Longer Trailer for Loose Change (Unofficial)

This one packs a punch. From YouTube user mattsmillion.

Show "Bad." by johndoraemi

you do realize

this trailer is NOT OFFICIAL, dont you?

but I agree, this is not a trailer, and its not well done

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What is an unofficial trailer? People seem confused.

I'm assuming this is about as official as fan art. A video mash-up. Nothing to get our shorts in a bundle about. I think we can assume that the official trailer will look a lot more polished than this.

Generally 'unofficial' in this context means that it hasn't been sanctioned by the artist. So in reality, this is NOT a LCFC trailer, but once again, a piece of fan art. And so maybe we could just say that we are happy for him that he is so excited about the release of the film.

But as many people don't know what 'unofficial' implies, I think it might be wise to make it more clear that the LC crew had nothing to do with this. Unless they did.

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An "Unofficial Trailer" is a...

...bad and/or misleading title for what it really is.

From mattsmillion's (the "author") description at youtube:

"A Loose Change Final Cut Tribute. I made it just to show what might be."

Greeeeaaaaaat. Maybe mattsmillion could explain why the choice of words?

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I liked it.

Thank you mattsmillion for making this.

If you can make a better trailer, make a better movie, write a better book, I humbly suggest you do just that.