David Ray Griffin on Seattle Radio followed by "Debunking" lecture

EDIT: The interview will be aired at 7pm Pacific time, due to a scheduling conflict.

David Ray Griffin will be interviewed today on Rev. Rich Lang's talk radio program, "Living Faith" to talk about 9/11.

Friday, May 18th, 7pm Pacific Time: "What Happened on 9/11? The Church Under Empire"


My guest is Dr. David Ray Griffin, author of The New Pearl Harbor, The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions, Christian Faith and the Truth of 9/11, and Debunking the Debunkers.

David and I will be discussing the strange events around 9/11 including his research that has led him to believe that 9/11 was an "inside job." Lather that evening at Town Hall, Griffin will give a public talk.

David Ray Griffin speaking in Portland on Monday

Dr. Griffin will be speaking Monday evening at Portland State University, and will be interviewed by Air America host Thom Hartmann Monday morning at 8 am PST for Thom's local Portland show on KPOJ.

Good luck and have fun!

Nice flyer, btw -- your work?

interns < internets

I bought

I bought my tickets for the Seattle townhall event for tonight. I look forward to seeing Dr Griffin in person.

I will be there

assisting with 911tv.org (doing the video) and on a table at the end (probably).

Just look for the smiling bald guy wearing glasses, black jeans and a dark purple t-shirt (maybe a matching Kangol cap) and a sports jacket (if I get behind the table).

Hope to see a whole lot of folks there tonight, Monday in Portland and Thursday in Ashland.

(btw, Dr. Griffin is a really fun guy for those who have not met him yet)

Time to get to work.

I love you all very much.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

I volunteered at the event.

I volunteered at the event. Amazing! We almost packed the whole place. Such a diverse crowd, as well.

He was amazing in Vancouver.

A thousand people gave him a standing ovation more than once.

A thousand?

Wow! I hope he steps up his US tour and hits the rest of the West Coast, and then the East Coast.

He'll sell 1000's of books, and spread the word.

He's so sane and rational about it. God Bless him!
On the 11th day, of every month.

I had

......the pleasure of meeting him. What an exceptional man he is. Thank you DRG for all you do.

i cant find it...

There's a softball game beeing transmited on that radio station... am I doing something wrong?? shouldnt the DRG interview be on right about now?

911 was an Inside Job

It's been pre-empted for a softball game.

I spaced out for a moment and now I'm not sure what was said about the delay -- it's been postponed until either tonight at 7 or to NEXT FRIDAY. Was it going to be a live interview? Cause that ain't going to happen at 7 tonight.

I think it has been rescheduled

I'm hearing the softball game as well.

According to http://www.livingfaithnow.org/index.php?v=1&p=6 the show will be aired at 7PM Pacific time instead.


I changed the time in the top post.


The radio interview now conflicts with the live event!


Thanks!! :)

911 was an Inside Job

Connecting some dots here...

I think this turn of events (postponement of the radio interview) strikes me as especially weird because I'm in the middle of publicity for the Portland event, but check it out: Vancouver appearance earlier this week: really big turn-out. Good for us; bad for OCT people. Would the Seattle radio interview have been likely to boost numbers for the Seattle event tonight? D'ya think? And then it's postponed -- to either tonight (when it's too late to get to the live event) or next week (when it's really really too late to get to the live event.) Assuming the initial information about the scheduling was correct -- that the interview was to have happened TODAY, in the afternoon -- all I can say is that if it happened here, to me, in Portland, I would be flipping out.


The event in Seattle drew a very respectaqble crowd. The Town Hall was about 85% full is what it looked to me. Dr Griffin is a fantastic speaker. I really enjoyed his lecture.
My eyes were open to see just how many people were like minded. I was totally but pleasantly surprised, and so was my daughter and her husband. Actually this lecture was so motivational in many ways. But most of all, it solidified the idea that I was not alone in this fight. I know in the internet world, it is a different perspective than it is in real life many times. But if you get nothing else from this post, please understand that this movement is very very strong and growing by the day.
Thankyou Dr Griffin for a great presentation..and thankyou fellow truthers for showing up at this event. It really made a difference to see that there were so many people that know what I do.

Have fun Portland..spread the word. Dr Griffin is phenomenal..and so is the atmosphere.

That's really great to hear!

Portland people are going to be happy about that.

That's too bad

It's true that past shows are more palatable to your NPR liberal type


But they have canceled the show for Huskies Softball before. It was a post-season game and the station carries them all.

The radio show would have brought some new people to the event, and I think more people would have heard it in their cars at 2:00. Oh well.

Dr. Griffin is a great speaker, and I really liked his intro about empirical analysis,.about "conspiracy theory" as a propaganda term, and about the failures of journalists. I thought less of his analysis of the facts, because he argues mutually contradictory theories. Gerard Holmgren describes that well IMHO. To each his own.