SF Truth Group Rocks ABC

There is the Video, I didnt see this posted before, Neat Video.. Maybe somebody can submit this video to digg and netscape?

Truth Warriors!

Awesome guys!

Keep up the fight!

I hope this stirs other courageous Americans to follow suit.

We need to get off our computers and bring the movement into the REAL world.

If you havent gone out and peacefully demonstrated on the 11th of every month, please do so. You dont need someone to schedule you, or call you. You can do it yourself or with your closest friends.

This service to your country is not a draft or any manditory request. Its a call to you true Americans. Do the right thing and stand up for your country. Be on the right side of history and do something in your life that matters.

Now is your chance to make your presense as a human,, and as an American .

Dont wait for the phone call or for someone to schedule you to do anything. Be a self motivator.

We are special and unique and bring diversity in what we can do. This is the strength of our movement.

Go out and contribute.

Do it..Just do it!

The Eleventh Day of Every Month