reaching consensus has been dynamic, and it is ongoing. It has been aided rather than hindered by the attempts of many scientists and even self-appointed 'debunkers' who have often presented compelling information which was acknowledged, digested, and incorporated into an ever-growing and changing body of knowledge.

4. The people in this movement believe that knowing the truth about 9/11 is essential to the health and future of our country not tangential to it. Whether or not some in the movement hold that there is a secret group of government mafioso, most agree that the bloodshed of the 21st century has been inaugurated on the back of 9/11 and for that reason is in no way beyond our sincere, patriotic doubt and dissent.

5. The people in this movement hold that it is possible for both a) George W. Bush to be a close-minded, parochial, and incompetent and b) people within the government besides or in addition to Bush to have sufficient resources and technological know-how to conduct a major covert operation. Lastly, however, to suggest that our government 'could not have done this' (invoking allegations of an inside job) is to forget that 'to do something' and 'to get away with it' are entirely different beasts. While some believe our government was either inadvertently or directly involved the attacks of 9/11, most believe that the massive cover-up surrounding these events was far from successful, as evidenced by the hundreds of thousands of people questioning the sanctity of that very story.

6. The people in this movement promote the understanding that State-sponsored or condoned acts of terrorism, even conducted against a country's own citizens, are not only plausible but have happened repeatedly throughout history. Events such as the Reichstag Fire in Weimar Germany, the sinking of the Maine and the Lusitania, Pearl Harbor, and the Gulf of Tonkin were all conspicuous national tragedies which became platforms from which major wars were launched. Whether one takes a strong view of these events and believes they are staged; a middle view of these events and believes they were allowed; or a weak view of these events and believes they were merely taken advantage of--there is no doubt that the history of the 20th century was marked by many moments in which national catastrophes turned into national battlecries. It is more than fair to ask if these have been merely coincidences followed by patriotic fervor or something far more incendiary and sinister in an attempt to prevent the 21st century from befalling the same fate.

7. The people in this movement acknowledge that much of the evidence gathered through 9/11 truth research is circumstantial and speculative, but that that is reason indeed to continue searching rather than to stop asking questions. A list of such circumstantial evidence and contradictions is quite long: the War Games on 9/11, put options placed on United and American Airlines, Larry Silverstein's asbestos problem, ISI funding, repeated meetings between FBI officials and named hi-jackers, the apparent confusion of identities surrounding hijackers who are still alive, Bin Laden's dual denial and confession, the loss (destruction) of thousands of files relating to SEC investigations, the improbability of WTC7s textbook collapse...all of these and many more are grounds for concern. People in this movement wonder if the offense taken by others when reacting to suggestions that the Government's story simply cannot take this evidence into account is a sign that they are suffering from willful ignorance, denial or worse.

8. The people in this movement acknowledge that while the burden of proof is on those asking questions, the burden of truth is on every citizen, American, and human not only in this country but on this planet. They acknowledge that neither the government nor the media can be relied on to find that truth. They acknowledge that lives lost on 9/11, the lives lost throughout history defending freedom and real democracy, and the lives that will no doubt be lost in the future following the orders of a corrupt administration, all deserve nothing less than that truth. Lastly, they believe the truth--in due time--cannot be suppressed and that justice--in due course--cannot be contained.


awesome write up

good points, good presentation!


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It's easy to read those that have an eye for deeper under...

standing, of what we are all searching for!

When Johnny comes marching home again hoo-ra, hoo-raa.

We are all learning and improving our skills and thoughts during this fight, for this we can all be greatfull. Great work Johnny!

Kindest regrads John


Here's a PDF version...Distribute and enjoy

I'm glad the response has been so positive. I toned down the language on able danger and formatted it in a 1 and 2 page version as a pdf. Distribute and enjoy.



p.s. The burden of proof is on those who want to make their point. If we point a finger at anyone else and wait for them to take the lead in uncovering their own crimes and oversights we will be waiting a long, long time.

One word



...foward this to Rosie.

Very well written.

I suggest we forward this letter to all of our local media outlets.

Right-On Johnny

Anyone who questions the "Official Conspiricy Theory" is a truther in my book. We are diverse, all ages, male and female, athiest or religious, it makes no difference. All we want is the truth as to what happened on 9/11/2001. That is why we are called truthers.

Superb - please

please distribute far and wide

what about this one:

RE: "repeated meetings between FBI officials and named hi-jackers"

what source did you get that from?

the only evidence I have of FBI contact w/ named hijackers is the FBI asset that lived w/ Al Hazmi and Al Midhar in San Diego.

Thanks for the close read...

I think I might have been overstating speculations about the Able Danger program, as well as allegations that intelligence/military officials were close nearby the florida training schools. As you can maybe tell, I'm not a researcher, just a generalist and a writer. If you think I slipped something loose in there, I hope I covered it somewhat by openly admitting to a degree of speculation.


I would make a correction before sending it off

I would make a correction before sending it off. Able Danger wasn't even an FBI program (it was a Pentagon-led) and there is no evidence anybody from the Able Danger team met with any of the hijackers.

alleged hijackers



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good point

good point Real Truther,

there are only SEVEN of the 19 alleged hijackers identifiable through photographic evidence (of them boarding the planes)


You could change the language to indicate

the comprehensive surveillance of the alleged hijackers by domestic and foreign intelligence agencies (in some cases, the Mossad were literally living down the street from the alleged hijackers), the repeated warnings from foreign and domestic intelligence (40 PDBs, 11 foreign intelligence agencies, and a host of attempts by FBI agents that were blocked by higher-ups), and the past associations of OBL and alleged hijackers with the US government (OBL worked for the CIA; five of the hijackers trained on secure US military installations in the 1990s; and so on).

But overall this is an excellent statement of who we are.

All classic patsies/fall-guys are carefully duped, cultivated,

groomed, observed, & kept out of trouble by their overseers! This surely applies to caveman Osama's 19 flunkies!


the evidence is still circumstantial. Hopsicker's work is instructive and seems to indicate a wealthy sponsor (perhaps a state but it could be a quasi-institutional sponsor) did exist.

The Able Danger program is not sufficient evidence to conclude that it was how the 'patsies' were groomed. That is Tarpley's speculation, but that is it.

It is circumstantial

I'm not suggesting they were patsies. I don't know. There are so many anomalies in the histories of the hijackers that all we really know is that they definitely did not come out of nowhere. Of course, we can't prove foreknowledge or manipulation of the plot, because that kind of information will never be released if it exists.

The other source of confusion that surrounds the hijackers is the fact that it's difficult to say which state had the strongest connection to them. Intelligence agents or agencies from America, Israel, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia were all entertwined with the plot. Hijackers in San Diego lived with a Saudi agent, receiving funds from the wife of the Saudi ambassador to America, and of course most of the hijackers (and OBL) had Saudi passports; also, there is the 28 redacted pages. The Pakistani connections are multiple, including the ISI meeting with Graham and Goss on 9/11. The Israelis we know were following several of the hijackers, and of course the Dancing Israelis story suggests foreknowledge. And how could the hijackers enter and leave America repeatedly, and train to fly in that CIA nest in South Florida, without American intelligence help?

It's difficult to point the finger at one group/government.


I think the FBI asset living w/ the two hijackers is strong circumstantial evidence that the alleged hijackers were patsies.

On The View today.....

some great comments on Ron Paul, and Fox news coverage of the debate.


Good Read!

Johnny, you

are a brilliant writer. There is a certain quality which I find similar to some of the drafters of the bill of rights. "We find these truths to be self-evident".

Please please please ... keep writing.

And thanks also for being open to letting the folks here fact-check your statements.

Now THAT'S a slam-dunk!

Now THAT'S a slam-dunk!

Nice job!

This is going to make an excellent flyer to pass out. I hope you dont mind.

That was my first thought.

Flyer. It would be great if you could fit all that on a page with the Johnny Wave photo. Nice writing!! Keep it up!
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The most interesting feature about the 9/11 truth movement

is that it has no structure, and no leadership. It is nothing more, or less, than the movement of the truth itself, that the official conspiracy theory about what happened on 9/11 is nothing but a myth and a Big Lie.

That is what makes it so powerful as an emerging social movement and socio-political reality.
On the 11th day, of every month.


the truth moves each of us to move the truth in many different ways. while none of us may have all the answers (or know all the questions) there is something undeniably very powerful about what is emerging. let's make it last, and let's make it count.


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero

WTCdemolition.com - Harvard Task Force


Good people, please help me Digg up this LiveLeak video:

Who warned these 2 cops that they needed to back away from the North Tower because, "it was leaning"? The North Tower never "leaned", but it was brought down by controlled demolition! (If it "leaned" wouldn't it fall over & not erupt & explode into it's own footprint at virtually free-fall speed?


(Very odd how this vid was crystal clear when I uploaded it & played it a few times last night, but now it's rather blurry. Is Big Brother at work?)

nice article

everyone should know and understand that there is a 9/11 Truth movement and that we do have the evidence to prove what we say. nothing can stop the truth from coming out.

"Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories concerning the attacks of September the 11th;
malicious lies that attempt to shift the blame away from the terrorists, themselves, away from the guilty."

-George W. Bush November 11, 2001

Burden of Proof?

The article raises some excellent points. However, I'm not quite sure about this part:

"The people in this movement acknowledge that while the burden of proof is on those asking questions"...

Does that imply that the 9/11 truth movement must somehow prove that 9/11 was an inside job, rather than simply show the falsity of the official conspiracy theory? It would seem more accurate to state that the burden of proof lies with those defending the official story.

I don't think Johnny meant to impy this, but further clarification would be helpful.

"Many 9/11 activists have

"Many 9/11 activists have incorrectly assumed that the government has the burden of proving that the official story is true."

Why then has the government bothered showing the pictures of the (alleged) hyjackers and the Bin Laden "confession" tape.

According to this quote they could as easy have said that some Isam terrorists had attacked America.
Why naming Osama and 19 hyjackers and showing video's of the pentagon ?

Of course they try to "proove" their story !

There's "prove" and there's prove

They can "prove" their case with really weak evidence like the pictures and tape. We are forced to prove that this is false, which is harder because they have all the information.

Great article!

Despite my idealistic comment below, I think you are right that we still have the burden of proof in the court of public opinion, as a practical matter. I hope that is changing.

I liked your discussion of no planes theories. Though I don't agree with all your premises, it was open and fair and raised good questions.

Burden of Proof

The defenders of “the official story” can’t refute the arguments for an independent, thorough, legal and forensic investigation by simply pointing to one or two things and saying “that’s not true”.

They have to refute most of them, and the most critical of them.

Any such claim can be reviewed, revised or rejected, but it is the totality of the existing information that becomes telling. This is described by Dr. Griffin as THE CUMULATIVE NATURE of the information and the argument.

As he also explains, the "official story" is a 'deductive' argument which fails if any one of its major links can be shown to be false.

Conversely, those who demand further investigation need not provide a detailed theory or explanation for how the events transpired; they need merely show, as they have in many ways, that “the official story” cannot be true, and that its official or semi-official proclamations about 9/11 cannot stand up to logical, theoretical, scientific, forensic, or other scrutiny.

Loose Change & William Rodriguez booked on the View

i just heard they have been booked on the view,


Umm, will this be in addition to a show

with DRG, Steven Jones, or Kevin Ryan? This sucks.


I'm afraid I agree.
As much as I owe Loose Change for turning me on to this movement, I don't feel that they will have the sort of respect and credibility that Jones or DRG or Kevin Ryan would have. It'd be too easy for non-thruthers to dismiss them as "silly college kids"...

At the very LEAST, people will go watch Loose Change, which STILL is a perfect introduction to the movement, and then move to things like 911 Mysteries or Press For Truth....

I hope other guests are added.

But I should repeat that I owe those guys for getting me and a few other people i know into the movement.

I have to agree with

casseia here. As long as the "loose change guys" express their desire to have experts represent the movement as well as themselves, it's not such a bad thing, I guess. Otherwise they can be accused of being self-promoters instead of promoters of the 9/11 truth and justice movement. Personally, if I was Dylan or Jason (or Korey) I'd request that someone more qualified in a specific field of study be on the show first. I'd love to see DRG or Steve Jones on before anyone else.

Quit bashing the LC guys & William Rodriguez, please!

All that would be needed to break-open the truth would be to show a few key clips from LC along with eyewitness testimony by Rodriquez on The View! Do you think "Big Brother" would let this happen--then think again.

Great work

I do disagree with this: "the burden of proof is on those asking questions"

Personally, I think that the burden of proof has always been on the government, particularly when it is claiming war and spying on citizens is necessary because of 9/11. However, I can see a presumption that the government is telling the truth, and as a practical matter, people do trust and want to trust their government.

Once it has been shown, however, that there are serious questions about major aspects of the government's story, this presumption is overcome, and it is now the government's burden to prove its case. So I don't acknowledge that the burden of proof is on those who are asking questions, who have much lower resources and access to information.

These inaccuracies are huge.

"speculations about the Able Danger program, as well as allegations that intelligence/military officials were close nearby the florida training schools."

Webster Tarpley has been the one irresponsibly speculating about the Able Danger program. Because of the "Able" in the title, he pairs it off against other war game exercises like Able Warrior.

This is not how the program has been described by the people running it (Shaffer and others). It has consistently been described as "data mining", and not a field operation.

Data mining is collecting large amounts of data. This program was described by Shaffer as purchasing surveillance data of people attending Mosques around the world. The computers then look for people who travel from Mosque to Mosque on the assumption that they are international terrorists.

The second case of surveillance at the flight schools is sourced to Daniel Hopsicker. I have heard that a cab driver who drove Rudi Dekkers and Atta around at night was highly suspicious, and that he left the area right after 9/11.

This is not the same as saying that FBI agents were in touch with named hijackers. This is a possible link between SOMEONE working for SOMEWHERE possibly trying to keep tabs on the flight school.

FBI agents in Phoenix AZ investigated a flight school, and they wrote a memo to headquarters requesting a massive search of all the nation's flight schools for people linked to terrorism -- before 9/11. This was ignored.

Zacharias Moussaoui was arrested in Minneapolis after attending a flight school and trying to learn how to "steer a 747" without taking off or landing. The agents there were desperate to get a FISA warrant to search his laptop, but were denied repeatedly (70 times, Harry Samit). These agents were actively trying to stop a terrorism incident.

The FBI headquarters, in particular supervisors Mike Maltbie and Dave Frasca, deliberately impeded and stopped these investigations.

Prior to this, FBI investigator Robert Wright had his investigations of terror money financing thwarted by FBI HQ. Wright was not allowed to follow the money. This pattern of ignoring the money trail continued after 9/11, and is reflected right in the fraudulent 9/11 report.

See this article for more leads:

70 Disturbing Facts About 9/11

John Doraemi publishes Crimes of the State Blog

johndoraemi --at-- yahoo.com.


Thanks for doing that.

Senior 9/11 Bureau Chief, Analyst, Correspondent


9/11 — GET rEVENge! (in a peaceful manner, of course)

Old LC Forums #1 Thread I

Old LC Forums #1 Thread I found on:

"San Diego Fbi/william Lyon/wyle/duke Cunningham, Take a look at San Diego for some hints" & Hopsicker


Here's a PDF version...Distribute and enjoy

I'm glad the response has been so positive. I toned down the language on able danger and formatted it in a 1 and 2 page version as a pdf. Distribute and enjoy.



p.s. The burden of proof is on those who want to make their point. If we point a finger at anyone else and wait for them to take the lead in uncovering their own crimes and oversights we will be waiting a long, long time.