Hijackers as Patsies

In the interest of clarity (and since certain others here have been unwilling to make the case), here is an exceptionally well done presentation by Ralph Schoenman about the problems with the official hijacker story. The title is misleading, as it's not about the "underlying politics" but more about the underlying operation.



I would double check the information before quoting it, and find multiple sources for corroboration.

Good videos

Schoenman cites sources such as the BBC and Newsweek. He's a true 60s style radical leftist, wearing a goatee and sometimes a beret, calling his audience "my brothers and sisters" - - but I like him. He has a long pedigree and knows what he's talking about.
This is mostly about the 'putative hijackers' and their various intelligence connections.

Good Video

if all of the info is infact true, especially the ZM stuff, its quite damning.

Physics/Science/Mathematics do not lie, only people do.
9/11 was an INSIDE JOB

Source Files?

Anyone know where to find the high quality version of this?

he misrepresented one article

he misrepresented one article: Part II: No one was sure if hijackers were on board, a USA Today piece.