New People Waken To The Truth

An interesting question was brought up last night at the book signing of David Ray Griffin's new book. The question was, "How do you approach new people to help spread the truth?" Griffin's response was, that is not something I am not out doing right now, so I can not speculate how I would initiate activism. I deeply respected his honesty on "speculation." We know where speculation can get us.

After pondering the question yesterday evening and today, two friend's of mine, both ex US Navy, came over to bbq. Naturally, the conversation comes up about 9/11 and the flaws in the comission reports. These two friends of mine are very open minded individuals, but still need convincing that I was not a "looney tune" So first thing that came to mind were a few simple questions.


Have you read the official story, The Comission Report, put out by our government as a factual report of the events that took place on September 11th?

Most people would answer "No" to that question. There's the first problem. The largest manslaughter in our United States History, and there are still Americans that haven't even had a chance to hear or read the absurd story the government has put out.


Speaking in sense of logic, and what most people know about what happened that day, I think it would be safe to say everybody agrees, there were no bodies, no plane debris, and no black boxes. According to the Comission report, the plane "vaporized" so to speak into the side of the building. However, as Griffin stated "There must have been an open window on that plane or something" because again according to the comission report there was a passport of one of the Arab Hijackers found at the crash site.

It is comical in the sense of... I can't believe the people who are entrusted to defend our national security and our civil rights, expect us to be dumb enough to believe such a ridiculous, outlandish story. This evidence of absurdity is enough proof to me. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to point out something's fishy here.

I am disgusted with a justice system that is not pursuing a criminal investigation on the worst crime known to man.

I am disgusted with a media who fails to honor it's primary duty..... Educating the public.

I am disgusted with the false pretense at which we are sending thousands of our sons, daughters, sisters and brothers to the middle of the desert to be killed in vain.

I am confident, anyone who read the 9-11 Comission Report itself, would agree there are unanswered questions. It doesn't take a "Conspiracy Theorist" to come to that conclusion. :o)

Thank you 9-11 blogger, I am hooked!

Good post

The way I have convinced most people about 9/11 Truth is to sit down with them at a computer and show them videos of the "collapses" of the World Trade Center towers. Nine times out of ten, these people have not seen these "collapses" since the day of 9/11. Now, five years later, they can view it a bit more objectively rather than being "shocked and awed" when they viewed it on 9/11. Nine times out of ten, after viewing the videos, they have admitted that indeed, to them, it looks like a controlled demolition. Once you can get them to admit that, that is when you can start providing them more information. Any reasonably intelligent person will figure out that the towers could not have been rigged with explosives by bin-Laden and company. They then are on their way to "truthiness" :-)

"A patriot must be ready to defend his country against his government" - Edward Abbey

Amen Bubba! We have been

Amen Bubba! We have been showing Loose Change to our friends and the pictures of the controlled demolition of the other buildings shown in the video speak a thousand words! The similarities are too alike to be denied!

I agree

And I would recommend to show hi-res videos (instead of i.e. youtube), you can find my collection here (20MB, 8 clips)

@ Sector

thanks for those files. One problem, the second file in the list (north tower part 1) might be corrupt, and its crashing media player. The other 7 files play fine.

Physics/Science/Mathematics do not lie, only people do.
9/11 was an INSIDE JOB

Thanks Sector!!!

All of the videos I downloaded view ok.

"A patriot must be ready to defend his country against his government" - Edward Abbey