Noam Chomsky, Gatekeepers And Barrie Zwickers 'Controversial' Chapter 5.

One of the most 'controversial' chapters to appear in any 9/11 book, was written by Barrie Zwicker in his 'Towers of Deception'. This 'controversial' but true, accurate and highly education chapter has found its way onto the internet, and has been reproduced as far as I can see word for word and illustration for illustration. So if you would like to analyze the methods of propaganda, and dissect through the obfuscation here are the links:

Here are two reviews of the book from, which particularly mention this specific chapter as forming the basis of opinion concerning the book, and the review written about it:

The first reader gives the book 2 Starts out of 5 (2/5):
I gave the book two stars mainly because Zwicker's treatment of Noam Chomsky, with its continual oscillation between fawning adulation and vituperative disgust, is worth a read.

The second reder gives the book 5 Starts out of 5 (5/5):

Titled `The Shame of Noam Chomsky and Gatekeepers of the Left', chapter 5 is a powerful exposé of the duplicity and lies of the Gate-keeping community. In it Barry Zwicker conducts analyses of the work published by Chomsky, exposing it as powerful propaganda aimed at stifling debate, argument and examination of evidence. The motive is simply to perpetuate the left-right political power-system and paradigm. In an analysis worthy of note, (particularly by any scholar of Linguistics and Philosophy) Barry Zwicker conducts an easy to understand textual analysis of Chomsky's opinions on 9/11 and the JFK assassination. He discovers that Chomsky is engaged in the very same use of propaganda and disinformation tactics that he is widely regarding as condemning and exposing. In a paradigm shifting chapter Barry Zwicker concludes that the so called intellectuals simply exist to perpetuate the left-right political system, of which they are an intricate party member.
Chapter 5 alone should make Barry Zwicker's book a widely read and referenced work. It is nothing more than a literary coup d'état exposing the shameful practices of Noam and his intellectual gatekeeping gang. It can be taken as granted that the right wing media will avoid any review of the material presented by Barry Zwicker, but when the left wing media ignore it also - this should make this book compulsory reading and an immediate best seller.

It is a shame.

And Chomsky has been playing the same devil's advocate role for 40 years since the JFK coup. I'm glad that he signed the Jersey Girls' petition, but it's not enough.

My long review of Zwicker's book.


It's not so much that it's not enough, it's what I think of as window dressing. It's his one (and probably only) token gesture to "prove" that he's not a gatekeeper. To me he's very slimey. And I too am a former fan of his. I'm also a former fan of Amy Goodman and her increasingly irrelevant program DemocracyNow.

yep, he has a history for

yep, he has a history for sure. i knew who Chomsky was and respected much of what he said before confronting the facts about 9/11 and had no idea that he did the same bullshit with JFK then that he does with 9/11 now. needless to say i wasnt surprised. the man is a true coward or worse. Zwicker's book is a masterpiece. i asked Chomsky very politely to read it(specifically the chapter about him) and he said hes gotten that request "many many times" but has yet to hear a convincing reason why he should. uh, maybe because you've gotten that request "many many times" you pompous ass? i didnt say that though, dont worry, haha.

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA


"uh, maybe because you've gotten that request "many many times" you pompous ass? i didnt say that though, dont worry, haha."

Maybe you SHOULD have said that.

(former admirer of Chomsky and DN! here as well. I happened to sit next to Amy Goodman waiting for an airport bus one day in 2002, and gave her my original minidisc recordings of a Mike Ruppert talk. She has been exposed from early-on to alternative 9/11 analysis and has done next to nothing with it. Shame on her and Chomsky both.)

Chomsky needs to be

Chomsky needs to be marginalized by Truthers, along with anyone else who refuses to recognize that a quacker is a duck. Otherwise, they will frustrate us, become a distraction to our movement. and ulimately waste our time and energy. Zwicker's chapter is a perfect example of this - a pointless waste of energy by a very intelligent man.

Just becasue Chomsky HAD something important to say in the past (which I agree he did), does not obligate us to believe that if he is not a Truther, somehow our cause is lost. That is defeatism and we should not sucumb to it, our job is already tough enough.

Besisdes, I have heard Chomsky speak, and to me, he is the most egocentric, pessimistic, hopeless, cynical person on the left I have ever heard. I felt like I had to take a shower afterwards. I believe the 9/11 Truth Movement is about truth and justice, but also about hope, that our country will be a better, happier place to live after, rather than before, that infamous day.

"They took it from the top to the bottom, we're gonna take them from the bottom to the top." - Dan Wallace

a pointless waste of energy?

a pointless waste of energy? why not expose people like this? people who have sway over large parts of the "progressive" and 'liberal" population? that makes no sense at all, im sure Zwicker has plenty of energy and the Chomsky chapter hardly took away from his other 9/11 work. the point of the chapter was to expose him, not to somehow say that "the cause is lost because old Noam isnt on board". it is EXACTLY what people who still buy into Chomsky need and i thank Zwicker for providing it. defeatism? hardly, this is just Zwicker exposing a fraud. i dont see defeatism in his Chomsky chapter at all, its very eye opening.

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA


I am reading this book now. There are parts of it, particularly the discussion about deductive argument and cumulative evidence in Chapter Two, and the discussion about the mind, psychology, et al in Chapter Three (especially pp. 122-139) that ought to be widely-circulated, cut and pasted into available places everywhere, and key quotes from which should be painted onto the streets in downtown America.

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i agree, its SO much more

i agree, its SO much more than a 9/11 book, or even a media book. like you say its as much about psychology and sociology as it is anything else. brilliant book, Zwicker killed it.

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA