Sibel Edmonds blows her whistle in May/June issue of Mother Jones

I just saw this in the periodical section in Barnes and Noble. It's only a small mention of Sibel, and of course the implications of her charges are obscured or ignored, but I guess it's better than nothing.

There was also a small blurb on the NAU. Of course it's just a benign free trade agreement, and anyone who says different or does deeper research is a conspiracy nut.

What amazes me about the print media is their ability to take drastically different combinations of words and make the theme, the subtext, the same no matter what. Whether the you're reading Time magazine, Mother Jones, The New Yorker, Utne, Foreign Affairs, The Economist, or Dissent, the message is:

"You don't have to study this issue any further. This is all you need to know. This issue doesn't have any relation or connection to any other issue. Plus, it's a really simple topic that just takes a little common sense to get. Any moron can understand that this is just the way things are. People who disagree with this viewpoint are dummies, and you shouldn't even listen to their arguments. If you find yourself agreeing with the other guy, be aware we'll be laughing at YOU next. Don't engage in any subtle or complex analysis of ideas. You have absolutely no personal responsibilies outside of buying everything we're selling. Hey, go do some impulse shopping."

I don't fully understand how they pull this off, but it's fascinating. Media targeted at the Nascar/Jerry Springer set says essentially the same thing as media targeted at the Jon Stewart/Noam Chomsky set, if you read between the lines. And it even works on very intelligent people. The power of metadata.


By the way, I'm going to get some new lawn furniture soon! I'm thinking of green, but maybe black would be nice too. What do you think?

It's a freakin crazy place out there.