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Liberty’s New Husband

At the end of an era there were two beautiful sisters, one named Liberty the other named Conscience. Conscience was not as strikingly beautiful as Liberty, but the little she lacked in beauty she more than made up for with intellect.

Liberty was wealthy, honest, and her incredible beauty radiated from within. She was courted by an urban cowboy who went by the name of Awesome Powers, but no-one knew who he really was. Awesome’s friends called him AP, and once Liberty and Awesome were married, Liberty called him AP too.

AP earned a modest income by clearing brush from the neighbours’ yards. However, AP appeared to have unlimited resources arising from business arrangements with his friends and his father’s connections. Besides AP’s brush clearing business, the group of friends controlled many other businesses and had all kinds of mysterious and complicated financial dealings.

Liberty thought she would live the good life with AP.


AP’s friends even included a ruling Prince in a foreign kingdom (who shared his wealth through investing, loans and the offering of mortgages to AP, his friends and neighbours!)

Over time, Liberty became increasingly wary of AP’s friends because their talk was wild and reckless. Conscience called AP and his friends the Knee-cons.

At first that cryptic nickname made Liberty nervous. Then Liberty began to set aside her nervousness, because after all it was just Conscience, who Liberty sometimes thought was a touch neurotic anyway, who gave that nickname to them. Liberty thought, “It is so typical of my sister to invent such a silly nickname and to make such a big deal out of what was probably just a little alcohol induced boasting!”

“Silly” would not be how Conscience would describe what she had overheard AP and his friends discussing openly in a bar one night.

Conscience would call it scary.

AP’s buddies were flirting with women of questionable morals who were sitting at another table. The Knee-cons were trying to convince them that they all could fulfil their destiny to become powerful and wealthier, if only they could use their combined talents and strengths to bring the neighbours to their knees by deception and force. Then they could make all the neighbours in the world hire them to be the brush clearers and home service providers.

Conscience thought anything that brought others to their knees* by force was probably criminal and many of them could end up as convicts*, and that was when she thought of the “Knee-con” nickname.

However, that was not what scared Conscience. The Knee-cons agreed with the women of questionable morals that they would need friends, family members, the neighbourhood police, and the local newspaper to support them in their bullying if they were to ultimately succeed in achieving their destiny.

Even that was not what frightened her the most.

What frightened Conscience the most was that the Knee-cons agreed that this plan would require a catalyzing event, something like a publicly neutered poor barber, or something of that magnitude, such as a horrible assault on one of their own family members.

The flirting stopped at that point, but Conscience noticed a very odd thing. Before each one of them left, they all signed their names on a paper which was then posted by the door.

She looked briefly at the document as she followed them out, and even though she knew how reckless they could be and did not expect anything from these Knee-cons remotely as noble as the Bill of Rights or as articulate as the Declaration of Independence, she was still surprised at the brazen arrogance of its title. They had called it The Plan for a Needlessly Aggressive Corporatism.

After talking to others about what she had witnessed, Conscience came to realise that she was the only one who recognised that the Knee-con plan was a conspiracy, and no-one else seemed to be bothered in the least by The Plan for a Needlessly Aggressive Corporatism.

People would usually respond to Conscience’s concerns with a question such as, “How could something silly like that possibly have any impact on you or me, Conscience?” Conscience did not know the answer and she began to wonder if perhaps she was taking things too seriously. She started to keep her thoughts to herself.

AP got some bad news one day. His primary residence was deemed by his bank to be a huge liability because it was eventually going to cost (billions of dollars) more than it was worth to mediate the asbestos applied throughout the building during construction.

On the morning of September 11, 2001, many witnesses saw two big limousines pull up in front of AP and Liberty’s primary residence. Some people were even filming at the time, as this was a visually oriented society. The limousines were clearly marked A & U A-lines Ltd.

Some people got out of the limousines and entered the house, but witnesses did not remember their faces. All that the witnesses remembered seeing that day were the limousines and the big shiny aluminum baseball bats that each person carried into the house.

For nearly two hours that morning witnesses saw Liberty being struck with the aluminum bats and this, together with the heat from the raging inferno on the sun, caused the house to collapse at near free-fall speed into its own footprint.

Later that same day the detached garage collapsed too – also at near free-fall speed into its own footprint - due to damage from falling house debris, the heat of the afternoon sun and a jerry can of diesel stored in a cupboard.

Liberty wondered, as she was being assaulted by the big shiny aluminum bats, “Where are my guard dogs?” For her entire life, Liberty felt safe because her grandfather and her father had bred the best dog guards in the world to protect their family and the rest of the neighbourhood.

This largest, best trained and most ferocious pack of guard dogs in the entire world was playing in the front yard and around the neighbourhood that morning. Unfortunately, due to an incredible coincidence, they were not under the command of their usual master during the attack. Instead, they were being “trained” by AP's Knee-con right hand man. AP had recently put this man in charge of such training despite his lack of knowledge about guard dogs.

Somehow this training exercise confused the dogs, the trainer and the usual dog master to such a degree that for an hour and a half, they let the people walk right into the house without question carrying their big shiny aluminum baseball bats.

Finally some of the dogs were ordered to go sniff the people entering the house, but they were first ordered to head off down the street and then trotted back to the house so slowly that the crime was over before they arrived.

The collapsing house killed the attackers, but Liberty survived.

The neighbourhood police soon identified the attackers as being terrorist bank janitors from the bank owned by the foreign Prince who had investments in the neighbourhood. These terrorist bank janitors were said to have been organized by a terrorist bank teller named Otto Blobak Lesson, or OBL for short.

When AP finally emerged from his own Limousine long after the attack had ended, he appeared outraged and rallied the people with his urban cowboy lingo about hunting down OBL and any other people behind the attack, wherever they may be, and making them pay dearly. He vowed to conduct a War on Terra that would not end until OBL, every terrorist bank janitor and terrorist bank teller on the planet was dead.

The neighbourhood paper, The Wagging Rags, distributed these messages by AP and the neighbourhood police far and wide. Rarely printed was the more insightful news, such as that OBL used to do dirty work for the neighbourhood police but he was blacklisted by them and his own family due to his continued allegations of corruption against the police.

OBL had also alleged the police used excessive force upon innocent peoples of other neighbourhoods who were accused – usually by the police themselves – as having suspected terrorist bank janitors in their midst. OBL’s concerns about the effects of this alleged mistreatment on innocent bank janitors, and on their innocent children, were rarely if ever found within The Wagging Rags.

Once the terrorists were identified, there was not any further investigation of the attack, and the crime scene was wiped clean.

AP's wife, now pitied by the neighbours as the crying, fearful, and battered Liberty, soon began to vow revenge against all terrorist janitors (and a small part inside of her secretly did not give a damn whether any innocent janitors from other banks or their children were killed too.) AP and Liberty moved into their other house down the street and planned to build another primary residence. Apparently AP had insurance for just the right peril.

The police force and the Knee-cons mobilised to smoke out the bank terrorists, and everyone gave them their full support.

Conscience began to wonder if she still exists in the same reality in which she and Liberty grew up. Liberty, who used to be so outgoing and cheerful has become withdrawn, and rarely ventures out of her house while AP and the Knee-cons are seen everywhere, creating their own new realities & acting like kings of the world. The world is beginning to look more like a fantasy, a nightmare where reason and truth are subjugated to the cherry-picking of intelligence and war propaganda.

Conscience slowly documented reams of inconsistencies about the attack on her sister that suggests something seriously amiss, and even suggests to the police that perhaps unknown others might also have been involved in the crime. For years the police refuse to investigate any further, in fact they refuse to even listen to her, but finally they agree to look into matters. Conscience is suspicious that they are only doing so to keep her quiet.

The inconsistencies that Conscience wanted to have investigated further included the following points.

1. The fact that AP took out a multi-billion dollar insurance policy on his house mere months before the attack and specifically added in a clause to cover acts by terrorists;

2. The fact that an unusual number of large bets were put forth that misfortune would befall the A & U A-Lines Ltd. limousine company, AP’s house and even Liberty herself. The bets were placed with a neighbourhood bookie over the three days preceding the attack. When the trail of these bets began to point toward the police department itself and AP’s office, all further investigations were cancelled; (Footnote to w3. _all_the_proof_you_need.html ) ;

3. The house security guard was replaced by AP’s brother just 6 months before the attack; ( )

4. The fact that the Knee-cons had written a conspiracy called The Plan for a Needlessly Aggressive Corporatism which called for an event like the attack on Liberty to catalyze support for their agenda of aggression and domination.

Conscience even pointed out that when AP was told that his wife Liberty was being attacked, AP remained in the back garden reading a children’s book to the neighbours children for another 20 minutes and then spoke to his admirers from The Wagging Rags for another half hour about the importance of a good education. When asked about the ongoing attacks, AP briefly stated that he would be making a statement about that later, and then he departed in his limousine.

Conscience was not satisfied with the responses to her concerns, or lack thereof. She found it painful that the more she thought about the crime the more unanswered questions arose. Questions like these:

1. How could big aluminum baseball bats cause the house and garage to collapse as they did?
2. Why did well trained, expensive guard dogs - that were proven to be the world’s finest - fail so badly that day?
3. Why did the limousine company, with its strict rule that no-one got into their limousines without being on a passenger list, not have any of the alleged terrorist janitors on their passenger list yet all the other taxi passengers were accounted for?
4. How were the police able to provide their list of suspected suicide terrorist janitors so quickly?
5. Why have the police not bothered to remove from the list those people who were still alive and therefore obviously on the list of suicide janitors by mistake?

The sister began to learn of even more oddities, such as the fact that the terrorist janitors did not act at all like terrorist janitors but were in fact very messy people with a lot of money to burn. Or that detectives of the police force often lived nearly next door to these terrorist bank janitors.

She tried to tell others about these things, but no-one would listen.

AP, who had also become the police chief due to the attack, told everyone that Conscience was a crazy conspiracy theorist. AP used everything at his disposal to thwart investigations that might go beyond further incriminating the dead terrorist janitors and terrorist bank tellers.

Then the police force told Liberty that they had OBL nearly captured!

But then the police force lost OBL in another neighbourhood and shortly afterwards AP said he did not care that much about that terrorist bank teller anymore.

AP now said that the important thing was to identify any neighbours who were terrorist janitors or scheming tellers and to force those neighbours into submission. (AP also claimed it was a wild conspiracy theory to suggest that the Knee-cons wanted to do exactly that but for the purpose of securing business from those very same neighbours. He never mentioned publicly that the Plan for a Needlessly Aggressive Corporatism was still posted in the neighborhood bar.)

AP dropped the gauntlet: neighbours had to choose now to either be with the Knee-cons by capitulating to their desire to rule all the neighborhoods, or to face the wrath of being the Knee-cons enemy.

The battered Liberty felt awkward and neglected (in this new reality) and started to think about getting another husband. AP scoffed at her and said he was the only one who could offer real protection; he said everyone else were just flip-flopping fools.

Liberty watched as a great flood swept away much of the backyard while her husband was visiting neighbours. AP seemed to have most of his energies focused on his neighbours so he did a poor job of protecting Liberty from the flood or in cleaning up the mess afterwards.

She became angry and restless and wanted a better man to protect her, but AP had instituted a terror alert warning system into the house. Whenever the battered Liberty seemed to be looking at AP the wrong way, suddenly the terror alert was raised. This made her fearful that more terrorist janitors would hurt her again, and each time she turned to AP for reassurance.

Conscience kept asking questions and was saddened that the battered Liberty blindly defended the Knee-cons, clung to her husband and then ultimately rejected her by proclaimed that Conscience was a conspiracy nut.

Conscience began to feel that she was losing Liberty.

After a long time, the neighbours began to wonder where Liberty had gone. They missed her cheerful contributions to the community planning meetings.

AP told the neighbours that Liberty had to be kept in his house most of the time and that he might even need to keep her in his basement because her free-spirited ways were a danger to everyone in the neighbourhood; and, that the terrorist janitors had attacked her precisely because they hate Liberty’s freedom.

This story is not over. From this point onwards, the path that this story takes now is up to you.

This is the beginning.

Anyone wishing another introduction to Liberty’s husband might want to see this video:

Please become informed:


This was a totally cool read. Thanks!

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thx, + your profile

I read your profile and could relate to the fear thing. I live in another country and I was scared to talk about this subject online for fear of retribution, but felt compelled to join in anyway. Thankfully 911Truth is snowballing now to the point that the people that have the most to fear are those complicit in the crimes.

why is AP a cross between Bush and SIlverstein?

I suggest you split the personality entirely into A&P--Activus, who owned the house and insurance and replaced the security, and Passivus, who once it all went down came out with the urban cowboy lingo to rally the townsfolk (in his beautiful new clothes that only paranoid bank-employee haters could see)

And what about the movers who were at the house across the street (though the neighbors weren't moving anywhere) who were videotaping the attack on Liberty and cheering? Weren't they old friends of Activus? I think they were in laws or something in fact...


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force



Thank you 4 your comments.

AP was meant to be mostly Bush (as the front man) but a blend of many who hold (or think they do) "Awesome Powers" over the rest of us - the Carlyle Group, Lucky Larry, Rudy Ghouli & the complicit media conglomorates (hence"AP" = associated press), and other bad actors who we may never know. I agree that this is too subtle and that AP appears to be just Bush and Larry.

I thought about adding the dancing movers (art students?), and many other details, but in the interest of brevity (the story is already over 5 pages and I was aiming for two) that was left out. I`ll re-think that as the brevity goal is shot anyway.

This analogy is targeted at people who might know many of the facts already, but refuse to put it all together because the implications are so profoundly unsettling. Also wanted it to contain more humour and a touch of harlequin romance, to engage those people who might otherwise walk away from 911Truth.

Thx again - as always (as in other 911blogger threads) your comments here are valuable and presented respectfully. thx! .

thank you for the thoughtful response

I think these kind of exercises are helpful and even kind of fun, so do please take my criticism for what it's worth. Anything that helps people deal with cognitive dissonance as this story does is a-ok in my book. my only issue is that we not succumb to much to our creative juices and inadvertently confuse as we comfort... :)


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