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Dear 911Truthers:

(I) Los Angeles' May 11th action at ABC News- US Marine Corp enlistee joins 911TruthLA - Following the recent May 5th meeting at the Unurban Cafe where we had 43 atendees, we've had yet another successful 9/11 outreach action.

Please see further updates on website at www.911truthla.net. The below text re "Johnny Wave" is from Katy Kurzman-Steele who participated in the May 11th action. Please note we are still gathering information on Mr. Wave and his background.


There are many heroes in this movement. There are ones who put their relationships, jobs and reputations on the line. Ones who whistle-blow and face the wraths of their departments. And then there are ones who will lay their lives on the line for the service of our country, come home and put everything on the line again, facing dishonorable discharge to court-martial, for their country in a fight possibly more dangerous. This is a man of courage and honor.

I understand what it is to take an oath to defend the Constitution from all enemies both foreign and domestic, having taken the oath 3 times myself. Yet to see this man and to fathom the depth of his valor humbles me to the core.

Meet Johnny Wave, a new member of 911TruthLA: [see www.911truthla.net for photos and details ]

Johnny will be present at our June 2nd meeting and will explain to our group his marine background and how he came to the 9/11Truth movement. Scott, Randy, Katy and others will discuss the May 11th action itself and plans for June and July '11th' actions. Please feel free to visit www.truthaction.org for details and to forward this e-mail to friends. They can subscribe via the link at the top of the 911truthla.net website.

(II) Monday L.A. City Council Task Force Hearing - MacArthur Park Police Riot

Below is my summary of the 1st Special Task Force Meeting on the LAPD police riot. I attended the meeting last night on behalf of the 9/11Truth movement and the Green Party (see my letter to John White (Los Angeles' Legislative Assistant on this issue) immediately following this summary). While there, I made a 2 minute presentation on behalf of 9/11TruthLA and the Green Party to the several hundred people gathered. Please note that this was the first of several task force meetings scheduled over the next several months and media was present in a substantial way. I spoke with both Carol Sobel and Cynthia Anderson-Barker about 911TruthLA's concern about the police state emerging in the United States and the trampling of our civil liberties, rights of assembly and constitutionally vested first amendment rights. They were very positive and receptive to our stance on the march. I encourage other 9/11Truthers to come and present on behalf of 9/11Truth at future meetings. As I've noted to Kathleen, Randy, Scott and others in our movement here in Los Angeles we should seek to be a highly visible presence at such local public events where the local and national media are significantly present.

Monday's meeting was a special meeting of the Public Safety Committee and the City Council. The May 14th meeting was held at Charles White Elementary School Auditorium and lasted from 6 pm to about 9 pm. (2401 WILSHIRE BOULEVARD, LOS ANGELES, CA 90057).

COUNCILMEMBER ED REYES, CO-CHAIR [Reyes presided -- reasonably well -- over the meeting]
COUNCILMEMBER JACK WEISS, CO-CHAIR [aka, Democratic Party Hack who voted for Iraq war/"Police State Tool Extraordinaire"]
LAPD Police Chief Bratton and Andre Birotte, Jr. (Office of the Inspector General) also attended. They were among the LAPD and non-partisan representatives in attendance. During the meeting's first hour the panel and council discussed the Role of the City Council in overseeing investigations into the events that took place in MacArthur Park on May 1, 2007. There was a great deal of dissent and frustration voiced over the panel's non-compliance with the Brown Act.

The LAPD then reported about the nature and progress of all incident investigations. We discussed witness and other panels as well as the Police Commission's reporting regarding the nature and progress of all incident investigations that are currently in process (the LAPD reports 24 people injured whereas the two attorneys present voiced that there are close to 50).

We had a Community Comment period during which I voiced both the Green Party's concerns and 9/11TruthLA's concerns about the LAPD's recognition of basic Constitutional Rights, the emerging police state apparatus here in Los Angeles and the first amendment rights to speech and assembly that are being trampled on for citizens throughout Los Angeles and the United States. I'll discuss this further at the June 2nd meeting of 9/11Truth. We were supposed to have questions and comments from Task Force members but there was no time for this.

For those 9/11Truthers who want more information regarding the Task Force and the meeting, please don't hesitate to contact John A. White. Mr. White is a legislative assistant and can be reached at 213-978-1072 or john.white@lacity.org . I've attached below a copy of a letter I sent Mr. White on behalf of the Green Party. I've also attached his response to my letter. I will discuss the LAPD Task Force public comments, council observations on the LAPD and first amendment rights issues, and evening in more depth at our upcoming June 2nd 911TruthLA meeting.

911Truth Now,

Peter Thottam
9/11TruthLA, co-facilitator
Tele: (310) 497-7255

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