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Has anyone used the new annotating function of Google Map where you can put addresses on the map. I suggest that gives us this possibility on this blog so that the 911 truth seekers can see who lives near them. I am including an example at the bottom and I especially suggest it for the 11th of each month 911 truth event.

I would like to do a gathering on the 11th of July in the Tuileries Gardens the centre of Paris as is happening in the United States. This June 11th is too early as an official permission has to be obtained from the Prefecture. I can not do it by myself but if there are some Americans or others living in Paris and who are prepared to help organise it and the following months then contact me at the email above and with the subject like ==> Contact 911 truth event the 11th of each month Tuileries Gardens

For four years I and friends organised an unemployment gathering twice a month in "le jardin de Tuileries".

During those years there was lots of Americans going through the gardens to reach the Louvre.

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sacre bleu!

I would hesitate to give google the addresses of a bunch of truthers, call me paranoid. As we develop critical mass, the harder we make it for people to study the trends and patterns of the spread of the truth the better. with that kind of information, for example, they could find out where the truth is particularly, uh, virulent, and direct propaganda in that direction, or worse yet, attempt some other truther-discrediting plot...

google is evil--period. use at your own risk!


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I am a bit paranoid too.....

Why do I think the CIA/NSA are monitoring this website? Paranoid perhaps, but that doesn't mean there isn't someone out to get us! :-). Somebigguy, Reprehensor and George Washington... please put your right hand on the Bible/Koran/other religious doctrine and swear you do not work for any U.S. or other state intelligence agencies! :-)

Halliburton is building detention camps throughout the country for dissenters and "rogue elements" in the U.S. populace. I hope the "9/11 Truth" detention camp is located somewhere nice... Hawaii or maybe La Jolla.

Kidding aside... I also don't trust Google. Methinks they were initially CIA-funded, in fact, I believe I read that somewhere.

Hope you all are having a good day!

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to think that this website is NOT being monitored

AND infiltrated, you'd have to have a pretty low opinion of the perps' intelligence. that's not a reason to be paranoid, just circumspect.


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We can be smarter than them !

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An old Arab living more than 40 years in Chicago would very much like to plant some potatoes in his garden, but he is all alone, old and weak. He then sends an email to his son who is studying at London to tell him about his problem.

"Dear Ahmed,
I am very sad for I cannot plant potatoes in my garden. I am sure that if you were here with me, you could help me to turn over the earth.
Your loving father Jamil."

The next day, the old man receives this email:

"Dear Father,
Please, does not touch at all the garden! You know I hid something there. Your loving son Ahmed."

At 4 o'clock in the morning the US Army, the Navies, the FBI, the CIA and even a unity of elite of the Rows came to the old man's house. They searched the whole garden, millimetre by millimetre, and set off again empty-handed. Some hours later, the old man receives a new email from his son:

"Dear Father,
I am certain that all the earth of the garden has now been dug up and that you can now plant your potatoes. I could not do better. Your loving son, Ahmed."

It cuts both sides

funny story aside, we can all relate to objections concerning the publication of our whereabouts. In my mind, the question is: should we be intimidated for taking the position we've taken -- for siding with the truth? Both doing and not doing so do send a message -- I prefer that of not doing so. Shouldn't it make us...proud?

Remember: "It's not courage if you're not scared"

interns < internets

9/11 Questions Meetups on the Map

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Bonsoir ,

Have just found 9/11 Questions Meetups on the Map at

and put an entry for France.
Thanks John